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  • Stability AI's Stable Diffusion 3 Medium: Advanced Text-to-Image Model
A sleek, futuristic interface showcasing the Stable Diffusion 3 Medium AI model generating high-quality images from text and image prompts. The screen displays vibrant, photorealistic images with detailed elements, realistic lighting, and complex scenes. The background features a modern design with glowing blue and white accents, symbolizing advanced technology. A logo for 'Stable Diffusion 3 Medium' by Stability AI is prominently displayed, highlighting its sophistication and innovation in text-to-image generation

Author: Alicia Shapiro

Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes

Stability AI's Stable Diffusion 3 Medium: Advanced Text-to-Image Model

Stability AI has announced the open release of Stable Diffusion 3 Medium, their most sophisticated text-to-image AI model to date. This model marks a significant milestone in generative AI, offering advanced features while being accessible to a wide range of users.

Key Features of Stable Diffusion 3 Medium

Exceptional Quality and Photorealism

  • Detail and Realism: The model delivers images with exceptional detail, color, and lighting, achieving photorealistic outputs.

  • Innovative Solutions: Innovations like the 16-channel VAE address common issues such as realism in hands and faces.

Advanced Prompt Understanding

  • Complex Prompts: SD3 Medium can comprehend long and complex prompts, including spatial reasoning, compositional elements, actions, and styles.

  • Text Encoders: Users can utilize all three text encoders or a combination to balance performance and efficiency.

Superior Typography

  • Text Quality: The model achieves high-quality text with fewer errors in spelling, kerning, letter forming, and spacing, thanks to the Diffusion Transformer architecture.

Resource Efficiency

  • Consumer GPU Friendly: SD3 Medium is designed to run on standard consumer GPUs without performance degradation, making it highly accessible.

  • Low VRAM Footprint: Its low VRAM footprint ensures smooth operation even on consumer PCs and laptops.

Fine-Tuning Capabilities

  • Customization: The model can absorb nuanced details from small datasets, making it ideal for customization and specific applications.

Collaborations Enhancing Performance

Partnership with NVIDIA

Optimized Performance: Collaborating with NVIDIA, Stability AI has optimized SD3 Medium for NVIDIA® RTX™ GPUs and TensorRT™, achieving a 50% increase in performance.

Collaboration with AMD

Device Optimization: AMD has optimized SD3 Medium for various AMD devices, including the latest APUs, consumer GPUs, and MI-300X Enterprise GPUs.

Accessibility and Licensing

Open and Non-Commercial Use

  • Community License: Stable Diffusion 3 Medium is available under the Stability Non-Commercial Research Community License, encouraging widespread use and experimentation.

  • Commercial License: For professional use, the Creator License is available at a low cost, with options for large-scale commercial use upon request.

How to Access Stable Diffusion 3 Medium

API and Applications

  • Stability Platform: Users can try SD3 Medium via the Stability Platform's API, sign up for a free three-day trial on Stable Assistant, or use Stable Artisan on Discord.

  • Other Versions: Other models in the Stable Diffusion 3 series, including SD3 Large and SD3 Ultra, are also available for experimentation.


Stable Diffusion 3 Medium represents a significant advancement in text-to-image AI, combining exceptional quality, advanced features, and resource efficiency. Stability AI's commitment to open and accessible generative AI continues with this groundbreaking release, making sophisticated AI tools available to a broader audience. To get started and learn more, visit their website.