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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Thursday May 9th

OpenAI’s framework for AI behavior testing - Users can share their feedback

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Today’s Headlines:

  • OpenAI’s framework for AI behavior testing - Users can share their feedback - OpenAI is sharing a draft of the Model Spec, detailing desired behaviors for models in the OpenAI API and ChatGPT. This effort aims to enhance transparency and foster discussion on model behavior. You can contribute by completing this form to prioritize behaviors and objectives important to you. Feedback is encouraged to refine and improve our approach.

  • ChatGPT maker OpenAI exploring how to 'responsibly' make AI erotica - Under OpenAI's current rules, sexually explicit, or even sexually suggestive content, is mostly banned. But now, OpenAI is exploring how to "responsibly" allow users to make AI-generated porn and other explicit content. Joanne Jang, an OpenAI model lead said the company is hoping to start a conversation about whether erotic text and nude images should always be banned in its AI products.

  • Stack Overflow bans users en masse for rebelling against OpenAI partnership — users banned for deleting answers to prevent them being used to train ChatGPT - Stack Overflow, a legendary internet forum for programmers and developers, is coming under heavy fire from its users after it announced it was partnering with OpenAI to scrub the site's forum posts to train ChatGPT. Many users are removing or editing their questions and answers to prevent them from being used to train AI — decisions which have been punished with bans from the site's moderators.

  • Microsoft’s ‘air gapped’ AI is a bot set up to process top-secret info - Microsoft announced that it’s deployed a GPT-4 large language model in an isolated, air-gapped environment on a government-only network. The Azure Government Top Secret cloud-hosted model represents the first time a “major” LLM has operated separated from the internet. It has not been accredited for top-secret use, so the Pentagon and other government departments aren’t actually using it yet.

  • Arm Slides as Tepid Outlook Fuels Concerns Over AI Slowdown - Arm Holdings shares tumbled after the chip designer gave a lukewarm revenue forecast for the fiscal year, raising concerns that the tech industry’s artificial intelligence spending spree is slowing. While the shares were down 6.6% this morning, the stock was up 41% this year through Wednesday’s close.

  • Explainer-What risks do advanced AI models pose in the wrong hands? - Government and private sector researchers worry U.S. adversaries could use the models, which mine vast amounts of text and images to summarize information and generate content, to wage aggressive cyber attacks or even create potent biological weapons.

  • UK fintech raises £800M for AI that determines how much money you can borrow - Abound is a lending platform that uses AI to determine loan amounts. Dubbed Render, Abound’s AI analyses customers’ full bank transaction data (from income to spending details) to understand their individual financial situation — unlike traditional credit checks. Render then calculates the amount of money customers are able to pay back each month. The startup is also offering its AI credit platform to banks and lenders across Europe.

  • TikTok to automatically label AI-generated content - TikTok takes a proactive step in assuring AI authenticity on its platform by automatically labeling AI-generated content (AIGC) using new Content Credentials technology which attaches metadata to content that the platform can use to instantly recognize and label AIGC. It will also implement auto-labeling on AI-generated content created using other platforms.

  • Taoping Launches New Enhanced AI-Powered Smart Terminal - Taoping's new AI-powered smart terminals feature advanced video displays that enhance user interaction through swift data collection and analysis. Primarily aimed at advertisers, these terminals can autonomously create a variety of advertising content like text-to-image, posters, and video ads, allowing for highly customized promotional strategies. This innovation improves audience engagement and boosts the effectiveness of advertising within Taoping's ecosystem.

  • 2 Millionaire-Maker Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks - Amazon was the champion of e-commerce, and Microsoft was the king of computers. Which companies will dominate artificial intelligence (AI)? It could be too early to tell for sure, but some potential favorites are emerging from the pack.

  • SoundHound AI and Perplexity Partner to Bring Online LLMs to Next Gen Voice Assistants Across Cars and IoT Devices - Together they will bring Perplexity’s online LLM capabilities to SoundHound Chat AI – a best-in-class voice assistant that utilizes hundreds of real-time domains, as well as generative AI responses. The move will reinforce SoundHound’s AI product as the most advanced voice assistant available on the market today.

  • Starknet to bring on AI agents that can carry out on-chain activity - Ethereum layer-2 blockchain Starknet will soon allow artificial intelligence (AI) agents on its blockchain that can autonomously perform on-chain activities for users, such as optimizing yield and re-allocating portfolios. Giza — a firm aiming to bring AI to blockchains — AI agents would be deployed on Starknet by the end of June, with other chains to follow.

  • Retell AI lets companies build ‘voice agents’ to answer phone calls - Retell AI, which provides a platform companies can use to create AI-powered “voice agents” that answer customer phone calls and perform basic tasks such as scheduling appointments. “Companies with heavy call center operations, looking to scale quickly without the constraints of human contact center agents, are highly receptive to adopting effective AI voice agent solutions,” entrepreneur Evie Wang said. “This approach not only reduces their overall costs but also decreases wait times.”

  • ServiceNow unveils new AI-powered capabilities to help improve employee experiences, supercharge talent development, and optimize in-person work - ServiceNow has introduced new AI-powered features aimed at enhancing employee experiences, accelerating talent development, and optimizing in-person work. The updates include improvements to its Talent Development solution, which now uses AI to better understand skills, support internal mobility, and improve mentoring. Additionally, new capabilities in Workplace Service Delivery promote in-person collaboration and enable smarter workplace decisions using data and insights.

  • How can AI help biosurveillance - Biosecurity experts say AI-driven "biosurveillance" could help spot the next pandemic or biological attack. Collecting better biological data, and running it through AI, "might be the difference between managing a really small outbreak" and "letting it spread and become a much bigger problem," Stephanie Batalis, a Georgetown Center for Security and Emerging Technology fellow.

  • Google I/O 2024: What to expect - Developers season has officially commenced, and we’re mere days away from Google I/O 2024. The short answer to the question of what to expect is two letters: AI. Google I/O? More like Google A/I. Things kick off on May 14 at 10 a.m. PT.

  • How a decentralized AI movement is shaping a fairer future - The AI industry, dominated by a few major tech companies, faces a potential shift towards decentralization led by The Morpheus Network and 6079. These companies are utilizing Web3 technologies to build decentralized AI smart agents and foster a more equitable funding environment for such projects. Mike Anderson, a lead contributor, highlights the importance of decentralizing AI development to prevent power consolidation among the few.

  • Quantum Computing May Boost AI Capabilities - Quantum computers harness quantum mechanics principles to perform complex calculations. They could turbocharge AI systems’ processing power by leveraging quantum bits (qubits) properties like superposition and entanglement. This quantum-AI synergy could tackle computationally-intensive tasks beyond classical computers’ reach, potentially helping to power breakthroughs in medicine, materials science, financial modeling and cryptography.

  • New AI Agents May Soon Blur the Line Between Humans and Machines - Altera is developing AI agents that draw inspiration from neuroscience and a comprehensive understanding of brain functions. "We intend to fundamentally change how humans and computers interact, starting with friends that can play any game with you,” Yang said. “The current paradigm of turn-based prompting AI will not last long. The end state for AI is the creation of agents that can coordinate and autonomously accomplish tasks over long durations.”

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