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Ad Sizes and Placements:

Website Ads:

  • Large Rectangle: 1200×630 pixels

  • Square: 1080×1080 pixels

  • Medium Rectangle: 600×315 pixels

  • Small Square: 400×400 pixels

Newsletter Ads:

  • Large Rectangle: 1200×630 pixels

  • Medium Rectangle: 600×315 pixels

  • Banner: 800x200 pixels

  • Small Square: 400×400 pixels

Ad Formats:

  • Image Only

  • Image + Text

If you’d like to include text with your ad at no additional charge, please use this guideline to ensure you have the right amount of text:

  • Large Rectangle (1200×630) & Square (1080×1080):

    Max Words: 75-100 words

    This size allows for a bit more text because of the ample space. Ideal for more detailed messages or promotions.

  • Medium Rectangle (600×315):

    Max Words: 50-75 words

    Suitable for a concise message and a call to action, balancing image and text without overwhelming the viewer.

  • Banner (800x200) & Small Square (400×400):

    Max Words: 15-25 words

    Due to their smaller or narrower format, it’s best to keep text minimal. Focus on key phrases or strong calls to action.


  • Large Rectangle: $500 per week

  • Square: $400 per week

  • Medium Rectangle: $300 per week

  • Banner: $250 per week

  • Small Square: $150 per week

Additional Opportunities:

  • Social Media Shout-Out: Add $100 per post

  • Website Pop-Up Ad: Add $200 per week


Reach out to Alicia for more information and to get started with advertising today: [email protected]

Policy and Procedures

  • Ads should be submitted in JPEG or PNG format.

  • Ad content must be relevant to the AI industry and meet our editorial standards.

  • Ads are subject to approval by AiNews.com to ensure quality and relevance. Upon receiving your content, we will create a mockup of your ad within our newsletter or website and share a screenshot for your approval. We offer one round of revisions to ensure your ad meets your expectations.

  • Payment must be completed prior to ad placement. Upon approval of your ad content, we will issue an invoice that includes a secure payment link for your convenience. While we can finalize the ad's design and scheduling in advance, please note that payment must be completed prior to the commencement of your ad campaign. We will proceed with placing your ad in our newsletter or website once we receive notification of payment.

  • Time Frames: If you would prefer to have your ad run during specific dates, please submit all materials and final ad copy no later than 10 business days prior to the scheduled run date. This allows us adequate time to review, process, and integrate your ad into our platform smoothly. Late submissions may result in delays or rescheduling of your ad placement. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a timely and efficient advertising process.