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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Tuesday May 28th

OpenAI Says It Has Started Training GPT-4 Successor — Here’s What We Know

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Today’s Headlines:

  • OpenAI Says It Has Started Training GPT-4 Successor — Here’s What We Know - OpenAI said it has recently started training its “next frontier model” that it expects will deliver the “next level of capabilities” on its mission to build artificial general intelligence (AGI), a form of AI that can perform well across a broad range of tasks like humans can. OpenAI is widely expected to release a major update in the form of GPT-5 in coming months.

  • Elon Musk's xAI plans to build 'Gigafactory of Compute' by fall 2025 — using 100,000 Nvidia's H100 GPUs - xAI plans to build a supercomputer, called the Gigafactory of Compute, to enhance its AI chatbot, Grok. Expected by fall 2025 and potentially in collaboration with Oracle, it aims to surpass rival GPU clusters in size and capability. Elon Musk stated it will use up to 100,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs, making it at least four times larger than the largest current GPU clusters.

  • Apple’s big AI breakthrough will be something we’ll all use every day - iOS 18 will feature generative AI for emojis, allowing custom emojis based on user texts. Apple “is developing software that can create custom emojis on the fly, based on what users are texting. It will also include a revamped home screen with customizable app icon colors and placement, system-wide smart recaps for missed notifications and content, and a partnership with OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT into the iPhone.

  • Canva Create 2024: Introducing a whole new Canva - Canva just introduced a slew of new AI features to its creative platform, including text-to-graphic capabilities, an AI-powered photo editor, video editing upgrades, and more.

  • Meta Plans to Charge for Advanced AI Assistant Features - Meta considers charging users for advanced features of its AI-powered assistant, Meta AI, according to an internal company post. Meta's AI rivals, including Microsoft and Google, charge $20 monthly for their advanced versions of AI assistants.

  • Ex-OpenAI board members speak up: Altman’s reinstatement “bodes ill for the OpenAI experiment in self-governance” - The Economist published an op-ed co-authored by two former OpenAI board members, Helen Toner and Tasha McCauley. They seem to have joined OpenAI “cautiously optimistic” about the company’s attempt to self-govern. However, the fog has cleared, and they’re now calling for governments to assert themselves in the development of AI technology.

  • OpenAI Board Forms Safety and Security Committee - This committee will be responsible for making recommendations to the full Board on critical safety and security decisions for OpenAI projects and operations. A first task of the Safety and Security Committee will be to evaluate and further develop OpenAI’s processes and safeguards over the next 90 days.

  • Elon Musk's xAI secures $6B in bid to rival ChatGPT by end of year - xAI has announced a $6 billion series B funding round. This round marks a significant milestone for xAI, raising its valuation to $24 billion just 11 months after the company's launch in July 2023. In comparison, chatGPT creator OpenAI stands at a $80 billion valuation.

  • George Lucas Thinks Artificial Intelligence in Filmmaking Is 'Inevitable' - "But the thing of it is," Lucas said, "it's inevitable. I mean, it's like saying, 'I don't believe these cars are gunna work. Let's just stick with the horses. Let's stick with the horses.' And yeah, you can say that, but that isn't the way the world works."

  • EU Criticizes ChatGPT for Failing to Meet GDPR Standards - The EDPB’s key concern is with the quality of ChatGPT’s outputs. The report notes that the model can provide biased and fabricated information. This increases the probability of users passively accepting these inaccuracies as true facts. They made it clear that there is no way an organization can use technical impossibility as an excuse for failure to meet these requirements.

  • Louis Vuitton is augmenting humans with AI, not replacing them - Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, commonly known as LVMH, aims to augment, not replace, humans with AI. They use generative AI to speed up and cut costs in product development. LVMH is also creating MaIA, an internal AI chatbot with privacy-preserving features, based on OpenAI's GPT-4 model.

  • Empowering equality: How Web3 and AI technologies can transform information access in emerging markets - Integrating blockchain and AI revolutionizes information accessibility, empowering user-driven content dissemination and challenging censorship and misinformation.

  • Google Shifts Focus From ‘Moonshots’ to Core Products - Google has reportedly shifted its focus from “moonshot” projects to core products like its search engine and artificial intelligence (AI) businesses. “It’s an interesting moment for innovation, because I think that you see big tech companies still innovating, but in a very focused way,” Love said in the report.

  • Chatbot Maker Character.ai Discussing Potential Partnerships With Meta, xAI - The firm has talked with both companies about working together to pre-train and develop AI models. The discussions have centered on research, rather than an acquisition, and no deal has been struck. Character.ai uses LLMs to develop chatbots that can converse in the style of different personas.

  • How AI Could Supercharge Smartphones - “It’s not just about AI passively recognizing a face in a photo or unlocking your phone when you raise it to your face. Instead, it introduces functionalities like creating custom wallpapers on the fly or altering someone’s expression in a photo.” “Better speech recognition for assistants like Siri, higher quality translation services, and improved environmental awareness for automation, such as adjusting ring volume based on background noise or location, are just a few examples.”

  • Google Scrambles to Fix AI After ‘Glue on Pizza’ Glitch - A Google spokesperson stated the company is "taking swift action" to remove certain Overview queries, noting many examples are uncommon or doctored. Meghann Farnsworth said some issues couldn't be reproduced. An anonymous AI founder criticized Google for shifting from high-quality to low-quality output that's becoming meme-worthy.

  • Doly lets you generate 3D product videos from your iPhone - Doly helps you generate 3D models with your phone and turn them into professional-looking product videos. The user points their phone camera at the product and physically moves around it to capture it in 3D. Behind the scenes, the app grabs still images and sends them to the cloud. AniML has built a reconstruction pipeline using something called Gaussian splatting to turn these images into a realistic 3D model.

  • AI tutors are quietly changing how kids in the US study, and the leading apps are from China - Evan, a high school sophomore from Houston, was stuck on a calculus problem. He pulled up Answer AI on his iPhone, snapped a photo of the problem from his Advanced Placement math textbook, and ran it through the homework app. Within a few seconds, Answer AI had generated an answer alongside a step-by-step process of solving the problem. “The tutor’s hourly cost is about the same as Answer AI’s whole year of subscription,” Evan told me. “So I stopped doing a lot of [in-person] tutoring.”

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