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  • Samsung Leans on AI to Boost Device Sales with Galaxy AI Platform

Samsung Leans on AI to Boost Device Sales with Galaxy AI Platform

An illustration showing Samsung’s new devices, including foldable smartphones, smartwatches, and the Galaxy Ring, with AI elements and digital networks in the background. The image highlights the integration of Galaxy AI features across these devices

Samsung Leans on AI to Boost Device Sales with Galaxy AI Platform

Samsung unveiled a range of new devices during its Unpacked event in Paris, France, on Wednesday. The lineup includes the latest foldable smartphones, the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, the next-generation smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra, and the highly anticipated Galaxy Ring.

The Star of the Show: Galaxy AI Platform

The highlight of the event was Samsung’s Galaxy AI platform, a suite of software products initially launched with the Galaxy S24 line of smartphones earlier this year. Galaxy AI offers generative AI capabilities integrated into Samsung’s health and fitness apps, photo applications, productivity tools, and web browser offerings.

AI-Powered Device Sales Strategy

Samsung’s strategy is clear: leveraging AI to boost device sales. This includes incorporating some of Google’s AI technology. However, the company faces competition from Apple, which is set to launch its own AI software soon, potentially swaying users towards the iPhone.

Impressive New Devices

Samsung’s latest devices are notable, particularly the foldable smartphones and smartwatches. The addition of the Galaxy Ring positions Samsung in a growing market. The company ensures that its AI capabilities are prominent across all new products.

Integration of Galaxy AI Features

Galaxy AI is integrated into the Galaxy Ring, Watch 7, and Watch Ultra with the new Energy Score feature. This software calculates sleep quality, recent exercise, and more to provide a fitness level score, helping users understand their energy levels.

Innovative Conversation Mode

Samsung introduced a conversation mode feature that translates conversations in real-time, turning the Fold's and Flip’s screens into digital whiteboards that display translated text and read it aloud.

Generative AI in Photos

Generative AI features in Samsung’s photos app allow users to add elements like sunglasses to images, with AI generating realistic additions. Samsung also integrates Google’s AI capabilities, including the Gemini software and assistant.

Differentiating Through AI

Samsung aims to differentiate its new hardware by rolling out Galaxy AI to older devices, including the S22, Z Fold and Flip 4 series from 2022, and S23, Z Fold, and Z Flip 5 series from 2023. This approach provides users a taste of Galaxy AI, encouraging upgrades to newer devices.

Adoption and Future Prospects

Samsung reports that 77% of S24 owners use AI features weekly. The company is considering charging for AI services, potentially creating a new revenue stream. However, if Apple offers its AI services for free, it might influence customer loyalty.

The AI Race with Apple

Both Samsung and Apple are entering a race to excel in generative AI. While Samsung has an early lead, Apple’s upcoming AI platform launch will be crucial. Time will reveal if either company’s AI capabilities can significantly drive sales.