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Ai4 2024 Conference August 12-14, 2024

Ai4 2024 is North America’s largest artificial intelligence industry event.

Ai4 2024 is coming to Las Vegas, August 12-14 2024. Join 5000+ attendees, 350+ speakers, and 150+ AI exhibitors from 75+ countries at the epicenter of AI innovation.

Established in 2018, Ai4 is now the epicenter of the global AI ecosystem and the industry’s only must-attend annual event. Discover the latest applications, the state of generative AI, and best practices shaping the future of artificial intelligence. Enjoy dedicated content & unbeatable networking for both business & technical leaders from every major industry and job function, from leading enterprises, AI startups, investors, government organizations, and media. Together, we’re building the future of responsible human-machine collaboration.

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Please join us for the Quantum+AI Inside Quantum Technology conference in New York City on October 29-30, 2024.

Uncovering the Coming Wave of Quantum + AI

  • 2 Days

  • 50+ Speakers

  • In-Person

Be part of IQT’s first QUANTUM + AI conference and exhibition covering the coming revolution of combining quantum computing with Artificial Intelligence (AI). QUANTUM + AI takes place October 29-30, 2024, in New York City.

Quantum computing and AI are highly synergistic. Quantum computing having the potential to significantly enhance AI capabilities. Quantum AI combines the power of quantum computing with AI to create new algorithms, machine learning techniques, search procedure and data processing techniques that are impossible to achieve with classical computers.

Quantum computing can supercharge AI by processing increasingly large and complex datasets more efficiently, leading to more robust insights and improved processes in sectors such as pharma, finance and the military and intelligence services. Quantum AI has the potential to revolutionize these and other industries by enabling faster machine learning, improved predictions, and enhanced optimization.

This coming Quantum AI revolution has many challenges, which we will also discuss at this event. These include better error corrected and fault tolerant quantum computing, quantum-optimized and novel software for quantum AI-based decision making. Despite these challenges, the synergy between quantum computing and AI holds great promise for advancing technology across many different sectors. This is why we are holding this first-of-a-kind event.

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