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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Monday May 6th

Elon Musk’s Plan For AI News

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Alicia's Corner: Tomorrow's Insights, Today

Welcome to Alicia's Corner, where we take a look into the future of AI and share key insights that shape our today. Join me as we explore groundbreaking ideas and innovative thoughts that keep us connected to tomorrow, today.

Today's insight comes in the form of a quote that I recently discovered: "Artificial Intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold." — Ray Kurzweil

I find this quote from Ray Kurzweil truly amazing. It was only about 130 years ago that the technology for radio communication was developed. Since then, we've witnessed the invention of cars, the first flights of airplanes, missions to the moon, and the creation of computers and the internet. Now, we're rapidly advancing in the field of artificial intelligence. It’s exhilarating to think about how AI will continue to evolve within my lifetime. The potential for AI to transform our world is immense, and it raises important questions about how we'll harness this technology to benefit society as a whole.

Today’s Headlines:

  • Elon Musk’s Plan For AI News - Effectively, his plan is to use AI to combine breaking news and social commentary around big stories, present the compilation live, and allow you to go deeper via chat on Grok. Grok has plenty of room to improve — and will have to figure out issues like citation and hallucination — but it could be valuable if X gets the execution is right.

  • Tesla's Optimus humanoid robot demonstrates its skills - Tesla shared a new video of its Optimus humanoid robot sorting battery cells and walking around the office, showing off precision, dexterity, and ability to recover from a mistake.

  • Generative AI will be designing new drugs all on its own in the near future - Within a few years, experts at Lilly and Nvidia say AI will not only think up new drugs, but ones that humans could not create. “We always talk about training the machines, but another art is where the machines produce ideas based on a data set that humans wouldn’t have been able to see or visualize. This spurs even more creativity by opening pathways in medicine development that humans may not have otherwise explored.” said Rau.

  • Stanford AI leader Fei-Fei Li building 'spatial intelligence' startup - Fei-Fei Li, the godmother of AI, is building a startup that uses human-like processing of visual data to make artificial intelligence (AI) capable of advanced reasoning in what would be a leap forward for the technology. In a TED Talk last month, she said the cutting edge of research involved algorithms that could plausibly extrapolate what images and text would look like in three-dimensional environments and act upon those predictions, using a concept called "spatial intelligence."

  • Warren Buffett says AI scamming will be the next big ‘growth industry’ - “Obviously, AI has potential for good things too, but ... I do think, as someone who doesn’t understand a damn thing about it, it has enormous potential for good and enormous potential for harm,” he added.

  • 40,000 AI-narrated audiobooks flood Audible, dividing authors and listeners - A new breed of audiobook is taking over digital bookshelves - ones narrated not by professional voice actors, but by artificial intelligence voices. It's an AI audiobook revolution that has been turbo-charged by Amazon.

  • Better Siri is coming: what Apple’s research says about its AI plans - A group of Apple researchers has been working on a way to use Siri without needing to use a wake word at all; instead of listening for “Hey Siri” or “Siri,” the device might be able to simply intuit whether you’re talking to it. Once Siri hears you, Apple’s doing a bunch of work to make sure it understands and communicates better.

  • Alphabet-owned Intrinsic incorporates Nvidia tech into robotics platform - Intrinsic is incorporating a number of Nvidia offerings into its Flowstate robotic app platform. The collaboration is focused specifically on grabbing and picking up objects — one of the key modalities for both manufacturing and fulfillment automation. That includes Isaac Manipulator, a collection of foundational models designed to create workflows for robot arms.

  • Stack Overflow signs deal with OpenAI to supply data to its models - As a result of the partnership, OpenAI’s models, including models served through its ChatGPT chatbot platform, should get better over time at answering programming-related questions. At the same time, Stack Overflow will benefit from OpenAI’s expertise in developing new generative AI integrations on the Stack Overflow platform.

  • Why RAG won’t solve generative AI’s hallucination problem - “We’re pretty good at retrieving documents based on keywords, but not so good at retrieving documents based on more abstract concepts, like a proof technique needed to solve a math problem,” Wadden said. “Research is needed to build document representations and search techniques that can identify relevant documents for more abstract generation tasks." So RAG can help reduce a model’s hallucinations — but it’s not the answer to all of AI’s hallucinatory problems.

  • Alternative clouds are booming as companies seek cheaper access to GPUs - As the generative AI boom times continue, so does the demand for the hardware to run and train generative AI models at scale. But installing GPUs is expensive. So most devs and organizations turn to the cloud instead.

  • Women in AI: Catherine Breslin helps companies develop AI strategies - Catherine Breslin is the founder and director of Kingfisher Labs, where she helps companies develop AI strategies. She has spent more than two decades as an AI scientist and has worked for Cambridge University, Toshiba Research, and even Amazon Alexa. She was previously an adviser to the VC fund Deeptech Labs and was the Solutions Architect Director at Cobalt Speech & Language.

  • Microsoft readies new AI model to compete with Google, OpenAI - The new model, internally referred to as MAI-1, is being overseen by recently hired Mustafa Suleyman. Microsoft launched last month a smaller artificial intelligence model called Phi-3-mini as it looks to attract a wider client base with cost-effective options. MAI-1 will have roughly 500 billion parameters, the report said, while OpenAI's GPT-4 is reported to have one trillion parameters and Phi-3 mini measures 3.8 billion parameters.

  • The future of Web3 rewards: The role of AI in better airdrop campaigns - By initiating token airdrops for tweets, retweets, quotes, replies and likes on posts mentioning their tokens, those two projects succeeded in keeping the community actively engaged. Combining AI with Web3 data and wallet analytics has the potential to prevent bots and token farmers who have no interest in the project from impacting the related airdrop campaign.

  • Meet Google Threat Intelligence, Google Cloud's security solution with Gemini Pro - Google unveiled Google Threat Intelligence, a new Google Cloud security offering for organizations meant to provide "unparalleled visibility into the global threat landscape". Combining Gemini and deep industry insights, this offering gives security professionals an in-depth look at the threat landscape. Google Threat Intelligence's value lies in its different streams of knowledge, which include Google's own threat insights from its billions of signals.

  • Country star sings again with AI - Country music star Randy Travis just released his first new song in over a decade, using AI to recreate his voice years after a stroke left him unable to speak or sing. Travis’ song is a good example of the tech’s potential to unlock new creative possibilities — even for those who may no longer have the ability to physically sing. Listen below.

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