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SewerAI Utilizes AI to Detect Defects in Sewer Pipes

An urban setting showcasing sewer inspection using advanced AI technology. A technician is using a tablet to review real-time data and 3D models of sewer pipes. The scene includes AI-driven software interfaces and diagrams of underground pipes, highlighting innovation in managing and maintaining aging infrastructure with AI

SewerAI Utilizes AI to Detect Defects in Sewer Pipes

Climate change is increasing the risk, frequency, and cost of sewage failures. More frequent floods lead to backups that overwhelm wastewater treatment systems, and America's outdated infrastructure exacerbates the problem. The EPA estimates that nearly $700 billion is needed over the next 20 years to maintain existing wastewater, stormwater, and other clean water pipelines.

The Founders' Journey

Matthew Rosenthal and Billy Gilmartin, both from the wastewater treatment industry, identified an opportunity to address these challenges with technology. Five years ago, they founded SewerAI to automate the data capture and defect tagging process in sewer inspections using AI.

Innovative AI Solutions

SewerAI offers cloud-based, AI-powered subscription products designed to streamline field inspections and data management for sewer infrastructure. One of these products, Pioneer, allows field inspectors to upload inspection data to the cloud and tag issues for project managers to plan repairs. Another tool, AutoCode, automatically tags inspections of pipes and manholes, creating 3D models from videos captured on devices like GoPro cameras.

Market Competition and Differentiation

SewerAI faces competition from companies like Subterra, Clear Object, and Pallon, which also offer AI-assisted pipe inspection solutions. However, SewerAI sets itself apart with the quality of its data. The company has footage of inspections covering 135 million feet of pipes, providing a significant dataset for training its defect-detecting AI.

Investment and Future Plans

SewerAI's innovative approach has attracted investors like Innovius Capital, contributing to a recent $15 million funding round, bringing the total investment to $25 million. The funds will be used for market expansion, AI model training, hiring, and expanding the product portfolio beyond inspection tools.

“SewerAI is continuing to grow, and we’re seeing an acceleration in demand for our platform as we enable people to do more with existing budgets,” Rosenthal said.