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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Monday April 29th

Apple and OpenAI discuss integrations

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Apple and OpenAI discuss integrations - Apple and OpenAI have begun discussing terms of a possible agreement and how the OpenAI features would be integrated into Apple’s iOS 18. Apple also remains in discussions with Alphabet’s Google about licensing that company’s Gemini chatbot. Apple has not made a decision on which partners it will use, and there is no guarantee that a deal will be worked out.

  • Chinese firm reveals Sora ‘competitor’ - Vidu, China’s answer to OpenAI’s Sora, is creating videos that rival Sora. The new Chinese text-to-video AI model can create 16-second videos at 1080p with the touch of a button. This technology is supposedly the first in the world to combine Diffusion and Transformer models.

  • OpenAI rolls out ChatGPT memory - ChatGPT can now carry what it learns between chats, allowing it to provide more relevant responses. As you chat with ChatGPT, it will become more helpful – remembering details and preferences from your conversations, and will improve the more you use it. You can teach it to remember something new by chatting with it, for example: “Remember that I am vegetarian when you recommend a recipe.” To understand what ChatGPT remembers just ask it.

  • Meeting Astribot: the AI Humanoid that Can Cook - Stardust released its own AI robot, the Astribot S1. It learns by imitating and can perform many complex tasks with agility, flexibility, and smoothness that match an adult’s abilities. Astribot can complete a series of complex tasks such as folding clothes, sorting items, flipping pots for cooking, vacuuming, and competitive cup stacking. It's expected to be commercialized within 2024.

  • Google announces their newest investments in infrastructure and AI skills - Google announced a new $3B investment to expand its data center campuses in Virginia and Indiana, also launching a $75M AI Opportunity Fund to train one million Americans of all backgrounds and provide them with AI skills at no cost. They're also launching the Google AI Essentials course to help teach foundational skills to workers and allow participants to gain essential AI skills to apply in their daily life.

  • ChatGPT’s ‘hallucination’ problem hit with another privacy complaint in EU - Under the GDPR, people in the EU have a suite of rights attached to information about them, including a right to have erroneous data corrected. noyb contends OpenAI is failing to comply with this obligation in respect of its chatbot’s output. It said the company refused the complainant’s request to rectify the incorrect birth date, responding that it was technically impossible for it to correct.

  • Copilot Workspace is GitHub’s take on AI-powered software engineering - GitHub announced Copilot Workspace, a dev environment that taps what GitHub describes as “Copilot-powered agents” to help developers brainstorm, plan, build, test and run code in natural language.

  • Photo-sharing community EyeEm will license users’ photos to train AI if they don’t delete them - Earlier this month, the company informed users via email that it was adding a new clause to its Terms & Conditions that would grant it the rights to upload users’ content to “train, develop, and improve software, algorithms, and machine-learning models.” Users were given 30 days to opt out by removing all their content from EyeEm’s platform. Otherwise, they were consenting to this use case for their work.

  • Curio raises funds for Rio, an ‘AI news anchor’ in an app - Rio, an “AI news anchor” is designed to help readers connect with the stories and topics they’re most interested in from trustworthy sources. Rio will keep users from finding themselves in an echo chamber by seeking out news that expands their understanding of topics and encourages them to dive deeper.

  • OhioHealth embracing AI bots in the doctor's office - The software, DAX Copilot, is produced by Microsoft AI subsidiary Nuance. It promises "AI-automated clinical notes in seconds." Providers say it's saving them time, reducing burnout and allowing them to focus more on patients and less on note-taking during visits.

  • This year's X4 summit will focus on AI - This year's conference will showcase new AI innovations and demos. The company will also formally introduce its new head of AI initiatives Gurdeep Singh Pall, a former Microsoft executive.

  • OpenAI's Chris Lehane says AI is "critical infrastructure" - ChatGPT maker OpenAI wants you to see AI as the next "critical infrastructure" — and veteran political hand Chris Lehane is the firm's new face for this message. OpenAI is now "poised to be able to help the public sector design, develop and think about AI as a resource, and then translate it into critical infrastructure, and also for various commercial sectors to think about it that way," Lehane said.

  • Billionaires Are Selling Nvidia Stock and Buying This Supercharged AI Index Fund Instead - While certain Wall Street analysts still see an upside to Nvidia, some expect shares to decline over the next year. The four hedge fund billionaires listed below navigated that situation by selling some Nvidia stock in the fourth quarter, while simultaneously purchasing shares of the Invesco QQQ Trust.

  • Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says companies will 'still want human' workers as AI grows - The man behind the chips powering the current artificial intelligence boom doesn’t think the technology is going to replace human workers. “I’ve never seen one company that had earnings increase and not hire more people.” “I believe that you still want human in the loop, because we have good judgment, because there are circumstances that the machines are not — just not going to understand,” Huang added.

  • To train its AI models, OpenAI turns to Financial Times signs content sharing deal - OpenAI is looking for fresh and verified content and for that, it has inked a deal with Financial Times. Not just information, but thoroughly verified information on which to train its AI models so that they don’t provide the wrong data and above all stop hallucinating.

  • Gen Zers are 'catching the wave' of blue-collar jobs that AI can't take, tech CEO says - Amid high costs and controversies surrounding college education – coupled with the threat that artificial intelligence poses on certain white-collar jobs – much of Gen Z is leaning towards pursuing trade schools and blue-collar jobs with that tech gap in mind. "Since COVID, people are kind of catching the wave and understanding the need for trades."

  • AI Funding Stays Strong Despite Few Billion-Dollar Rounds - The slowdown some predicted for AI funding did not play out in the first quarter. Venture funding to AI-related startups actually increased in Q1 2024 compared to Q4 2023, Crunchbase data shows. The first quarter saw $12.2 billion invested in venture-backed AI startups in 1,166 deals. The dollar number represents a modest 4% uptick from last year’s final quarter.

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