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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Wednesday May 1st

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Anthropic launches a new premium plan aimed at businesses - Called Team, the plan gives customers higher-priority access to Anthropic’s Claude 3 family of generative AI models plus additional admin and user management controls. Team customers get a 200,000-token (~150,000-word) context window as well as all the advantages of Pro, like early access to new features.

  • Google urges US to update immigration rules to attract more AI talent - In a letter to the Department of Labor, Google says a list of jobs considered scarce must include AI, or the U.S. could lose out on valuable AI and tech talent. Google says the government must update Schedule A to include AI and cybersecurity and do so more regularly.

  • AI Safety Summit Draws Global Experts, but Google DeepMind Plans to Stay Home - Some see the summit as a crucial forum for addressing AI’s risks and challenges, while others express concerns that excessive regulation could stifle innovation and concede ground to competitors like China. The advanced AI research group Google DeepMind expressed support for the summit but did not verify whether it would attend.

  • Microsoft provides further transparency on their responsible AI efforts - Microsoft says it has managed to significantly curb certain types of harmful images being generated by its Designer text-to-image tool after implementing a number of fixes. We believe we have an obligation to share our responsible AI practices with the public, and this report enables us to record and share our maturing practices, reflect on what we have learned, chart our goals, hold ourselves accountable, and earn the public’s trust. Read more here.

  • AMD Slides After AI Chip Forecast Misses Lofty Estimates - AMD shares declined as much as 8.1% after the chipmaker gave a disappointing forecast for artificial intelligence processors, saying “We are tight on supply,” she said. “There’s no question that — in the near term — if we had more supply, we have demand.”

  • Abu Dhabi AI Company Presight Takes Majority Stake in Tech Venture AIQ - Under the new arrangement, Presight will hold a 51% stake in AIQ with ADNOC retaining a 49% shareholding, valuing the company at $1.4 billion. AIQ uses AI and machine learning to optimise processes, improve planning and increase profitability for ADNOC and the wider oil and gas industry.

  • Causal AI Market is expected to reach a revenue of USD 599.3 Mn by 2032 with a CAGR of 41.7% - Causal Artificial Intelligence is focusing on understanding & modeling cause-and-effect relationships among variables or events. Unlike traditional AI which primarily deals with associations, causal AI employs specific techniques to discover genuine causal links within complex systems. Its applications in healthcare, finance, and beyond will drive innovation, providing better insights and opportunities for optimized outcomes and informed strategies.

  • Quest Diagnostics to Acquire PathAI Diagnostics to Accelerate AI and Digital Pathology Adoption in Cancer Diagnosis; Forms Licensing Agreements with PathAI - This transaction is part of wide-ranging collaboration to combine Quest's oncology expertise and scale with PathAI's AI and digital pathology innovations to speed diagnosis, improve quality and reduce costs.

  • Trend Micro Expands AI-Powered Cybersecurity Platform to Combat Accidental AI Misuse and External Abuse - Trend Micro is introducing new capabilities to protect every person accessing public or private generative AI services across organizations. The new elements in Trend Vision One™ – Zero Trust Secure Access (ZTSA) continue Trend's leadership as the first vendor to focus on securing AI services as well as the people using them across the enterprise.

  • Military halts use of generative AI - Military experts say generative AI's strengths and limitations need further testing and evaluation in order to deploy it responsibly. A new essay says that large language models have a potentially dangerous tendency to go nuclear.

  • Atlassian launches Rovo, its new AI teammate - Rovo can take data from first- and third-party tools and make it easily accessible through a new AI-powered search tool and other integrations into Atlassian’s products. It's new Rovo Agents, which can be used to automate workflows in tools like Jira and Confluence, can be built using a natural language interface. No programming required.

  • Citigroup’s VC arm invests in API security startup Traceable - Traceable is a platform to protect customers’ APIs from cyberattacks. More and more businesses are tapping APIs in part thanks to the generative AI boom, but in the process unwittingly exposing themselves to attacks. Per one recent study, the number of APIs used by companies increased by over 200% between July 2022 and July 2023.

  • Google AI Essentials: Learn How to Use Generative AI for Work - AI Essentials — is designed to give students some hands-on experience with generative AI platforms like ChatGPT, so they can feel comfortable using it in a work setting.

  • Gen Z looks to AI to overcome its data anxiety - but the rest of us are worried - 72% of those surveyed are worried AI tools will use personal data without consent. Gen Z is willing to use AI (55%) to better understand personal data -- with assumed benefits of saving time (57%) and actionable next steps with better outcomes (58%).

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