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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Wednesday May 8th

Microsoft and LinkedIn release the 2024 Work Trend Index on the state of AI at work

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Microsoft and LinkedIn release the 2024 Work Trend Index on the state of AI at work - We partnered with LinkedIn for the first time on a joint report so we could provide a comprehensive view of how AI is not only reshaping work, but the labor market more broadly. We surveyed 31,000 people across 31 countries, identified labor and hiring trends from LinkedIn, analyzed trillions of Microsoft 365 productivity signals and conducted research with Fortune 500 customers. The data points to insights every leader and professional needs to know — and actions they can take — when it comes to AI’s implications for work. Here's what we found out.

  • Employees are bringing their own AI to work - 3 out of 4 "knowledge workers" around the world are using generative AI — but many of them are hiding it from their employers, according to a new joint report from LinkedIn and parent company Microsoft. Of those surveyed, 53% said they worry that if their employers know they're using AI to be more productive or creative, it will signal that they're replaceable.

  • IBM and SAP Plan to Expand Collaboration to Help Clients Become Next-Generation Enterprises with Generative AI - “IBM and SAP’s shared approach to generative AI, built on an open ecosystem, trust and purpose-built models, will help empower clients to optimize business outcomes,” said John Granger, Senior Vice President, IBM Consulting. “Our new Value Generation partnership initiative will enable clients to accelerate the path to innovation, competitive advantage and become a next generation enterprise through generative AI.”

  • Google DeepMind unveils next generation of drug discovery AI model - Google Deepmind has unveiled the third major version of its "AlphaFold" artificial intelligence model, designed to help scientists design drugs and target disease more effectively. With the latest incarnation of AlphaFold, researchers at DeepMind and sister company Isomorphic Labs have mapped the behavior for all of life's molecules, including human DNA. If you can't access the article, please open it in an incognito browser.

  • DeepMind Alumni Raise $200 Million Round for Holistic AI - Holistic AI, a new startup in Paris working to leapfrog other generative AI models, has closed the first tranche of a $200 million initial financing round. It’s working to develop “multi-agent” models, a process where a number of AI systems interact with one another.

  • BrainChip Adds Penn State to Roster of University AI Accelerators - BrainChip, the world’s first commercial producer of ultra-low power, fully digital, event-based, neuromorphic AI IP, announced that Pennsylvania State University has joined the BrainChip University AI Accelerator Program, ensuring students have the tools and resources necessary to help develop leading-edge intelligent AI solutions.

  • US eyes curbs on China's access to AI software behind apps like ChatGPT - The Commerce Department is considering a new regulatory push to restrict the export of proprietary or closed source AI models, whose software and the data it is trained on are kept under wraps. If you can't access the article, please open it in an incognito browser.

  • Biden to Announce $3.3 Billion Microsoft Investment for AI Data Center in Wisconsin - Microsoft said it will invest $3.3 billion by the end of 2026 "to expand its national cloud and AI infrastructure capacity through the development of a state-of-the-art datacenter," which "will help enable companies in Wisconsin and across the country to develop, deploy and use the world's most advanced cloud services and AI applications to grow, modernize and improve their products and enterprises."

  • Palo Alto Networks, Microsoft, Google, CrowdStrike, IBM announce major AI security news at RSAC - For the second year running, generative artificial intelligence (genAI) continues to dominate the discussion and headlines at the RSA conference. Here are the product innovations from Palo Alto Networks, Microsoft, Google, CrowdStrike and IBM, aiming to address this issue.

  • US explores AI to train immigration officers on talking to refugees - The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is piloting artificial intelligence to train officers who review applicants for refugee status in the United States. In this pilot, DHS is training machines to act like refugees so officers can practice interviewing them. AI will not make immigration decisions themselves, DHS said, but that AI will know country-specific conditions and other information to help officers. If you can't access the article, please open it in an incognito browser.

  • Empowering Excellence Through AI Enablement: HTEC Invests in a 100% AI-fluent Workforce - HTEC has launched an organization-wide AI enablement initiative to equip HTEC’s global workforce with fundamental and highly technical artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and provide continuing education in AI. The program will offer basic AI training for administrative and non-engineering staff and technical instruction tailored to each engineer’s role.

  • Visa Adds Generative AI-Powered Tool to Combat Enumeration Attacks - The new VAAI Score tool is being added to the Visa Account Attack Intelligence (VAAI) offering, beginning with U.S. issuers. “With the VAAI Score, our clients now have access to real-time risk scoring that can help detect the likelihood of an enumeration attack so issuers can make more informed decisions on when to block a transaction,” Paul Fabara, chief risk and client services officer at Visa, said in the release.

  • Department of Energy (DOE) aims to move "FASST" on AI with sweeping new initiative - The department introduced the Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence for Science, Security and Technology (FASST) initiative at the AI Expo for National Competitiveness in Washington. FASST aims to utilize the DOE's supercomputing capabilities, scientific data, and expertise from its 17 national labs to enhance a new AI initiative focused on addressing mission-critical challenges not typically targeted by the private sector due to specific U.S. government interests.

  • Autodesk's AI turns text or still images into 3D models - Autodesk, the venerable 3D software company whose tools are used by designers and architects around the globe, is showing off its most ambitious generative AI project to date: a text-to-3D tool called Project Bernini. Project Bernini can create 3D images from a variety of input types including a text prompt, a single 2D image, multiple images and point clouds.

  • Meta Unveils GenAI Tools for Business Advertising - Businesses can now use Meta’s artificial intelligence (AI) tools to create images for advertising campaigns. Business owners can feed the AI an image of their products and generate new backgrounds for it. The model also offers image expansion, which resizes the image to fit a range of sizes for different use cases, per the post. Meta also plans to enable businesses to use text prompts to further customize their images, and said the feature would be available in the coming months.

  • Web3 protocol receives $2.3M boost to decentralize AI - Web3 protocol announced $2.3 million pre-seed funding round to focus on developing a network for zero-knowledge verification with Proof-of-Inference for AI. Inference Labs emphasized that this investment will optimize its innovative approaches to efficient AI verification and catalyze the ecosystem by helping the team grow and accelerate product development.

  • Sophon ZKSync hyperchain raises $60M in node sale - The entertainment-focused Hyperchain aims to provide a robust infrastructure for gaming, AI and SocialFi-related protocols, aiming to launch in the third quarter of 2024.

  • AI Plays ‘Mr. Fix It’ for Rental Property Management - From streamlining operations to optimizing revenue, leveraging centralized platforms to do things like manage guest communication at scale and automate task management is providing short-term rental (STR) property managers with a crucial lifeline — particularly as both business and personal travel continues to rebound to pre-pandemic levels.

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