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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Tuesday May 7th

OpenAI Releases ‘Deepfake’ Detector to Disinformation Researchers

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Today’s Headlines:

  • OpenAI Releases ‘Deepfake’ Detector to Disinformation Researchers - OpenAI announced it will provide its new deepfake detector to select disinformation researchers to evaluate and enhance the tool in real-world scenarios. The detector, which accurately identifies 98.8% of images generated by DALL-E 3, does not recognize creations from other popular generators like Midjourney and Stability. Sandhini Agarwal, an OpenAI safety and policy researcher, emphasized that this initiative aims to stimulate further research in this critical area. If you can’t read this article, please open it in an incognito browser tab.

  • Google debuts $499 Pixel 8a as it pushes generative AI to more consumers - Google is bringing its generative AI smarts to a broader audience with the debut of its new Pixel 8a smartphone. Google says the 6.1-inch Pixel 8a will get access to the company’s Gemini generative AI chatbot, as well as generative AI-powered features such as Best Take and Circle to Search. The company also says users will eventually get access to Gemini Nano, a smaller version of the Gemini large language model that runs directly on the Pixel 8a, in a future update.

  • Apple unveils new AI-focused chip in upgraded iPad Pro - Apple unveiled its latest iPad Pro with a new chip for artificial intelligence computing. The iPad Pro will have upgraded displays and start at $1,000 for an 11-inch (27.9-cm) model and $1,300 for a 13-inch (33-cm) model. It will come with an M4 chip with a larger "neural engine," part of the chip specifically designed for the kind of computing required by AI features such as generating text or images. If you can’t read this article, please open it in an incognito browser tab.

  • Hugging Face launches LeRobot open source robotics code library - Hugging Face has announced its new initiative, LeRobot—an open-source toolkit designed to democratize AI robotics and inspire a new generation of roboticists, available now on Github. This toolkit is not just a software package but a comprehensive platform that includes a versatile library for sharing, visualizing data, and training state-of-the-art models.

  • YouTube's new AI-powered 'Jump Ahead' feature lets you skip to the good part - Jump Ahead uses AI to guess what you're trying to watch, analyzing the points where most other viewers jumped ahead and where they eventually started watching again. The feature is rolling out to all YouTube Premium subscribers.

  • UK AI startup Wayve wins $1bn funding for self-driving car software - The $1.05bn investment is backed by SoftBank, Nvidia and Microsoft. Wayve, which was founded in London in 2017, will use the funds to develop and launch the first “embodied AI” technology for self-driving vehicles in the UK. Embodied AI will enable automated vehicles to learn from and interact with a real-world environment, including the ability to learn from situations that do not follow strict patterns or rules, such as unexpected actions by drivers or pedestrians.

  • Defense think tank MITRE to build AI supercomputer with Nvidia - MITRE is building an AI supercomputer with Nvidia to speed deployment of artificial intelligence capabilities across the U.S. federal government. “There’s huge opportunities for AI to make government more efficient,” said Charles Clancy, senior vice president of MITRE. How do we do everything from making Medicare sustainable to filing your taxes easier?” The MITRE supercomputer will be based in Ashburn, Va., and should be up and running late this year. If you can’t read this article, please open it in an incognito browser tab.

  • Build generative AI applications with Amazon Bedrock Studio - You can build applications using a wide array of top performing models, evaluate, and share your generative AI apps within Bedrock Studio. The user interface guides you through various steps to help improve a model’s responses. You can experiment with model settings, and securely integrate your company data sources, tools, and APIs, and set guardrails. You can collaborate with team members to ideate, experiment, and refine your generative AI applications—all without requiring advanced machine learning expertise.

  • HUD Issues Fair Housing Guidance for AI - HUD released 2 new documents outlining how the emerging tech can potentially discriminate against individuals seeking housing to protect civil rights in the face of commonly used automated systems. “Today, we have released new guidance to ensure that our partners in the private sector who utilize artificial intelligence and algorithms are aware of how the Fair Housing Act applies to these practices.”

  • 2 Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks to Buy in May - Nvidia and Palantir Technologies are both great ways for investors to benefit from the expansion of artificial intelligence over the coming years. But between the two, Nvidia seems to be the more compelling buy because of its eyewatering growth rate and remarkably moderate valuation.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Hardware Market to Expand at a Robust 26.96% CAGR through 2031 - SkyQuest projects that the AI in hardware market will attain a value of USD 113.30 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 26.96% over the forecast period (2024-2031). The growing use of AI in different industry verticals and advancements in hardware technology is projected to primarily drive artificial intelligence (AI) in hardware market growth over the coming years.

  • Women in AI: Tara Chklovski is teaching the next generation of AI innovators - Tara Chklovski is the CEO and founder of Technovation, a nonprofit that helps teach young girls about technology and entrepreneurship. She has led the company for the past 17 years, finding ways to help young women use technology to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. She attended St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, before receiving a master’s at Boston University and a PhD at the University of Southern California in Aerospace Engineering.

  • OpenAI inks licensing deal with Dotdash Meredith - Dotdash Meredith, one of the largest digital publishers in the U.S., inked a deal with OpenAI to license its content to train OpenAI's algorithms and also work together on new AI products and provide real-time, authoritative information to ChatGPT users. As part of the multiyear deal, OpenAI will display content and links attributed to Dotdash Meredith's websites in relevant responses to ChatGPT user queries and will also collaborate with Dotdash Meredith to create new AI products and features for its readers.

  • Adobe alum takes AI-enabled marketing beyond the prompt - Typeface, headed by former Adobe CTO Abhay Parasnis, has launched Typeface Arc, a SaaS tool that leverages a company’s existing data, images, brand style, and analytics to create marketing campaigns for products, including email, blogs, and social media. Arc also monitors campaign performance, providing feedback and suggesting improvements for better audience engagement.

  • OpenAI says it’s building a tool to let content creators ‘opt out’ of AI training - The tool, called Media Manager, will allow creators and content owners to identify their works to OpenAI and specify how they want those works to be included or excluded from AI research and training. The goal is to have the tool in place by 2025.

  • BigID announces new AI data security features for Microsoft Copilot - Data security provider BigID announced new capabilities geared towards Microsoft Copilot that tailor training data, strengthen AI security, and streamline compliance efforts. The features help organizations "scan for, classify, label, curate, catalog, and cleanse training data to help Microsoft Copilot effectively enforce security guardrails," according to the press release.

  • Microsoft and OpenAI launch $2M fund to counter election deepfakes - The 'societal resilience fund' aims to boost awareness of AI and its impact among vulnerable communities. This would involve issuing grants to a handful of organizations, which Microsoft said these grants are intended to create a better understanding of AI and its capabilities across society. For instance, OATS will apparently use its grant for training programs aimed at those aged 50 and over in the U.S., covering the “foundational aspects of AI.”

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