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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Wednesday April 24th

Nvidia acquires AI workload management startup Run:ai

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Nvidia acquires AI workload management startup Run:ai - Nvidia is acquiring Run:ai, a Tel Aviv-based company that makes it easier for developers and operations teams to manage and optimize their AI hardware infrastructure, for an undisclosed sum. Nvidia will invest in Run:ai’s product roadmap as part of Nvidia’s DGX Cloud AI platform, which gives enterprise customers access to compute infrastructure and software that they can use to train models for generative and other forms of AI.

  • French startup FlexAI exits stealth with $30M to ease access to AI compute - FlexAI has raised a hefty seed investment to “rearchitect compute infrastructure” for developers wanting to build and train AI applications more efficiently. FlexAI takes the user’s requirements and allocates it to whatever architecture makes sense for that particular job, taking care of the all the necessary conversions across the different platforms, whether that’s Intel’s Gaudi infrastructure, AMD’s Rocm or Nvidia’s CUDA.

  • Parloa, a conversational AI platform for customer service, raises $66M - Conversational AI platform Parloa has nabbed $66 million in a Series B round, a year after it raised $21 million from a swathe of European investors to propel its international growth. “Our strategy has always been centered around ‘voice first,’ the most critical and impactful facet of the customer experience,” Kosub told TechCrunch over email. “As a result, Parloa’s AI-based voice conversations sound more human than any other solution.”

  • Snowflake releases a flagship generative AI model of its own - Snowflake, the cloud computing company, today unveiled Arctic LLM, a generative AI model that’s described as “enterprise-grade.” Available under an Apache 2.0 license, Arctic LLM is optimized for “enterprise workloads,” including generating database code, Snowflake says, and is free for research and commercial use.

  • UK probes Amazon and Microsoft over AI partnerships with Mistral, Anthropic, and Inflection - When is a merger not a merger? The U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is launching preliminary enquiries into whether the close-knit tie-ups and hiring practices involving Microsoft, Amazon and a trio of AI startups falls within the scope of its merger rules — and whether the arrangements could impact competition in the U.K. market.

  • Adobe’s impressive AI upscaling project makes blurry videos look HD - VideoGigaGAN can improve video resolution by 8x without introducing flickering or other visual distortions.

  • Security Leaders Braced for Daily AI-Driven Attacks by Year-End - 93% of security leaders expecting to face daily AI-driven attacks by the end of 2024, according to a new report by Netacea. 65% expect that offensive AI will be the norm for cybercriminals, used in most cyber-attacks.

  • The corporate conversation around AI is changing - “2023 was spent asking questions about AI; 2024 is about finding answers" said Brent Thill of Jefferies. “2024 will be the start of the implementation, and 2025 will really be the revenue year.” We are now in the “show me” phase of AI.

  • Top AI companies commit to child safety principles as industry grapples with deepfake scandals - The new “Safety by Design” principles the companies signed onto, include watermarks on AI-generated images, that images of children will not be included in training datasets for AI models, companies should only release models after they’ve been checked for child safety, that companies should responsibly host their models and that companies should make assurances that their models aren’t used for abuse.

  • Vertiv Spikes On Earnings, Orders. It's A Good Sign For These AI Stocks - Vertiv earnings jumped 79% to 43 cents a share, easily beating analyst views though growth slowed for a third straight quarter. Revenue rose 8% to $1.64 billion. Vertiv isn't directly involved in artificial intelligence. But as a maker of coolant systems for data centers, Vertiv is a de facto AI play.

  • SenseTime shares soar more than 30% after announcing its latest generative AI model - Chairman Xu Li reportedly claimed SenseNova was better than OpenAI’s GPT 4 in the majority of general usage scenarios, especially in enterprise applications and Chinese-language usage scenes. The company said the major advancements in SenseNova 5.0 focuses on knowledge, mathematics, reasoning, and coding capabilities.

  • SK Hynix Plans $15 Billion Chip Expansion to Meet AI Demand - SK Hynix Inc. plans to spend about $14.6 billion building a new memory chip complex in South Korea, preparing to meet rapidly growing demand for semiconductors employed in AI development. SK Hynix, which reports quarterly results Thursday, is the current leader in a type of advanced chip called high-bandwidth memory tailored for AI.

  • Meet Sunny: Denver’s AI-powered chatbot - Sunny is an AI-powered virtual assistant that can be reached through text messages or online. While some other AI-powered chatbots can have conversations related to any topic, Sunny is strictly business. Sunny helps with queries related to city services like information about local events, trash collection schedules, parking permits and more.

  • Women in AI: Allison Cohen on building responsible AI projects - Allison Cohen is the Senior Applied AI Projects Manager at Mila, Quebec, managing over 1,200 AI and machine learning specialists. She collaborates with researchers and partners on AI projects for social good, including tools to combat misogyny, identify human trafficking victims online, and promote sustainable farming in Rwanda. Previously, Cohen co-led AI drug discovery at the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence and has consulted on AI strategy for Deloitte and the Center for International Digital Policy.

  • Elon Musk's Big Bet: Tesla to Ramp Up AI Development with Nvidia's Powerful Chips - Tesla may install 85,000 Nvidia H100 chips by year-end to train its artificial intelligence (AI) models. If CEO Elon Musk proceeds with this plan, Tesla will surpass tech giants like Amazon and Alphabet/Google as a significant Nvidia customer. These chips are vital for Musk’s AI initiatives, which include the development of advanced robots like Optimus Bot and Robotaxi and a supercomputer named Dojo.

  • Apple's generative AI may be the only one that was trained legally & ethically - As a way of avoiding similar copyright issues during the training of its own generative AI software, Apple has reportedly been licensing the works of major news publications. While Apple developed its language learning model, known internally as Ajax, with basic on-device functionality, the company licensed software such as Google Gemini for more complex tasks requiring an internet connection. With the paid licensing, Apple would not be responsible for copyright infringement caused or perpetrated by software such as Google Gemini.

  • Perplexity brings its "answer engine" to enterprises - Perplexity launched its first business offering, Perplexity Enterprise Pro. The platform uses AI to answer inquiries with citations such as news articles, charts, videos or images. Pro will speed teams' research by scanning the web and internal company data shared with the platform, a Perplexity spokesperson told Axios. Prices start at $40 per month or $400 per year, per seat.

  • What Is an AI Anyway? Microsoft executive Mustafa Suleyman said that AI is a ‘new kind of digital species’ during a recent TED Talk, also predicting the next decade will be ‘the most productive’ in human history. Watch now:

Regulating AI - Congressional Briefing from

March 29, 2024

Sanjay Puri, of Regulating AI and who we interviewed last month, organized a Congressional briefing on Regulating AI with 2 panels: Non-US Approaches to Regulatory AI, and Ethical Considerations of AI. Please watch the video below.

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