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Anthropic's Claude Artifacts Revolutionize Online Education

An interactive web app on a computer screen displaying an educational quiz game, with a transcript and presentation in the background, illustrating the transformation of traditional content into interactive learning tools

Anthropic's Claude Artifacts Revolutionize Online Education

Anthropic has just announced a groundbreaking feature: Claude's Artifacts can now be published online. This innovation is set to transform online education.

With this new capability, every piece of content—be it a screenshot, PDF, presentation, or more—can be converted into an interactive learning game.

Here’s a straightforward example:

  1. Workshop Content Import: An entire 50-minute workshop from The Rundown AI University on creating commercials using AI, including the transcript and PowerPoint presentation, was imported.

  2. Prompting Claude: Claude Sonnet 3.5 was given the following prompt:

  3. "Create an interactive learning game web app in the form of a quiz based on the PDF and Transcript of a workshop attached. After each question, provide an explanation of why the answer is correct, citing relevant parts of the original text."

  4. Game Generation: Claude coded and generated the interactive game in approximately one minute.

  5. Publishing: With a click of the "Publish" button, the Artifact was shared with students, enabling them to learn interactively.

This new feature unlocks countless use cases, including exam preparation, interview screening, corporate training, and employee onboarding.

Here’s a video demo from Rowan Cheung’s X Post - click the image below to be taken to X to see the video demo.