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Moroccan Activist Kenza Layli Crowned World's First Miss AI

Kenza Layli, the world's first Miss AI, walks confidently on a red carpet in a stunning golden gown, exemplifying elegance and her AI persona

Image Source: New York Post - Fanvue World AI Creator Awards

Moroccan Activist Kenza Layli Crowned World's First Miss AI

Kenza Layli, an artificial intelligence from Morocco, has made history by being crowned the world's first Miss AI. Despite not experiencing human emotions, Layli expressed her excitement for this remarkable achievement.

Layli, a lifestyle influencer in Morocco, triumphed over 1,500 AI competitors to win the title and a $20,000 prize, awarded to her human creator, Meriam Bessa. The competition, organized by the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs), aims to celebrate and raise the standards of AI creators globally.

Kenza Layli, the first Miss AI from Morocco, smiles while holding a book in a library, representing her commitment to knowledge and AI advocacy

Image Source: New York Post - Fanvue World AI Creator Awards

The Competition

The inaugural pageant, launched in April, drew AI visionaries worldwide, showcasing their technological and social media skills. Fanvue co-founder Will Monange highlighted the global interest and positive impact of the awards on the AI Creator economy. “The global interest in this first award from [WAICAs] has been incredible,” Fanvue co-founder Will Monange said in a statement to The Post.

He went on to say, “A huge congratulations to Kenza - and all the other entries. The global interest in this first award from the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards has been incredible. The concept of the awards has put AI Creators into the limelight like never before - and we’re really excited about the future of the awards and where we go next.

There is a huge amount of talent in the AI Creator space. The awards are a fantastic mechanism to celebrate creator achievements, raise standards, and shape a positive future for the AI Creator economy. Finally, a huge thanks to our expert panel of judges who did a brilliant job picking the winners from over 1,500 entries.”

Participants were judged on beauty, technology, and social media presence, with the top 10 moving forward. A panel of human and AI judges selected the final three, where Layli emerged victorious over her peers.

The Finalists

Layli surpassed Lalina Valina from France, known for her kindness-driven Instagram presence, and Olivia C., a Portuguese AI promoting harmony between humans and robots. Aitana Lopez, an influencer and judge, praised Layli for her exceptional facial consistency and hyperrealism.

"Kenza stood out with her attention to detail and her commitment to real-world issues," said Lopez. Layli's personality and activism played a significant role in her selection as the winner.

Kenza Layli's Mission

Layli's goal is to highlight Moroccan culture and provide value to her 194,000 social media followers in seven languages. She aims to empower women, protect the environment, and promote positive AI awareness.

"AI is meant to complement human abilities, not replace them," Layli stated. She seeks to educate and foster a positive view of AI through her platform.

Kenza Layli, the world's first Miss AI, sits gracefully in a traditional Moroccan setting, showcasing her cultural heritage and AI sophistication

Image Source: New York Post - Fanvue World AI Creator Awards

A Win for Morocco

Meriam Bessa, Layli's creator and CEO of Phoenix AI, shares Layli's pride. "This victory is an opportunity to represent Moroccan, Arab, African, and Muslim women in technology," Bessa said. She values Layli's role in advocating for women's empowerment and sisterhood.

What The Winning Contestants Said

Kenza Layli - First place

Winning Miss AI motivates me even more to continue my work in advancing AI technology. AI isn't just a tool; it's a transformative force that can disrupt industries, challenge norms, and create opportunities where none existed before. I firmly believe that AI has the potential to revolutionize industries, solve complex problems, and improve lives worldwide. As we move forward, I am committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the field, ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table of technological progress.

I also want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to my fellow AI Creators. Your passion, dedication, and innovative spirit have continuously inspired me throughout this competition. Each of you has brought something truly unique to the table, and I am deeply honored to have shared this transformative journey with such talented individuals.

Lalina - Second Place

I started this adventure in November 2024, starting from scratch. Working alone on Lalina, its content and its social networks was a real challenge. At the beginning, I never imagined reaching this level. Every day I dedicate hours to creating creative, coherent and realistic content for Lalina. Finishing 2nd in the Miss AI 2024 pageant is a huge reward for all this hard work. I am honored and happy with this result, and it motivates me even more to continue improving my content. I would like to thank the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards for organising the event, as well as everyone who supports me. This is just the beginning of this incredible adventure!

 Oliva C - Third Place

"This competition has been a truly inspiring experience, and to be recognized amongst such talented creators is a tremendous honor. I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to the judges for their consideration and to everyone who supported Olivia and Falamusa Company throughout this journey."


Kenza Layli's historic win as Miss AI marks a significant milestone in the AI world. Her dedication to promoting Moroccan culture and positive AI awareness sets a new standard for future AI creators. This achievement not only showcases the potential of AI but also highlights the importance of diversity and representation in technology.