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  • Yahoo Introduces AI Summaries on Homepage After News App Revamp
A modern interface showcasing Yahoo's new AI summaries feature on its homepage. The image features the Yahoo logo prominently displayed alongside visual elements representing AI technology, such as neural networks and summary boxes. The background includes elements of news articles and summaries displayed in a lightbox format. The design incorporates vibrant colors and dynamic graphics, symbolizing innovation and the integration of AI technology into Yahoo's platform

Author: Alicia Shapiro

Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes

Yahoo Introduces AI Summaries on Homepage After News App Revamp

Yahoo is continuing its push into AI technology with new features on its homepage. After recently launching AI-powered updates for Yahoo Mail and revamping its Yahoo News app, the company is now testing AI summaries on its Yahoo News website.

AI Features Across Yahoo Platforms

Yahoo Mail Enhancements

  • Priority Inbox: Similar to Gmail’s feature, Yahoo Mail now includes AI-powered email prioritization.

  • AI Summaries: New AI features provide summaries of emails, helping users quickly digest information.

Yahoo News App Revamp

  • Artifact Technology: The revamped Yahoo News app leverages AI technology from Yahoo’s recent acquisition, Artifact, to offer improved AI features.

Testing AI Summaries on the Homepage

Code References and Testing

  • AI Summaries on the Web: Yahoo is testing an AI summaries feature on its newly redesigned Yahoo News website. This feature aims to provide quick news updates without requiring users to read entire articles.

  • Limited Testing: The feature is currently being tested on a small, single-digit percentage of article pages, explaining why most visitors haven't encountered it yet.

Technology and Display

  • Lightbox Display: The AI summaries appear in a lightbox, a web component used for displaying content. However, details about the underlying technology remain undisclosed.

  • Partnership with OpenAI: While Yahoo has a partnership with OpenAI for its mobile app, the specifics of the technology for the web-based AI summaries are not shared.

Official Confirmation and Future Plans

Yahoo's Statement

  • Testing Phase: Yahoo confirmed to TechCrunch that the AI summaries have been in testing for a few months.

  • Future Launch: The company has not provided a timeline for a public launch.

Broader AI Strategy

AI Integration Across Platforms

  • Yahoo Mail and News: The integration of AI in Yahoo Mail and the revamped News app highlights Yahoo's strategy to rejuvenate its web products and services with advanced technology.

  • User Attraction: Whether these AI enhancements will attract new users remains to be seen, but Yahoo is clearly betting on AI to drive engagement.


Yahoo's ongoing integration of AI technology across its platforms marks a significant effort to modernize its services. The testing of AI summaries on the Yahoo News homepage is part of this broader strategy, aiming to enhance the user experience with quick, digestible news updates.