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Top AI News Headlines for Thursday April 11th

Humane’s $699 Ai Pin is now available

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Humane’s $699 Ai Pin is now available - Humane’s vision for the $699 device is one in which a new technology can free itself of its predecessors’ limitations. Specifically this means a voice-based, always-connected device that can help users look up from their phone screens from time to time. Read more here.

  • AI music startup Udio launches backed by artists and Instagram’s co-founder - Udio’s service is aimed at a wide range of users, from people who want to create a quick piece of music for a social-media post to aspiring and professional artists. It works like ChatGPT for music; type in a description of a music genre, topic, & lyrics to generate a piece of music within 40 seconds. That can then be “remixed” through further text prompts until the user is happy with the final version.

  • Reverse image on Bing Visual Search may be getting smarter, latest Microsoft patent reveals - Reverse image search, crucial for online picture verification, is enhanced by Bing's Visual Search patent. This patent outlines personalized visual search systems that tailor and rank results based on user preferences. Microsoft exemplified this with two users in a presentation: a gardener and a chef. When searching for 'potatoes,' the gardener sees gardening-related images, whereas the chef views culinary pictures, such as French fries or mashed potatoes.

  • Adobe Paying for Videos, Images to Train AI Models - Adobe is paying between 6 cents and 16 cents for each photo and an average of $2.62 per minute for videos. The videos will be used to help develop an AI text-to-video generator that Adobe is developing, the report said. This will join the company’s existing tools that generate images and illustrations.

  • Google's AI could soon be making ads for Coca-Cola - Advertising giant WPP has teamed up with Google to incorporate AI into its marketing efforts. Gemini will help WPP create ads, optimize campaigns, and even write ad narration.

  • Amazon Chief Executive Says He Expects AWS To Power 'World-Changing AI' - Jassy said Amazon believes there are three layers for generative AI software development, "each of which is gigantic, and each of which we're deeply investing," Jassy wrote. The bottom layer provides the computing power to train AI models; a middle layer that helps companies apply their own data to AI models; and a top layer of actual AI applications.

  • Dr. Andrew Ng is currently the Managing General Partner of AI Fund, and is joining Amazon's Board of Directors - Dr. Ng is a global leader in both AI and education. His academic and private sector work developing machine learning and deep learning algorithms and supporting companies developing and adopting AI applications will help to inform the Board’s perspective on the opportunities and challenges that AI presents and its transformative social and business potential.

  • Google launching AI photo eraser for iPhone and Android phones in May - Google announced that it will make several of its photo-editing tools powered by generative artificial intelligence free to all users of Google Photos. Starting May 15, it will expand access to AI-powered editing features, including the Magic Editor, Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur and Portrait Light.

  • New AI method captures uncertainty in medical images - By providing plausible label maps for one medical image, the Tyche machine-learning model could help clinicians and researchers capture crucial information. Artificial intelligence models can help clinicians by highlighting pixels that may show signs of a certain disease or anomaly.

  • Why comparing AI to "smart" humans is a flawed measurement - "The real problem is that we view AI systems as similar to humans," Konrad Kording, a neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania who studies machine learning said. "We anthropomorphize them. They are different." These tests don't capture key aspects of intelligence, including reasoning, planning and the smarts that come from interacting with the surrounding world in order to survive and thrive in it.

  • James Cameron on tackling the next "Terminator" - His depiction of AI gone horribly wrong has helped shape the public's fear of the technology since the first "Terminator" was released 40 years ago. Some of the social issues stemming from generative AI, including job displacement, will get "worked out" in the movie. "It's very difficult to write science fiction when you're living in a science fiction world," Still, Cameron warns against putting AI "in charge of weapon systems."

  • Google’s Gradient backs Patlytics to help companies protect their intellectual property - Patlytics, an AI-powered patent analytics platform, wants to help enterprises, IP professionals, and law firms speed up their patent workflows from discovery, analytics, comparisons, and prosecution to litigation. The startup secured $4.5 million in seed funding led by Google’s AI-focused VC arm, Gradient Ventures.

  • Simbian brings AI to existing security tools - Ambuj Kumar’s solution, which he co-founded with former Twitter software engineer Alankrit Chona, is Simbian, a cybersecurity platform that effectively controls other cybersecurity platforms as well as security apps and tooling. Leveraging AI, Simbian can automatically orchestrate and operate existing security tools, finding the right configurations for each product by taking into account a company’s priorities and thresholds for security, informed by their business requirements.

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