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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Thursday June 6th

ChatGPT-4o just got a major upgrade on mobile

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Today’s Headlines:

  • ChatGPT-4o just got a major upgrade on mobile - To access this feature go into settings, enable Background Conversations in the voice mode section and then just start chatting with your voice of choice. This is likely in preparation for the launch of the GPT-4o Voice coming in the next few weeks. Unlike the current voice which converts text to speech and then back again, GPT-4o Voice works speech-to-speech directly.

  • Elon Musk found a place for xAI's supercomputer - Elon Musk chose Memphis, Tennessee for his “gigafactory of compute, the world’s largest supercomputer, which could one day be the “largest multi-billion dollar investment in the city of Memphis’s history". Musk reportedly said he wanted the supercomputer to be up and running by next fall.

  • Nvidia Tops $3 Trillion Market Cap, Overtakes Apple - Nvidia surpassed the $3 trillion market cap milestone, overtook Apple in market cap and became the second most valuable public U.S. company on Wednesday. After a 5% rise in shares, Nvidia had a market value of $3.019 trillion at market close, while Apple’s was $2.99 trillion. Nvidia is now second only to Microsoft, which had a market value of $3.15 trillion at market close, according to the report.

  • AI used to predict potential new antibiotics in groundbreaking study - A new study used machine learning to predict potential new antibiotics in the global microbiome, marking a significant advance in antibiotic resistance research. Scientists used an algorithm to mine Earth's microbial diversity, finding nearly 1 million new molecules. This urgent research is crucial, as antimicrobial resistance caused over 1.2 million deaths in 2019 and could rise to 10 million annually by 2050, according to the WHO.

  • Introducing Stable Audio Open - An Open Source Model for Audio Samples and Sound Design - Stable Audio Open is an open-source model for generating short audio samples, sound effects, and production elements using text prompts. It creates up to 47 seconds of high-quality audio, ideal for drum beats, instrument riffs, ambient sounds, and foley recordings. Users can fine-tune the model with their custom audio data, such as a drummer using their own recordings to create new beats. Unlike the commercial Stable Audio, which produces full tracks up to three minutes with advanced features, Stable Audio Open focuses on short samples and production elements, not full songs or vocals.

  • Humane Tells Users to Stop Using Ai Pin Case Over Fire Risk - Humane told users to stop using the charging case of its Ai Pin device because of a fire risk. It identified a “quality issue” with the battery inside of the case, which lets users charge their Ai Pins on the go. Humane said it launched an investigation after receiving a single report of charging problems with the device.

  • Google looks to AI to help save the coral reefs - Google has developed a new AI tool to help marine biologists better understand coral reef ecosystems and their health, which can aid in conversation efforts. The tool, SurfPerch, was trained on thousands of hours of audio reef recordings that allow scientists studying the reef to be able to “hear reef health from the inside,” track reef activity at night, and track reefs that are in deep or murky waters.

  • Tektonic AI raises $10M to build GenAI agents for automating business operations - Tektonic which combines GenAI with more traditional symbolic methods, is coming out of stealth today and announcing its $10M seed funding round led by Point72 Ventures and Madrona Ventures. The idea here is to allow users to work with GenAI agents by using natural language to create workflow automation.

  • Study finds that AI models hold opposing views on controversial topics - In a recent study presented at the 2024 ACM Fairness, Accountability and Transparency (FAccT) conference, researchers found that the models tended to answer questions inconsistently, which reflects biases embedded in the data used to train the models, they say. “Our research shows significant variation in the values conveyed by model responses, depending on culture and language.”

  • Wix’s new tool taps AI to generate smartphone apps - Wix is launching a generative AI feature that lets customers create and edit iOS or Android apps by describing their vision in plain English. Arriving this week in Wix’s app builder, it uses a chatbot-like interface to understand the app's goals, intent, and aesthetic, generating a customizable app with options for first- and third-party integrations, widgets, and connectors.

  • Meta’s AI Training Plans Targeted by EU Privacy Group - NOYB — the European Center for Digital Rights — said it had filed complaints with 11 European countries, arguing that Meta’s use of user data in its AI proposed AI practices violate the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The group asks the 11 countries to take action before Meta’s proposed privacy policy changes go into effect June 26.

  • AI Advances Video Analysis for eCommerce - Artificial intelligence (AI) is cutting through the noise in online videos, helping shoppers quickly find the information they need. Researchers at MIT and IBM have developed an AI method that could help viewers navigate directly to the most relevant parts of a video. At the same time, Video Summarizer AI and Mindstamp focus on providing interactive and multilingual summaries of educational videos to improve learning productivity and accessibility.

  • US ‘clears way’ for antitrust inquiries into Nvidia, Microsoft and OpenAI - The US Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission have reached a deal whereby they will be taking responsibility for separate investigations into these three major AI companies. The agreement, due to be completed in the next few days, is expected to see DoJ take the lead in investigating Nvidia. The FTC will be given the task of examining OpenAI and Microsoft's conduct in regard to their AI partnership.

  • Nvidia Executes Its 10-for-1 Stock Split Tomorrow. History Says the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stock Will Do This Next - Nvidia will complete its 10-for-1 stock split after market close on June 7, with shares trading on a split-adjusted basis from June 10. Nvidia has had five stock splits since its 1999 IPO, often followed by declines due to recessions. However, long-term investors have still seen significant gains. Shareholders will receive nine additional shares for each one they own.

  • Responsible AI Institute offers new AI policy template - The Responsible AI Institute has launched an AI policy template to help enterprises create responsible AI policies. Described as an “industry-agnostic, plug-and-play policy document,” it aligns with business needs and risks. The template is free for RAI Institute members, with membership fees based on individuals' affordability and enterprises' needs.

  • AI 'gold rush' for chatbot training data could run out of human-written text - Artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT could soon run out of what keeps making them smarter — the tens of trillions of words that people have written and shared online. A new study by research group Epoch AI, projects that tech companies will exhaust the supply of publicly available training data for AI language models by roughly the turn of the decade -- sometime between 2026 and 2032.

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Fanvue World AI Creator Awards - Miss AI

We are excited to present an exclusive feature on the inaugural Fanvue World AI Creator Awards and the announcement of the Top 10 shortlist for the first-ever award - Miss AI - which garnered global attention back in April.

Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICA) is a pioneering global awards program dedicated to recognizing the achievements of AI creators worldwide. The first installment, Miss AI, merges traditional beauty pageantry with the innovative world of AI creators. Contestants are judged on beauty, technological skill, and social clout, competing for the prestigious Miss AI crown. Fanvue, the only subscription platform combining AI content with AI messaging, voice notes, and analytics to boost earnings 24/7, proudly partners with WAICA.

What is Miss AI?

Miss AI is the world's first beauty pageant for AI-generated models, launched by Fanvue nearly 200 years after the first beauty pageant. It celebrates the technical skill and work behind digital influencer personas globally. The competition is part of the broader World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs), which aim to celebrate creators at the forefront of AI innovation.

A staggering 1,500 AI creators from around the world, including the US, Africa, South America, India, Japan, South Korea, and Europe, entered the awards. These awards have uncovered inspiring AI creators from all corners of the globe!

The esteemed judging panel, comprised of Aitana Lopez, Emily Pellegrini, pageantry historian Sally Ann Fawcett, and Marketing and PR guru Andrew Bloch, assessed the contestants based on realism, technological prowess, and social influence.

The top three Miss AI contestants will win prizes totaling over $20,000, including a $5,000 cash prize for the winner, AI mentorship programs, PR services, and more, courtesy of WAICA partner, Fanvue.

Judging Criteria:

  • Beauty: Judged on classic pageantry aspects, including beauty, poise, and unique responses to questions like "If you could have one dream to make the world a better place, what would it be?"

  • Tech: Points awarded for skill and implementation of AI tools, including prompt usage and visual detailing around hands, eyes, and backgrounds.

  • Social Clout: Assessed based on engagement numbers, audience growth rate, and platform utilization such as Instagram.

Will Monange, Fanvue Co-Founder:

"The launch of the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards has brought the AI Creator space into the mainstream. The number of entries has been staggering, and the standard of the shortlist is incredible. The awards have uncovered creators with compelling backstories and talented creators behind them. This new form of pageantry enables creative people to enter the creator economy with their AI-generated creations."

A Spokesperson for the World AI Creator Awards:

“The AI Creator economy has seen exponential growth in the past 12 months. The introduction of the WAICAs is a golden opportunity to celebrate the best of the industry and raise overall standards for creators. This is just the beginning, and plans are already underway for the next award under the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards programme.”

Over the next few days, we will be showcasing each of the Top 10 creators, highlighting their unique talents and contributions to the AI creator community. Stay tuned as we dive into their inspiring stories and groundbreaking work that earned them a spot on the prestigious Miss AI shortlist.

Today's spotlight is Olivia C from Portugal

Location: Portugal

Instagram account - Instagram followers: 10.6k


Olivia is an AI traveler in a big real world. Her creator says she's paving the way for a future where technology fosters connection, stories move us, and the digital and human realms co-exist in beautiful harmony. Olivia showcases the positive potential of AI, demonstrating how technology can enhance human experience, not replace it. Olivia’s creator uses Midjourney to generate imagery and refines the outcomes with Adobe AI.

Creator quote: 

"They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. WAICAs is an opportunity to explore the new frontiers of this truth. It's an honor to be a part of it."

Judge’s quote - Sally Ann Fawcett commented:

“Olivia’s style and personality really shines in her content which particularly stood out to me. I love that not every picture is a selfie in front of a mirror but of the countries she’s visiting, the food she’s eating and the sights she’s experiencing. She’s stylish, interesting, inspiring and you can’t help but follow her.”

Stay tuned as we cover the journey to crown the first Miss AI and celebrate the incredible talent of AI creators worldwide!

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  • IBM AI Courses: Power up your knowledge and learn from IBM experts on your own time. Discover courses that can give you a head start in areas like generative AI, machine learning, and more. Begin your journey today to enhance your skills while you earn a valuable digital credential in AI from IBM.

  • Amazon’s Best Free AI Training Courses to Boost Your Career: A recent LinkedIn study revealing that 44% of business leaders intend to ramp up their use of AI in the next year. Upskill yourself to understand generative AI, with these completely free courses, some of which take less than 15 minutes to finish.

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