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TikTok Introduces AI Avatars and Dubbing Tool for Enhanced Ads

A modern social media platform interface showcasing TikTok's new AI avatars for branded content and ads. The scene features diverse avatars of creators and stock actors on a computer screen. A person is interacting with the interface, adjusting settings for AI avatars and using the AI Dubbing tool. Background elements include icons representing AI, translation, and global reach, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere reflecting TikTok's innovative ad solutions

TikTok Introduces AI Avatars and Dubbing Tool for Enhanced Ads

TikTok announced on Monday that it is rolling out generative AI avatars of creators and stock actors for branded content and advertisements on its platform. The company is also launching an “AI Dubbing” tool aimed at helping creators and brands broaden the reach of their content.

New AI Avatars

The newly introduced “Custom Avatars” are designed to represent a creator or a brand spokesperson. TikTok allows creators to scale their likeness into multilingual avatars to expand their global reach and brand collaborations. Brands can create avatars using their spokesperson or a partnered creator to localize their global campaigns.

Additionally, TikTok is introducing “Stock Avatars,” which are pre-built avatars created using paid actors licensed for commercial use. These avatars aim to provide businesses with a human touch in their content. TikTok says the avatars feature actors from various backgrounds, nationalities, and languages, enhancing the diversity and appeal of branded content.

Control and Licensing

Despite the innovative nature of these tools, they raise concerns similar to those voiced by Hollywood actors who went on strike last year over fears of AI-generated replicas using their likenesses. TikTok assures creators that they will have control over whether their likeness is used, and they can determine their rates, licensing terms, and who can utilize their avatar.

AI Dubbing Tool

TikTok’s new AI Dubbing tool is designed to help creators and brands translate their content into 10 different languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. The tool automatically detects the language in a video, transcribes and translates the content, and produces a dubbed video in the preferred language. This feature aims to facilitate global communication and reach for creators and brands.

Ad Business Expansion

These new features are part of “TikTok Symphony,” the company’s suite of ad solutions powered by generative AI, which was launched in May. TikTok Symphony includes tools to help marketers write scripts, produce videos, and enhance existing assets. The introduction of these features comes as TikTok continues to expand its advertising business, despite facing a potential ban in the U.S. if its parent company, ByteDance, does not sell the app within a year.

TikTok’s recent data revealed that 61% of users have made a purchase either directly on TikTok or after seeing an ad on the platform, highlighting the significant impact of its advertising solutions.


TikTok's latest innovations, including generative AI avatars and the AI Dubbing tool, aim to enhance the reach and effectiveness of branded content on the platform. While these tools offer exciting opportunities for creators and brands, they also bring new challenges and considerations regarding the use of AI and personal likeness in digital content.