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Top AI News Headlines for Friday April 12th

OpenAI fires researchers for leaking information

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Today’s Headlines:

  • OpenAI fires researchers for leaking information - OpenAI has fired Leopold Aschenbrenner, a researcher on a team dedicated to keeping AI safe for society, and Pavel Izmailov, another researcher who worked on reasoning. It’s not known what kind of information the two researchers had leaked, but OpenAI was looking to hire an “insider risk investigator” to combat leaks and secure its innovations in mid-February, MSPowerUser reported.

  • Apple plans Mac line overhaul with AI-focused M4 chips - Apple is nearing the production of M4 computer processors which would have AI processing capabilities and plans to update every Mac model with it. The updated computers will be released late this year and early next year, and they would include new iMacs, a low-end 14-inch MacBook Pro, high-end 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, and Mac minis.

  • TikTok may add AI avatars that can make ads - The new feature will let advertisers and TikTok Shop sellers generate scripts for a virtual influencer to read. It’s unclear how TikTok plans to share sponsorship dollars between virtual influencers and human creators on the platform or even how it manages not to take away brand deals from people.

  • Meta released Open-Vocabulary Embodied Question Answering (OpenEQA) benchmark - It measures an AI agent’s understanding of physical environments by probing it with open vocabulary questions like “Where did I leave my badge?” Meta hopes OpenEQA will help motivate and facilitate open research into helping AI agents understand and communicate about the world it sees, an essential component for artificial general intelligence.

  • Google releases 6-part AI podcast series - Their new limited-series podcast explores AI’s impact on policy, the economy, science, democracy, sustainability, and more.

  • AI Is Poised to Replace the Entry-Level Grunt Work of a Wall Street Career - Artificial intelligence tools can replace much of Wall Street’s entry-level white-collar work, raising tough questions about the future of finance. “The structure of these jobs has remained largely unchanged at least for a decade, do you need fewer analysts?” said Julia Dhar, head of BCG’s Behavioral Science Lab and a consultant to major banks experimenting with A.I. If you’re unable to read the article, try opening it in an incognito browser window.

  • China tells telecom firms to phase out foreign chips in blow to Intel, AMD - Chinese officials directed the country's largest telecom carriers earlier this year to phase out foreign chips that are key to their networks by 2027. Beijing has ramped up efforts to replace Western-made technology with domestic alternatives amid Sino-U.S. tensions, as Washington tightens curbs on high-tech exports to its rival.

  • Oncologists Voice Ethical Concerns Over AI in Cancer Care - Overall, 81% of oncologists supported having patient consent to use an AI model during treatment decisions, and 85% felt that oncologists needed to be able to explain an AI-based clinical decision model to use it in the clinic; however, only 23% felt that patients also needed to be able to explain an AI model.

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Gets an AI Update: What It's Like to Use - Even though features like Circle to Search and Generative Edit are now available on foldable phones, Galaxy AI still largely feels designed for standard, non-folding smartphones. After trying these features on the Galaxy Z Flip 5, I've learned they're mostly optimized for a full-size, 6.7-inch internal screen rather than the 3.4-inch cover display.

  • Axios Sees A.I. Coming, and Shifts Its Strategy - “We’re in the middle of a very fundamental shift in how people relate to news and information,” he said, “as profound, if not more profound, than moving from print to digital.” Jim VandeHei, the chief executive of Axios said. He says the only way for media companies to survive is to focus on delivering journalistic expertise, trusted content and in-person human connection. For Axios, that translates into more live events, a membership program centered on its star journalists and an expansion of its high-end subscription newsletters. If you’re unable to read the article, try opening it in an incognito browser window.

  • OpenAI makes ChatGPT ‘more direct, less verbose’ - ChatGPT premium users can now leverage an updated and enhanced version of GPT-4 Turbo, one of the models that powers the conversational ChatGPT experience. “When writing with ChatGPT [with the new GPT-4 Turbo], responses will be more direct, less verbose and use more conversational language.” We've improved capabilities in writing, math, logical reasoning, and coding.

  • 1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stock That Could Help Make You a Millionaire - Market research outfit Precedence Research believes the AI software market alone will grow at an annualized pace of 23% through 2032, at which time it will be worth more than $1 trillion per year.

  • Forbes published their list of top 50 AI companies - Forbes expanded eligibility from companies in North America to all privately-held companies globally. This year, Forbes received 1,932 submissions — more than double last year’s tally of 796 — making a spot on the AI 50 far more competitive than it has ever been.

  • Google is ditching a major privacy tool as it goes all-in on AI - Google is dropping its VPN (or virtual private network) from Google One, the company’s paid cloud storage service. The tech giant ditched its privacy tool because “people simply weren’t using it,” the company said, and it’s focusing on “more in-demand features” — implying, of course, AI.

  • What Nvidia Stock Investors Should Know About the Latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chip Announcement - Jose Najarro discusses recent updates affecting Nvidia and other semiconductor companies in a short video.

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