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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Tuesday April 23rd

Adobe Introduces Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model to Take Creative Exploration and Ideation to New Heights

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Adobe Introduces Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model to Take Creative Exploration and Ideation to New Heights - Firefly Image 3 will bring massive advancements to quality and control to users. This includes higher-quality image generations, better understanding of prompts, new levels of detail and variety and significant improvements that enable fast creative expression and ideation. Adobe’s newest Firefly model delivers photorealistic quality like never before with better lighting, positioning, attention to detail, advancements to text display and more. Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model (beta) is available for use in Photoshop (beta) and on firefly.adobe.com

  • Microsoft launches lightweight AI model - The new version called Phi-3-mini is the first of the three small language models (SLM) to be released by the company. SLMs are designed to perform simpler tasks, making it easier for use by companies with limited resources. "Phi-3 is not slightly cheaper, it's dramatically cheaper, we're talking about a 10x cost difference compared to the other models out there with similar capabilities," said SĂ©bastien Bubeck, Microsoft's vice president of GenAI research.

  • Groq® and Earth Wind & Power to Build AI Compute Center for Europe in Norway - The deployment of the Groq LPU™ Inference Engine in Norway will provide Norwegians, European and NATO-allied countries with the lowest cost, most energy-efficient, scalable access to inference compute – the specific type of compute needed as the world shifts from training to powering GenAI applications.

  • Microsoft to stop deep fakes with credentials - The Content Integrity tools, already available to U.S. political campaigns, give organizations control over their own content, and combat the risks of AI-generated content and deepfakes. By attaching secure “Content Credentials” to their original media, the organizations can increase transparency as to who created or published an image, where and when content was created, whether it was generated by AI, and whether the image has been edited or tampered with since it was created.

  • Generative A.I. Arrives in the Gene Editing World of CRISPR - New A.I. technology is generating blueprints for microscopic biological mechanisms that can edit your DNA, pointing to a future when scientists can battle illness and diseases with even greater precision and speed than they can today.

  • Vietnam's FPT to invest $200 mln in AI factory using Nvidia chips - Vietnam's top tech firm FPT plans to build a $200 million artificial intelligence (AI) factory using Nvidia's graphics chips and software. FPT plans to use Nvidia's support to boost AI research in Vietnam with the aim of developing AI applications and solutions at the planned data center factory, including for generative AI and autonomous driving.

  • Microsoft hires former Meta exec to bolster AI supercomputing team - Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott says Taylor will take on the role of corporate vice president and deputy CTO on the AI supercomputing team to help “build the next set of systems that will push the frontier of AI forward.”

  • AI Links Gut Microbiome to Alzheimer’s - In a recent study, researchers employ AI to analyze how metabolites produced by gut bacteria interact with cellular receptors, potentially contributing to Alzheimer’s development. This research identifies key metabolite-receptor pairs and tests their effects on neurons affected by Alzheimer’s, demonstrating protective effects of specific metabolites like agmatine. The findings open new avenues for understanding and potentially treating Alzheimer’s and other diseases influenced by gut microbiome interactions.

  • Meta is putting AI front and center in its apps, and some users are annoyed - Clicking on the blue send button in the search bar on Instagram and Facebook now opens Meta AI instead of the typical search results, leading to confusion for some users. Tapping on search suggestions with the circular blue Meta AI icon will also trigger the AI assistant. (Users can still search by hitting enter instead or by tapping on results with the gray magnifying glass icon.) But no, you can't turn it off.

  • The Coca-Cola Company and Microsoft announce five-year strategic partnership to accelerate cloud and generative AI initiatives - As part of the partnership, Coca-Cola has made a $1.1 billion commitment to the Microsoft Cloud and its generative AI capabilities. Through the partnership, the companies will jointly experiment with groundbreaking new technology like Azure OpenAI Service to develop innovative generative AI use cases across various business functions. This includes testing how Copilot for Microsoft 365 could help improve workplace productivity.

  • SoftBank will reportedly invest nearly $1 billion in AI push, tapping Nvidia’s chips - SoftBank will invest 150 billion yen ($960 million) to bolster its computing facilities by 2025 in preparation for development of its own generative AI. In addition to working on a less advanced model, the company will start developing a world-class generative intelligence model as early as next year.

  • 2 Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Growth Stocks With More Than 20% Upside, According to Wall Street - Wall Street analysts think Uber Technologies and PubMatic, an advertising technology specialist, these stocks could climb more than 20% from their recent closing prices. Here's a closer look to see if these AI stocks are smart buys now.

  • The future of AI gadgets is just phones - What started as a goofy stunt has convinced me of two things: I really do think we’re going to use AI to get more things done in the future, and also, the future of AI gadgets is just phones. It’s phones!

  • Google is restructuring its AI teams - As part of the announcement, Google stated that it’s going to be merging some teams and departments. Pichai says that the company will “consolidate the teams that focus on building models across Research and Google DeepMind.” So, all of these teams will be under Google Deepmind. Also, the company is moving the Responsible AI teams in Research over to Google Deepmind.

  • AI shakes up corporate boards - AI is forcing corporate boards to change how they operate, with the most aggressive companies appointing AI bots as observers to their boards and putting tech at the center of their board strategy work.

  • Y Combinator alum Matterport is being bought by real estate juggernaut Costar at a 212% premium - Matterport has agreed to be acquired by one of its customers, Costar, in a cash-and-stock deal of $5.50 per share that gives it an enterprise valuation of about $1.6 billion. Matterport’s tech helps companies create digital replicas of physical spaces. Costar’s offer represents a premium of a whopping 212% over Matterport’s last closing share price before the deal was announced on April 22.

  • Amazon wants to host companies’ custom generative AI models - AWS announced the launch of Custom Model Import (in preview), a new feature in Bedrock, AWS’ enterprise-focused suite of generative AI services. The feature lets organizations import and access their in-house generative AI models as fully managed APIs.

  • Perplexity becomes an AI unicorn with new $63 million funding round - The company has raised another $62.7 million in its fourth round of funding, at a $1.04 billion valuation. The company’s total is now $165 million. They will use the money to add new talent and continue developing its platform.

  • Women in AI: Ewa Luger explores how AI affects culture — and vice versa - Ewa Luger is co-director at the Institute of Design Informatics and of the BRAID program, funded by the AHRC. She collaborates with policymakers and industry, serving on the UK DCMS's expert college. Her research focuses on the social, ethical, and interactive aspects of AI and data-driven systems, emphasizing design, power dynamics, exclusion, and consent. Previously, she was a fellow at the Alan Turing Institute, a researcher at Microsoft, and a fellow at Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge.

  • Is the Bubble in AI Stocks Popping? - Fool.com contributor Parkev Tatevosian reviews the latest turmoil among popular AI stocks like Super Micro Computer, Nvidia, Palantir, AMD, ARM Holdings, and more.

Regulating AI - Congressional Briefing from

March 29, 2024

Sanjay Puri, of Regulating AI, organized a Congressional briefing on Regulating AI with 2 panels: Non-US Approaches to Regulatory AI, and Ethical Considerations of AI. Please watch the video below.

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