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Illustration depicting the integration of Brave's Leo AI assistant with Brave Search. The scene shows a user interacting with the Leo AI assistant within the Brave browser, highlighting search results, privacy elements, and AI features. The background includes the Brave logo and symbols of privacy protection, emphasizing the seamless and secure integration of AI with search capabilities. The overall mood is modern and innovative

Author: Alicia Shapiro

Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes

Brave Integrates Search Results with Leo AI Assistant

Brave Software, known for its privacy-focused search engine and web browser, has announced the integration of its search results into the Leo AI assistant. This move aims to enhance user experience by providing more up-to-date information.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

The integration leverages the Brave Search API, allowing Leo, Brave’s chatbot, to fetch information directly from search results within the browser. Users can now obtain the latest scores, additional context while reading articles, and recent relevant topics for creating social media posts, all through Leo.

Commitment to Privacy

Brave emphasizes its commitment to privacy in this new integration. Users are not required to log in, and the company does not store conversations with the AI chatbot on its servers. Additionally, Brave does not use these interactions to train its models. Requests are sent to an anonymization server first, ensuring user identities remain hidden.

Leo Premium Subscription

For those seeking enhanced features, Brave offers a Leo Premium subscription at $14.99 per month. This premium version provides higher rate limits and access to the latest models. To maintain user anonymity, Brave issues unlinkable tokens when users purchase the subscription, preventing any personal identification.

AI Innovations at Brave

Brave has been actively developing its AI capabilities to attract more users to its browser and search engine. Last year, the company introduced AI-powered summarization for search queries, giving users concise answers. In November 2023, the Leo AI Assistant was made available to all users, followed by the launch of an AI Answer engine in April to address user queries more effectively.

Competitive Landscape

Brave is not alone in integrating AI into its browser. Other browsers like Edge, Opera, Arc, and SigmaOS have also incorporated AI to varying degrees. However, Brave’s unique advantage lies in owning both a browser and a search engine, allowing for seamless integration and refinement of its product offerings.

Future Prospects

With the integration of Leo and Brave Search, the company aims to provide a more robust and privacy-focused browsing experience. This strategic move not only enhances user engagement but also reinforces Brave’s position as a leader in privacy-centric digital solutions.