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Top AI News Headlines for Thursday April 4th

Google 'considers charging' for premium search results powered by artificial intelligence

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Google 'considers charging' for premium search results powered by artificial intelligence - The tech giant is said to be exploring several ideas about how to use the technology, including incorporating enhanced search tools as part of its premium subscription services. Google's main search engine would remain free to use under the proposals, with additional content available to those who pay a fee.

  • Introducing Stable Audio 2.0 - Stable Audio 2.0 sets a new standard in AI-generated audio, producing high-quality, full tracks with coherent musical structure up to three minutes in length at 44.1kHz stereo. The new model introduces audio-to-audio generation by allowing users to upload and transform samples using natural language prompts.

  • Microsoft 365’s Copilot gets a GPT-4 Turbo upgrade and improved image generation - While consumers subscribed to Copilot Pro already had access to GPT-4 Turbo, businesses using Copilot for Microsoft 365 now have access and no limits on the number of chats per day and turns per conversation.

  • Opera allows users to download and use LLMs locally - This feature is first rolling out to Opera One users who get developer stream updates and will allow users to select from over 150 models from more than 50 families. These models include Llama from Meta, Gemma from Google and Vicuna. The company said it is using the Ollama open source framework in the browser to run these models on your computer.

  • Elon Musk says he's raising Tesla engineer salaries because OpenAI has been aggressively poaching them with massive paydays - Competition for AI talent has been heating up as tech companies race to become dominant players in the field. "The talent war for AI is the craziest talent war I've ever seen!" Musk said on Wednesday.

  • NYC’s AI chatbot was caught telling businesses to break the law. The city isn’t taking it down - An artificial intelligence-powered chatbot created by New York City to help small business owners is under criticism for dispensing bizarre advice that misstates local policies and advises companies to violate the law. But days after the issues were first reported last week by tech news outlet The Markup, the city has opted to leave the tool on its official government website.

  • Researchers seek to ‘poison’ art so AI platforms can’t copy it - A tool called Nightshade, released in January by University of Chicago researchers, changes images in small ways that are nearly invisible to the human eye but look dramatically different to AI platforms that ingest them.

  • Women in AI: Kristine Gloria tells women to enter the field and ‘follow your curiosity’ - Kristine Gloria formerly led the Aspen Institute’s Emergent and Intelligent Technologies Initiative — the Aspen Institute being the D.C.-headquartered think tank focused on values-based leadership and policy expertise. Gloria holds a PhD in cognitive science and a Master’s in media studies, and her past work includes research at MIT’s Internet Policy Research Initiative, the San Francisco-based Startup Policy Lab and the Center for Society, Technology and Policy at UC Berkeley.

  • George Carlin’s estate settles lawsuit over comedian’s AI doppelganger - The Dudesy podcast and its creators – the former Mad TV comedian Will Sasso and the writer Chad Kultgen – agreed to remove all versions of the podcast from the internet and permanently refrain from using Carlin’s voice, likeness or image in any content.

  • OpenAI expands its custom model training program - Custom Model is being expanded to help enterprise customers develop tailored generative AI models using its technology for specific use cases, domains and applications. “We believe that in the future, the vast majority of organizations will develop customized models that are personalized to their industry, business, or use case,” OpenAI writes.

  • Big tech companies form new consortium to allay fears of AI job takeovers - A cohort of big tech vendors and consultancies aims to push back against the notion that AI will lead to job losses, citing the need for reskilling and upskilling within the information and communication technology (ICT) industry specifically.

  • SiMa.ai secures $70M funding to introduce a multimodal GenAI chip - SiMa.ai, a Silicon Valley-based startup producing embedded ML system-on-chip (SoC) platforms, today announced that it has raised a $70 million extension funding round as it plans to bring its second-generation chipset, specifically built for multimodal generative AI processing, to market.

  • Mistral AI’s European Charge Accelerates with AWS Partnership - "By bringing Mistral AI models to Amazon Bedrock, customers will have access to the most cutting-edge and advanced generative AI technologies as well as easy access to enterprise-grade tooling and features all in a secure and private environment," said Vasi Philomin, AWS VP of Generative AI, in the Amazon press release.

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