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  • Pestle App Adds AI-Powered Recipe Saving from Instagram Reels

Pestle App Adds AI-Powered Recipe Saving from Instagram Reels

An illustration of the Pestle app saving a recipe from an Instagram Reel using on-device AI, showing a smartphone screen with an Instagram Reel and the Pestle app quickly processing and saving the recipe, symbolizing the seamless integration of social media and cooking assistance

Pestle App Adds AI-Powered Recipe Saving from Instagram Reels

The recipe app and cooking assistant Pestle has introduced a new feature that allows users to save recipes directly from Instagram Reels using on-device AI. This update aims to provide a quicker and more efficient way to collect and organize recipes without relying on external AI services.

How It Works

Users can now share an Instagram Reel with Pestle, which will extract and save the recipe almost instantaneously. This process is facilitated by on-device machine learning, ensuring both speed and privacy.

Steps to Use:

  • Share an Instagram Reel with Pestle using the “Share” button.

  • The app processes the recipe in about one-tenth of a second.

  • The recipe is saved to your collection instantly.

Background and Development

Pestle was created in 2022 by Will Bishop to address the frustration of finding and organizing recipes from cluttered websites. Initially, the app allowed users to save recipes from the web by sharing them from the iOS browser to Pestle. Over time, users requested the ability to save recipes from Instagram, which led to the development of this new feature.

Key Features of Pestle:

  • Save recipes from the web and Instagram Reels.

  • Organize recipes in a user-friendly interface.

  • Plan meals and create shopping lists.

  • Navigate recipes with voice commands.

  • Cook hands-free or with others via Apple’s SharePlay for FaceTime.

Avoiding External AI Services

Bishop chose not to integrate ChatGPT due to concerns about processing time, privacy, and dependency on third-party services. By using on-device machine learning, Pestle ensures faster processing and greater control over the feature.

Advantages of On-Device AI:

  • Faster processing times.

  • Enhanced privacy and control.

  • Independence from third-party AI services.

Using the New Feature

To save a recipe from an Instagram Reel:

  • Share the Reel with Pestle via the “Share” button on Instagram.

  • The app processes and saves the recipe almost instantly.

  • Users can also import any plain-text recipe into Pestle.

Availability and Subscription

The updated version of Pestle is available for free on the iOS App Store. Subscribers gain access to additional features, including a discover section for cooking inspiration, 14-day meal planning, and shopping lists with Apple Reminders integration.