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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Friday May 3rd

ChatGPT Search tipped to launch next week — here's why Google should be worried

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Today’s Headlines:

  • ChatGPT Search tipped to launch next week — here's why Google should be worried - "OpenAI is likely to announce a new search engine soon, revealed by Jimmy Apples (on Twitter/X), stating that the company is looking to host an event this month, tentatively on May 9, 2024, at 10 a.m." wrote Analutics India Magazine. Rumors suggest OpenAI’s approach will be closer to that of Google Gemini, built into ChatGPT but with more live data. For example, a user could ask a question about the top song on the billboard chart at this moment and it will just show the result without a lag or caching. See the logs here.

  • Microsoft and Brookfield Sign Biggest-Ever Clean Power Deal - Brookfield Renewable Partners will provide more than 10.5 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity in the US and Europe starting in 2026. That’s comparable to about 10 nuclear power plants and reflects the turbocharged demand for electricity from data centers and artificial intelligence.

  • Artist Paul Trillo created the first music video created with OpenAI’s Sora AI video generator - He created the video for the band ‘Washed Out’, which he calls the ‘first commissioned music video’, saying, "This was an idea I had almost 10 years ago and then abandoned. Finally was able to bring it to life."

  • AI discovers over 27,000 overlooked asteroids in old telescope images - The scientists behind the discovery say the tool makes it easier to find and track millions of asteroids, including potentially dangerous ones that might strike Earth someday. "The key to protecting Earth from being hit by asteroids is knowing where all these are."

  • NVIDIA integrates its AI microservices with AWS - NVIDIA Healthcare announced integration with Amazon Web Services for NIM, its suite of microservices designed to empower foundational models in the realms of drug discovery, medical imaging and genomics. This integration with Amazon SageMaker and AWS ParallelCluster is designed to streamline deployment and management of machine learning models and high-performance computing clusters on AWS.

  • Microsoft bans US police departments from using enterprise AI tool for facial recognition - The updated terms of service for Azure OpenAI Service now explicitly forbid the use of its platforms, including current and potential future image models, for facial recognition by or for U.S. police departments. Additionally, a new provision bans any global law enforcement from using real-time facial recognition technology on mobile devices such as body cameras and dashcams in uncontrolled environments.

  • An AI tool used in thousands of criminal cases is facing legal challenges - Cybercheck's founder has said the software tops 90% accuracy. Defense lawyers have said he lied under oath about his expertise and made false claims about when and where the technology has been used. “We’re being asked to trust a company to present evidence that could eventually put people in prison,” said William Budington, a senior staff technologist with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group. “That goes against the right to due process.”

  • AI Might Spot Rare Diseases in Patients Years Earlier - The AI program scours patient records to look for common symptoms and signs of rare diseases. Out of a group of 100 people judged at highest risk by the AI program, 74 very likely have a rare immune disorder. This shows that AI could potentially improve the outcomes of these folks by getting them earlier treatment.

  • JPMorgan Unveils IndexGPT in Next Wall Street Bid to Tap AI Boom - IndexGPT is a new range of thematic investment baskets created with the help of OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. The tool generates a list of keywords associated with a theme, which are then fed into a separate natural language processing model that scans news articles to identify companies involved in the space. It’s a largely automated way to create so-called thematic indexes, which identify investments based on emerging trends.

  • Introducing Solodev AI: A Cloud Platform for Building, Training, and Hosting Custom AI Apps and Models – All in One Place - Solodev AI is a versatile cloud platform that allows organizations to build, train, and host custom AI apps and foundation models. It offers a range of customizable AI applications from an AI marketplace, as well as the capability to host existing apps in a secure AWS-powered cloud. The platform supports integration with various Large Language Models, including GPT-4, OpenLLaMA, Amazon Titan, and more, enabling comprehensive AI development in one location.

  • Japan’s Kishida unveils a framework for global regulation of generative AI - Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida unveiled an international framework for regulation and use of generative AI at the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), adding to global efforts on governance for the rapidly advancing technology. Some 49 countries and regions have signed up to the voluntary framework, called the Hiroshima AI Process Friends Group.

  • Refined AI approach improves noninvasive brain-computer interface performance - In 2019, Carnegie Mellon University's He Lab used a noninvasive BCI to successfully demonstrate, for the first time, that a mind-controlled robotic arm had the ability to continuously track and follow a computer cursor. "We are currently testing this AI-powered noninvasive BCI technology to control sophisticated tasks of a robotic arm," said He. "Also, we are further testing its applicability to not only able-body subjects, but also stroke patients suffering motor impairments."

  • China tops the U.S. on AI research in over half of the hottest fields - "China is absolutely a world leader in AI research", but the U.S. still has an edge on China in natural language processing. Google and Microsoft were the top organizations in this cluster of research. The findings reveal important nuances about the global race between the U.S. and China to lead AI advances and set crucial standards for the technology and how it is used around the world.

  • Investors eye AI potential at RSA - Cybersecurity funding has been harder to secure in recent years as customers have slimmed down their tech stacks and investors have reassessed which types of security tools they want in their portfolios. So far, new generative AI security products have primarily focused on synthesizing threat intelligence for defenders or scanning known vulnerability lists.

  • How Y Combinator’s founder-matching service helped medical records AI startup Hona land $3M - Y Combinator is renowned in Silicon Valley for a lot of reasons, but there’s one service that has quietly become one of its most powerful: an online founder-matching tool. Hona is a GenAI medical records startup. It integrates into multiple electronic records systems and then summarizes a patient’s medical records, helping doctors prep for the patient’s visit.

  • Oracle Adds AI-Powered Vector Search to Converged Database - This latest release of Oracle’s converged database introduces more than 300 features aimed at simplifying the use of artificial intelligence (AI) with data, accelerating app development and running critical workloads. Oracle AI Vector Search capabilities allows customers to easily search for documents, images and other unstructured data based on their conceptual content, rather than specific words, pixels or data values.

  • Sam Altman comments on the future of AI - In this conversation with Stanford adjunct lecturer Ravi Belani, Altman gives advice for aspiring AI entrepreneurs and shares his insights about the opportunities and risks of AI tools and artificial general intelligence, and offered new insights on topics including GPT-5, AGI, the importance of compute power, and more.

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