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  • WhatsApp's New AI Feature - Create Personalized Avatars with "Imagine"

WhatsApp's New AI Feature - Create Personalized Avatars with "Imagine"

A futuristic scene showing a user creating a personalized avatar using WhatsApp on their smartphone. The screen displays options to generate an avatar in various settings like a forest or outer space. The background includes icons of WhatsApp and Meta AI, illustrating the integration of AI technology. The user interface is sleek and modern, with vibrant visuals representing the avatar creation process

WhatsApp's New AI Feature - Create Personalized Avatars with "Imagine"

WhatsApp is working on a new AI feature that allows users to create personalized avatars. This feature, called "Imagine," was found in the latest WhatsApp for Android beta version by WABetaInfo. Users will be able to generate avatars using their photos and text prompts, leveraging Meta’s AI Llama model.

Key Features of WhatsApp's Imagine AI

  • Personalized Avatars: Users can create avatars in any imagined setting, from forests to outer space, using their photos and text descriptions.

  • Easy Creation Process: To generate an avatar, users need to take a single photo of themselves, which trains Meta AI to produce images in their likeness. Users can then type “Imagine me” followed by a setting description in Meta AI chat or in WhatsApp conversations using “@Meta AI imagine me...”

  • Optional Feature: The Imagine AI feature will be optional and requires manual activation in WhatsApp settings. Users can delete their reference images anytime via Meta AI settings.

Launch and Availability

There is no confirmed release date for the Imagine AI feature. WhatsApp is gradually rolling out support for its Meta AI chatbot and real-time AI image generation in the US, so it may take some time before the avatar feature becomes widely available. Meta is likely proceeding cautiously to avoid issues experienced with previous generative AI tools.


WhatsApp’s Imagine AI feature promises to bring a fun and creative way for users to personalize their avatars. By combining user-supplied images and text prompts with advanced AI technology, this feature could revolutionize how people express themselves in digital communications.