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Top AI News Headlines for Wednesday April 3rd

Apple's ReALM AI model can 'see' and understand screen context; 'substantially outperformed' GPT-4

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Driving Tomorrow: Conversations with Industry Leaders - Sanjay Puri, Regulating AI

We recently sat down with Sanjay Puri, the visionary behind the nonprofit & podcast Regulating AI. In an eye-opening interview, Sanjay shares his expert insights on the crucial balance between innovation and regulation in the AI landscape, and we explore the vital role of educating leadership in shaping the future of AI regulation. 🔍🌐 🤖✨

Sanjay, a renowned expert in AI regulations and U.S.- India relations, sheds light on the imperative of creating a globally inclusive dialogue around AI. His insights offer a roadmap for ensuring every culture has a seat at the decision-making table, emphasizing the diversity and inclusivity essential for ethical AI development. 🤖🌍

Join us as we uncover strategies for leaders to navigate the complexities of AI regulation, aiming for a future where technology is developed responsibly and benefits all of humanity. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, policy, and cultural inclusion.

You can learn more about Regulating AI on their website. And subscribe to his podcast.

Today’s Headlines:

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