Building control startup PassiveLogic inks partnership with Nvidia, secures $15M
September 21, 2022 • TechCrunch AI

PassiveLogic, a startup that provides a platform to autonomously control building systems, has secured an additional $15 million in an "off-round" strategic investment from Nvidia's venture arm, nVentures. The new cash brings PassiveLogic's total raised to over $80 million, and CEO Troy Harvey tells TechCrunch it'll be put toward expanding the Utah-based company's headcount from 100 employees to 140 within the next year. The investment represents a major vote of confidence in PassiveLogic, cons...

CIO vision 2025: Bridging the gap between BI and AI
September 20, 2022 • MIT Technology Review

As AI and machine learning become more widespread in enterprise technology environments, businesses are starting to see value from these applications. However, there are still challenges to overcome in order to fully harness the potential of AI. One of the biggest challenges is data management. Companies need to invest in data security, governance, and quality in order to ensure that AI can be scaled. Another challenge is talent. businesses need to find ways to attract and retain talent with AI...

Nvidia and PassiveLogic team up to drive integration for autonomous buildings
September 21, 2022 • VentureBeat

Nvidia has invested $15 million in PassiveLogic, a company that is pioneering autonomous building control systems. This investment will help drive integration between PassiveLogic's tools and Nvidia's Omniverse platform for the industrial metaverse. PassiveLogic is developing a growing ecosystem of tools built on top of digital twins to enable generative design, autonomous systems and next-generation artificial intelligence (AI). These tools help architects, engineers, contractors and building ...

Nvidia-Deloitte partnership aims to accelerate AI adoption
September 21, 2022 • VentureBeat

Despite all the hype around AI, only 26% of businesses are actually focused on deploying it at scale. This means that a majority of enterprises are still in the experimentation stage. But industry leaders and experts agree that AI adoption and deployment is an imperative. To help fuel this, Nvidia and Deloitte have announced an expanded alliance. This new partnership will help Deloitte customers innovate and expand AI and metaverse services. With this partnership, Deloitte customers will have ...

Nvidia unveils Drive Thor, one chip to rule all software-defined vehicles
September 21, 2022 • TechCrunch AI

Nvidia is gearing up to release Drive Thor, its next-generation automotive-grade chip. Thor is a significant upgrade from Nvidia's previous Drive Orin chip, and is designed to unify a wide range of in-car technology, from automated driving features to driver monitoring systems and streaming Netflix. Thor goes into production in 2025, and is notable not just for its increased performance, but also for its ability to continuously upgrade over-the-air. Nvidia already has several automotive custome...

Nvidia debuts new products for robotics developers, including Jetson Orin Nano
September 20, 2022 • TechCrunch AI

Nvidia has unveiled new products and services at its GTC conference that are designed to help developers create better robots. The company's Isaac Sim platform will soon be available in the cloud, making it easier for developers to create and test simulations. Additionally, Nvidia's new Jetson Orin Nano system is designed for low-powered robots and should help to improve the performance of these machines. Finally, the company's IGX platform is designed for high-precision applications like manufa...

The Algorithm: AI-generated art raises tricky questions about ethics, copyright, and security
September 20, 2022 • MIT Technology Review

Text-to-image AI models are a lot of fun. You can enter any random text prompt, and they will generate an image in that vein. Sometimes the results are really silly. But increasingly, they're impressive, and can pass for high-quality art drawn by a human being. However, these open-source programs are built by scraping images from the internet, often without permission and proper attribution to artists. This is raising tricky questions about ethics, copyright, and security. Artists like Greg Ru...

DALL-E Users Can Now Upload and Edit Real Human Faces. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
September 20, 2022 • Gizmodo

OpenAI is now letting DALL-E users edit images of real human faces, after previously blocking this capability over concerns of deepfakes proliferating from the AI. In a letter to users on Monday, OpenAI said it would reintroduce the ability to upload and edit real human faces to its advanced AI image generator after building new detection and response techniques meant to prevent misuse. Users are still barred from uploading images of people without their consent as well as images they don't hav...


ACML 2022
ACML 2022
December 1 - December 30, 2022

The 14th Asian Conference on Machine Learning ACML 2022 aims to provide a leading international forum for Machine Learning researchers to share their new ideas and progress.ACML is coming to India fo...

CoRL 2022
CoRL 2022
December 14 - December 18, 2022
Sir Owen G. Glen Building

Conference on Robot Learning The Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL) is an annual international conference focusing on the intersection of robotics and machine learning.  CoRL 2022 will be held...

WAICF - World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival
WAICF - World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival
February 9 - February 11, 2023
Cannes, France

The World AI Cannes Festival was born out of the desire to bring together businesses and individuals in Artificial Intelligence. Through a rich and diverse line up, attendees are invited to discover a...

SXSW South by Southwest
SXSW South by Southwest
March 10 - March 19, 2023
Austin Convention Center

WHEN IS SXSW 2023? SXSW In-Person and OnlineMarch 10-19, 2023 Topics featured in the 2050 Track include radical life extension, Quantum physics, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, Artificial Intelli...


AI Evolution Needs Humans
“As more and more artificial intelligence is entering into the world, more and more
emotional intelligence must enter into leadership.”

Amit Ray, Famous AI Scientist, Author of Compassionate Artificial Intelligence


Predicting Singularity
“Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, and we will have multiplied the intelligence – the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization – a billion-fold.”

Ray Kurzweil, American inventor and futurist.


On AI’s Evolution
“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race….It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.”

Stephen Hawking, BBC