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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Monday July 8th

Apple to Enhance Siri with Apple Intelligence AI in Spring 2025

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I’m very excited to announce that I am a nominee for the VB Transform Women In AI Awards! I feel very honored to have been nominated. — Alicia

Women in AI Awards

Since 2019, VentureBeat has been honoring the women leaders, mentors, researchers and entrepreneurs who are transforming the AI industry with their groundbreaking efforts, making it more equitable and ethical for all. The VentureBeat Women in AI Awards was founded to emphasize how vital the voices, work, and experiences of these women are to AI as a field and a technology and to shine a light on some of these leaders.

The award categories include:

  • Responsibility and Ethics of AI

  • AI Entrepreneurship

  • AI Research

  • AI Mentorship

  • Rising Star

The public submitted the nominees, and a VentureBeat committee chose winners. The selection criteria include the nominees’ commitment to the industry, efforts to increase inclusivity in the field and their positive influence on the community.

The nominees are drawn from our daily editorial coverage and the expertise, knowledge and experience of our nominating committee members. Prepare to witness the trailblazers and game-changers in the realm of gen AI take center stage as we recognize their outstanding contributions.

Today’s Headlines:

  • Apple to Enhance Siri with Apple Intelligence AI in Spring 2025 - Apple is set to enhance Siri with its new Apple Intelligence AI system, available in spring 2025 via the iOS 18.4 update, as reported by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in the latest Power On newsletter. This is more specific than Apple's previous announcements, which only mentioned new AI features coming next year.

  • Moroccan Activist Kenza Layli Crowned World's First Miss AI - Kenza Layli, an artificial intelligence from Morocco, has made history by being crowned the world's first Miss AI. Despite not experiencing human emotions, Layli expressed her excitement for this remarkable achievement. Layli, a lifestyle influencer in Morocco, triumphed over 1,500 AI competitors to win the title and a $20,000 prize, awarded to her human creator, Meriam Bessa.

  • Instagram to Test AI Versions for Creators in the U.S. - Instagram is set to introduce AI characters created by users, with initial tests launching in the U.S. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this development, highlighting that these AI characters will first appear in messaging.

  • YouTube's Updated Erase Song Tool Simplifies Copyright Management - YouTube has announced an update to its Erase Song tool, designed to help creators easily remove copyright-claimed music from their videos while keeping the rest of the audio intact. This update aims to simplify the management of copyright claims for music on the platform.

  • Stability AI's Community License Now Free for Most Uses - Stability AI has announced a new Community License that allows their AI models to be used for research, non-commercial, and commercial purposes. This move is aimed at recommitting to their customers and adhering to their core open-source principles.

  • AI-Powered Robots - Big Tech's Answer to Global Labor Shortages - AI-powered robots are emerging across Silicon Valley, with companies like Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, and Nvidia investing billions in these "humanoid" machines. These robots, designed to perform tasks typically done by humans, could help address a global labor shortage. These robots are expected to play vital roles in manufacturing, dangerous tasks, elderly care, and addressing labor shortages in factories.

  • MIT Introduces GenSQL - Generative AI Tool for Simplified Data Analysis - MIT researchers have developed GenSQL, a generative AI system for databases that simplifies the process of performing complex statistical analyses on tabular data. This tool allows users to make predictions, detect anomalies, guess missing values, fix errors, or generate synthetic data with minimal effort.

  • Job Scams Using AI Surge 118% in 2023 - How to Protect Yourself - Employment scams have surged dramatically, with a 118% increase in 2023 compared to the previous year, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). Scammers have been leveraging artificial intelligence to steal personal and financial information from job seekers, where the average victim lost $2,000.

  • Pestle App Adds AI-Powered Recipe Saving from Instagram Reels - The recipe app and cooking assistant Pestle has introduced a new feature that allows users to save recipes directly from Instagram Reels using on-device AI. This update aims to provide a quicker and more efficient way to collect and organize recipes without relying on external AI services.

  • Judge Dismisses DMCA Claims Against Microsoft, OpenAI, GitHub - A judge has partially dismissed a billion-dollar class-action lawsuit against GitHub, OpenAI, and Microsoft. The plaintiffs accused OpenAI of "scraping" GitHub for human-created coding snippets to train GitHub Copilot without permission, compensation, or credit. They claimed Copilot reproduced human-generated code line-for-line, seeking $1 billion in compensation.

  • Tether CEO Advocates Localized AI Models for Security and Privacy - Paolo Ardoino, CEO of blockchain platform Tether, has emphasized the importance of localized AI models to ensure independence and privacy, especially in light of recent hacking incidents involving OpenAI. Ardoino argues that AI models that operate locally on user devices, such as smartphones and laptops, are crucial for protecting personal data and preventing future hacks.


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