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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Tuesday April 30th

AWS Launches GenAI-Powered Assistants for Software Development, Business Decision-Making

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Today’s Headlines:

  • AWS Launches GenAI-Powered Assistants for Software Development, Business Decision-Making - Amazon Q Developer, generates code, tests, debugs and implements new code generated from developer requests. Amazon Q Business, helps employees get answers to questions about company policies, product information, business results, code base, employees and other topics based on business data. Read more here.

  • Is mysterious ΑΙ ‘gpt2-chatbot’ OpenAI's next upgrade in disguise? - The internet is buzzing after a mysterious, powerful new AI chatbot appeared on LMSYS Chat called “gpt2-chatbot” with no information or documentation as to its creator. It has sparked speculation whether it could be OpenAI's unreleased GPT-5 or a supercharged GPT-2.

  • NIST launches a program to benchmark generative AI tech and identify AI-generated content - The program will try to figure out whether content is generated by AI or created by humans, and promote AI tech that is a net good for society.

  • Yelp is launching a new AI assistant to help you connect with businesses - Yelp is rolling out the AI assistant on its iOS app under the “Projects” tab with plans to expand to Android later this year. Yelp said that the chatbot uses ChatGPT along with its own data to ask users queries about their problems and connect them with relevant professionals for the job. Rather than using a traditional search box to look for different kinds of professionals for the problem, you can describe the issue directly into the chat interface.

  • Google to pay up to $6 mln to News Corp for new AI content - Google has agreed to pay News Corp, owner of the Wall Street Journal, between $5 million and $6 million annually to develop new AI-related content and products. The new arrangement is part of a longstanding partnership between Google and News Corp.

  • Microsoft announces US$1.7 billion investment to advance Indonesia’s cloud and AI ambitions - Microsoft announced it will invest US$1.7 billion over the next four years in new cloud and AI infrastructure in Indonesia, as well as AI skilling opportunities for 840,000 people, and support for the nation’s growing developer community.

  • DOE outlines how AI will shape the grid - AI is needed to better predict damage from storm surges and flooding, and to pinpoint vulnerabilities in electricity infrastructure. The technology can coordinate faster disaster recovery. AI and machine-learning programs can enable grid operators to replace the most dangerously worn-out parts of 70-year-old transmission systems that today pose wildfire threats.

  • How cheap, outsourced labor in Africa is shaping AI English - A new report shows that AI language trends, such as overused words and phrases, such as “delve”, are heavily influenced by training inputs from outsourced labor in African countries.

  • AI that determines risk of death helps save lives in hospital trial - An AI trained on the heart's electrical activity alerted physicians about patients at high risk of dying, significantly reducing deaths in a clinical trial with almost 16,000 patients at two hospitals.

  • SafeBase taps AI to automate software security reviews - SafeBase announced that it raised $33 million in a Series B round led by Touring Capital. The company helps customers fill out security questionnaires, which are reviews organizations normally kick off before buying a new piece of software. It’s a governance and compliance thing.

  • Shinkei’s humane, quality-preserving fish-harvesting tech could upend the seafood industry - On many fishing vessels, fish are left to suffocate on the deck, flopping about and injuring themselves, resulting in a higher likelihood of bacterial infection, shorter shelf life and worse taste. A Japanese technique called ike-jime essentially puts a spike through the brain rather than a drawn-out death. But it takes a certain amount of expertise, and a person can only handle so many fish. That’s where Shinkei comes in: automating the process so that the fish don’t suffer and the resulting meat is longer-lasting and of higher quality.

  • neuroClues wants to put high speed eye tracking tech in the doctor’s office - French-Belgian medtech startup neuroClues is building accessible, high-speed eye-tracking technology that incorporates AI-driven analysis. It wants to make it easier for healthcare service providers to use eye tracking to support the diagnosis of neurodegenerative conditions.

  • Blaize Secures $106 Million in Funding - Blaize’s programable American-made processor architecture is designed to address the inherent challenges of edge AI processing, providing high performance computing with low power consumption, minimal latency and high efficiency. The Blaize architecture includes its software suite providing customers with a user-friendly and flexible means to swiftly develop and deploy applications at a highly optimized total cost of ownership.

  • AI-MARRVEL: A leap forward in diagnosing genetic diseases with over 98% precision - Researchers developed the artificial intelligence (AI)-based Model Organism Aggregated Resources for Rare Variant ExpLoration (MARRVEL) model to select causal genes and their mutations for Mendelian illnesses based on clinical characteristics and genetic sequences. AIM dramatically increased genetic diagnostic accuracy, tripling the number of solved cases relative to benchmarked approaches in three real-world cohorts. AIM attained a 98% accuracy rate and detected 57% of diagnoseable out of 871.

  • Samsung’s Profit Surges After AI Boom Reverses Chip Losses - Samsung Electronics Co. topped analyst earnings estimates after its semiconductor division returned to profitability. The results underscore how demand for the memory chips that power modern electronics and artificial intelligence is starting to rebound after a severe downturn.

  • Apple poaches Google AI staff, creates ‘secretive’ laboratory - Apple has reportedly been snatching up experts from Google in an effort to build out its own team of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning experts. Apple has also acquired two local AI startups in Zurich, Switzerland, which led it to build a “secretive” laboratory in the area which it calls “Vision Lab.”

  • Researchers find AI training data, employee credentials in exposed government contractor database - Plenty of attention has been given to protecting confidential information from entering AI models, but the new research suggests more focus needs to be given to how AI models' training data itself is stored.

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