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Top AI News Headlines for Wednesday December 20th

The 3 Most Important AI Policy Milestones of 2023

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Today’s Headlines:

AI Tools:

  • AGI Layer: Automate ChatGPT with AI Agents & Custom Workflows

  • 24-hour Beehiiv AI Funnel Agency: Welcome to the 24-hour Beehiiv AI Funnel Agency, where we specialize in AI-powered lead generation and crafting compelling funnel website copy and collaterals in 24 hours or your money back.

  • Dewstack: Dewstack helps you craft, manage, and host intelligent documents for various needs like user manuals, faqs, knowledge bases, product docs and lots more.

  • DeepMake: An AI video effects software that features video generation, face swapping, upscaling, and integrates with Adobe After Effects and Nuke.

  • Simplified AI Clips: Generative AI video tool that identifies the best moments of your video and creates social media-ready short clips.

  • Openlayer: Get real-time alerts when things go sideways with your AI model.

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