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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Wednesday April 17th

Intel reveals world's biggest 'brain-inspired' neuromorphic computer

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Intel reveals world's biggest 'brain-inspired' neuromorphic computer - A computer intended to mimic the way the brain processes and stores data could potentially improve the efficiency and capabilities of artificial intelligence models.

  • Ex-OpenAI director calls for greater disclosure and auditing of AI companies - "Left to their own devices it looks like AI companies might go in a similar direction to social media companies," said Helen Toner. Without such auditing, the companies are "just grading their own homework." Toner said the AI debate often gets described as a choice between stepping on the gas or slamming on the brakes. She said what she wants is a clear windshield and better steering.

  • Introducing Idefics2: A Powerful 8B Vision-Language Model for the community - It can answer questions about images, describe visual content, create stories grounded in multiple images, extract information from documents, and perform basic arithmetic operations.

  • Best Buy cuts workforce, including Geek Squad, looks to AI for customer service - The layoffs are part of a larger restructuring plan announced by Best Buy CEO Corie Barry. The plan, which did include layoffs, was proposed in an attempt to “stabilize the company after months of declining sales." Best Buy is also “making sure resources are balanced and directed to the right strategic areas so we can drive efficiency in our business and put ourselves in the best position for the future.”

  • Banks told to anticipate risks from using AI, machine learning - There are unanswered questions on whether the use of AI or ML in banking is a net positive or negative to global financial stability, said Bank of Spain Governor Pablo Hernandez de Cos, who chairs the international Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. "Left unchecked, such models could potentially amplify future banking crises."

  • Dept. of Homeland Security embraces AI and other federal agencies are likely to follow - DHS issued a roadmap detailing its plans for AI this year and the launch of three pilot projects to test AI technology covering issues including immigration, fentanyl, and child exploitation.

  • AI making ransomware easier, more prevalent, committee hears - According to crypto-tracking firm Chainalysis, ransomers stole away over $1 billion from U.S. organizations in 2023, the highest amount ever recorded, with a 70 percent increase in the number of victims from the year prior.

  • Hackers start leaking stolen Change Healthcare data - RansomHub said it possesses more than 4 terabytes of data stolen during the ChangeHealthcare attack including medical records, payments information, patients' Social Security numbers and details about accounts with various Change customers. RansomHub claims it won't leak the full trove of data if it receives a payment by Friday.

  • Raleigh and Durham are hotspots for AI job postings - Raleigh ranked tenth nationally, with 19.7 new AI jobs listed per 100,000 residents. Durham was No. 13, with 18.5. As AI emerges as the hottest new thing in tech, cities outside Silicon Valley have a chance to get in on the action — and reap the potentially lucrative economic rewards. This area benefits from its cluster of universities with computer science programs, a collection of homegrown tech companies and startups exploring the space as well as large tech companies recruiting locally-based workers.

  • 2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks to Buy Like There's No Tomorrow - According to Keithen Drury, The Motley Fool, Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW) and UiPath (NYSE: PATH) are two stocks that he believes are attractively priced and play a critical role in the implementation of AI technology.

  • Certinia bakes AI into its latest professional services updates - The Salesforce-based ERP and professional services software provider has integrated generative AI to streamline the estimation process and ‘de-risk’ new projects. The AI integration will fuel several new functionalities, including the ability to generate professional services estimates programmatically based on the company’s own data, as well as the ability to estimate the chances of closing a deal based on a given estimate.

  • Google will provide AI to the military for disaster response - Google's AI tools will help the National Guard analyze images of disaster areas so it can respond to them faster and more effectively. The National Guard will deploy it in time for the summer wildfire season. What used to take hours or days now takes just seconds.

  • You Can Chat With an A.I. Replica of Salvador Dalí - When visitors arrive at the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, they will find a replica of the Lobster Telephone (1938); They can even pick up the receiver—and talk to a voice on the other end. In a promotional video, the digital Dalí fields various questions from curious visitors: In The Persistence of Memory (1931), why are the clocks melting? In The Elephants (1948), why are the titular animals’ legs so thin? What’s up with your mustache?

  • Amazon Puts All Three Claude AI Models on Bedrock - This makes Bedrock the first and thus far only managed service to make all three Claude 3 models — Opus, Sonnet and Haiku — generally available. This enhances “the ability of customers of all sizes to rapidly test, build, and deploy generative [AI] applications across their organizations.”

  • Mark Cuban Foundation and Perficient Bring AI Bootcamp to Houston Teens - With a custom and highly-relevant curriculum focused on teaching students about the latest developments in the world of AI and Generative AI, the camp will provide the tools to make these technologies work for them and promises to educate, inspire and fuel the next generation of AI professionals. Applications for camp that offers free world-class AI education to help prepare students for latest tech evolution are now open.

  • Honeywell Creates AI-based Tool for MROs, Manufacturers - “As the aviation industry grapples with issues such as aging fleets, higher maintenance costs, and ongoing supply chain challenges, Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Aerospace can help organizations achieve key outcomes such as quicker turnarounds, increased asset utilization, and decreased maintenance times.”

  • AI Computing Is on Pace to Consume More Energy Than India - AI’s voracious need for computing power is threatening to overwhelm energy sources, requiring the industry to change its approach to the technology. By 2030, the world’s data centers are on course to use more electricity than India, the world’s most populous country. Finding ways to head off that projected tripling of energy use is paramount if artificial intelligence is going to achieve its promise.

  • SiTime Introduces Chip Aimed at Saving Power in AI Data Centers - SiTime makes what are known as timing chips, whose job is set a steady beat for all the parts of a computer and keep them running together in sync. The company says its new line of chips, called Chorus, can do so with 10 times more precision than older styles of timing chips. SiTime's chips themselves require less than a watt of power, but powerful AI chips such as Nvidia's require more than 1,000 watts of power.

  • Buncombe County in NC to transition to AI technology answering non-emergency calls - The sheriff’s office said these steps aim to enhance faster response times by dispatchers for critical incidents, ensure that first responders and equipment are deployed where they are needed most, and improve overall user experience by reducing wait times with automated systems. Callers who need police, fire, or medical will always be connected with a live call-taker and calls to 911 will not go through AI.

  • Google Cloud Announces AI Partnerships with PathAI and TetraScience - These announcements of partnerships with PathAI – a global leader in AI-powered pathology – and TetraScience – the scientific data and AI cloud company – are both meant to implement Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities and infrastructure in the difficult domains of drug discovery and precision medicine.

  • Brave Search is adopting AI to answer your queries - Privacy-focused search engine Brave announced that it is revamping its answer engine to return AI-powered synthesized answers. The new “Answer with AI” feature returns neatly formatted answers for questions like “People who walked on the moon,” “List of all actors who played Batman” or “How do descale Nespresso pixie.” It can also summarize reviews and salient points of a restaurant, for example.

  • Intel and others commit to building open generative AI tools for the enterprise - The launch of the Open Platform for Enterprise AI (OPEA), a project to foster the development of open, multi-provider and composable (i.e. modular) generative AI systems. OPEA’s goal will be to pave the way for the release of “hardened,” “scalable” generative AI systems that “harness the best open source innovation from across the ecosystem.”

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