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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Thursday May 23rd

OpenAI's News Corp deal licenses content from WSJ, New York Post, and more

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Today’s Headlines:

  • OpenAI's News Corp deal licenses content from WSJ, New York Post, and more - OpenAI and News Corp announced a multi-year agreement, giving the maker of ChatGPT access to content from brands like The Wall Street Journal and Barron's. The deal, reportedly valued at more than $250 million over five years, will give OpenAI access to decades of archival content from News Corp's outlets, while also featuring content from News Corp brands in ChatGPT's answers.

  • Mark Zuckerberg Forms Advisory Council to Inform Meta’s AI Efforts - Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has formed a product advisory council to guide the company's AI and technology efforts. The Meta Advisory Group will meet periodically with Meta's management and includes four executives: Patrick Collison (CEO of Stripe), Nat Friedman (former CEO of GitHub), Tobi Lütke (CEO of Shopify), and Charlie Songhurst (investor, ex-Microsoft). The group will provide unpaid insights and recommendations on technology, innovation, and strategic growth, without shareholder election or fiduciary duties. Notably, the council lacks women and people of color.

  • Truecaller partners with Microsoft to let its AI respond to calls in your own voice - By using Microsoft’s Personal Voice, Truecaller’s Assistant, available to paid users, will be able to replicate users’ voices in order to greet and respond to callers. This is in addition to the preset system-generated voice options available to users through the digital assistance feature that helps answer phone calls for you, screen unknown calls, take messages, respond on your behalf or even record the call.

  • Nvidia Earnings: Stock Rallies As AI Giant Reports 600% Profit Explosion, 10-For-1 Stock Split - This was Nvidia’s most profitable and highest sales quarter ever, topping the quarter ending this January’s record $12.3 billion net income and $22.1 billion revenue. Nvidia reported $6.12 earnings per share and $26 billion of sales for the three-month period ending April 30, shattering mean analyst forecasts of $5.60 and $24.59 billion. Nvidia also announced it will conduct a 10-for-1 stock split June 7, which would trim its share price from about $950 to $95 while maintaining the company’s total valuation, enabling investors and employees to more affordably purchase whole shares.

  • FCC proposes all AI-generated content in political ads must be disclosed - Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel made the official proposal Wednesday that the FCC investigate and seek comment on such a rule. “Consumers have a right to know when AI tools are being used in the political ads they see, and I hope [the commissioners] swiftly act on this issue,” she said. This would apply to “cable operators, satellite TV and radio providers,” but not streamers or, say, YouTube, which the FCC lacks the statutory authority to regulate.

  • Spotify experiments with an AI DJ that speaks Spanish - Spotify’s addition of its AI DJ feature, which introduces personalized song selections to users, was the company’s first step into an AI future. Now, Spotify is developing an alternative version of that DJ that will speak Spanish. Spotify isn’t yet ready to confirm definite launch plans for a Spanish-speaking AI DJ as, for now, the feature is only considered an experiment.

  • VCs dump $125M into new AI music platform — Can we all become beat makers? - Will we all soon be able to produce high-quality beats? VC investors seem to think this is the case as millions are poured into new AI music creation platform Suno. Even in its free version, Suno can create tracks up to two minutes — compared to 30 seconds on Google’s MusicFX — with different sections in the songs and chord progressions, giving its tracks a more musical feel.

  • Have 10 hours? IBM will train you in AI fundamentals - for free - IBM's AI Fundamentals program is available on its SkillsBuild learning portal. The credential takes about 10 hours to complete, across six courses. Be sure to go to the main IBM SkillBuild entry portal and create an account. Once you have a verified account (it's free), then you can get into the courses IBM offers. You can check out the other AI courses offered under our Courses & Resources section below.

  • Microsoft Edge will use AI to translate YouTube videos while you watch - To start, the feature will work with videos on YouTube, Reuters, CNBC News, Bloomberg, Money Control, LinkedIn, and Coursera. Microsoft said that it's looking to support other sites in the future. To address privacy concerns, Microsoft said that the translation will occur completely on your PC or mobile phone. The company promises that no data or content from the video leaves your device or gets processed in the cloud.

  • Autonomous shipping startup Orca AI tops up with $23M led by OCV Partners and MizMaa Ventures - Orca AI is a London-based startup that claims to have powered the world’s first autonomous commercial ship voyage in congested waters. The latest funding injection will be used for scaling and expansion and to invest in building new products — drawing on data the platform is ingesting from clients. Expanding its engineering team is also on the cards.

  • Study Looks to Distinguish Between Human and AI-Generated Content - A recent study conducted by Stony Brook University researchers looked at the reviews of 20 hotels in Chicago, trying to distinguish between the experiences shared by humans on TripAdvisor and those generated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. “Our logic is based on studies of bots which show that they have very little variation in emotionality, personality, and demographics. Bots only show positive emotional sentiments, when compared to human authors.”

  • TikTok turns to generative AI to boost its ads business - TikTok is launching a new “TikTok Symphony” AI suite for brands. The tools will help marketers write scripts, produce videos and enhance current assets. The tool can generate TikTok-ready videos with just a few inputs from an advertiser, the company claims. The studio also offers brands ready-to-use videos for ad campaigns based on their TikTok Ads Manager assets or product information.

  • Google Debuts Tool to Help Put AI Products Into Production - Generative AI Ops — which can be delivered by either Google Cloud Consulting or Google’s partner ecosystem — can help “organizations mature their gen AI prototypes into production-grade solutions and provide support in important areas like security, model tuning and feedback, and optimization,” per the release. Among the services Generative AI Ops offers are prompt engineering, design and optimization, the release said, adding that well-optimized prompts are key to ensuring models can provide high-quality outputs and cultivate user trust.

  • Anthropic takes a look into the ‘black box’ of AI models - With the ability to interpret what a model is thinking about in the middle of its process, researchers may have an opportunity to steer the AI away from bad outputs such as bias, misinformation, or directions to create a bioweapon, for example. If researchers can interrupt the LLM’s processing of an input, and inject a signal into the system, it could influence and alter the direction of the process, possibly toward a more desirable output.

  • UC San Diego developing AI platform to help combat food deserts - NOURISH AI platform is meant to provide small-business owners in food desert communities with access to loans and grants, online maps that optimize the placement of fresh food outlets for foot traffic, help with navigating the convoluted business permitting process, and provide AI-enabled guidance on affordable ways to source fresh ingredients locally.

  • France taps leading AI-driven risk intelligence firm in push to combat cybersecurity threats at Olympics - Blackbird.AI developed Constellation, an AI-based narrative intelligence platform that identifies disinformation-derived narratives. The platform analyzes these narratives, assesses risk, and adds context to provide clarity, aiding critical decision-making. Blackbird.AI defines a narrative attack as an assertion that can harm perceptions about a person, place, or thing, potentially causing financial loss and damaging reputations, particularly when driven by misinformation.

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