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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Tuesday June 4th

AI apocalypse? ChatGPT, Claude and Perplexity all went down at the same time

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Today’s Headlines:

  • ChatGPT went down for the second time today - OpenAI says it’s investigating the issues impacting ChatGPT. Many users of the ChatGPT mobile apps and the web service are not seeing responses to queries right now. After an outage took down ChatGPT for a few hours earlier today, the service is experiencing its second major outage of the day. The second round of issues started at around 10:30AM ET, with thousands of reports of issues showing up on Downdetector. As of 10:30am PT, ChatGPT is back up & running!

  • AI apocalypse? ChatGPT, Claude and Perplexity all went down at the same time - OpenAI's ChatGPT experienced a multi-hour outage early morning, followed by another outage where Anthropic's Claude and Perplexity also faced issues. It's rare for three major AI providers to be down simultaneously, potentially indicating a broader infrastructure problem or internet-scale issue. Alternatively, the issues with Claude and Perplexity could have been caused by a surge in traffic due to ChatGPT's outage.

  • Amazon's AI 'Private Investigator' flags damaged products, improving the customer experience and preventing waste - Using a combination of generative AI and computer vision technologies, Project P.I. is able to uncover defects, like damaged products or issues like wrong color or size, before products reach customers. In addition, Project P.I. can help identify the root cause of issues, enabling preventative measures upstream to prevent them from happening again. Here's how it works.

  • The CEO of Zoom wants AI clones in meetings - Zoom founder Eric Yuan envisions a future where AI-powered "digital twins" - deepfake avatars of ourselves - can attend meetings on our behalf and even make decisions for us. His ambitious goal is to free up time for more important pursuits by offloading routine tasks and meetings to these AI representatives. However, this raises questions about trust, synchronization, and the nature of work itself if everyone starts sending digital twins to handle their professional obligations.

  • Former OpenAI, Anthropic employees call for ‘right to warn’ on AI risks - Former OpenAI, Anthropic and DeepMind employees urge AI companies to expand whistleblower protections to publicly address AI risks amid growing concerns over the “deprioritization” of safety. This would enable them to voice “risk-related concerns” to the public regarding the advancement of sophisticated AI systems.

  • Sword Health to Roll Out AI Assistant for Physical Therapy - Sword Health has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant called Phoenix that uses natural conversation to guide and react to patients during their physical therapy sessions. Phoenix will be rolled out and integrated into the company’s platform throughout 2024, beginning with its solution for back, joint and muscle pain called Thrive and its solution for women’s pelvic healthcare called Bloom.

  • Singapore looks to boost AI with plans for quantum computing and data centers - Quantum has the potential to unlock new value, where higher processing capabilities can be harnessed in areas such as simulating complex molecules for drug discovery. Quantum computing can also have synergies with AI, for example, in improving the efficiency of developing and training advanced AI models. This development, in turn, can further drive innovations in deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.

  • Make room for RAG: How Gen AI's balance of power is shifting - A growing body of work suggests the technology of retrieval-augmented generation, or RAG, could be pivotal in shaping the battle between LLMs. AI's RAG is not a remedy for hallucinations, but it's here to stay, which may mean ultimately adapting the training of large language models to better accommodate RAG.

  • Elon Musk ordered Nvidia to ship thousands of AI chips reserved for Tesla to X and xAI - Emails circulated inside Nvidia and obtained by CNBC show that Elon Musk told the chipmaker to prioritize shipments of processors to X and xAI ahead of Tesla. By ordering Nvidia to let X jump the line ahead of Tesla, Musk delayed the automaker’s receipt of over $500 million in processors by months, likely adding to delays in setting up the supercomputers Tesla says it needs to develop autonomous vehicles and humanoid robots.

  • AI is imitating the dead and dying, raising new questions about grieving - While some have embraced this technology as a way to cope with grief, others feel uneasy about companies using artificial intelligence to try to maintain interactions with those who have passed away. Still others worry it could make the mourning process more difficult because there isn’t any closure.

  • UAE Proposes AI ‘Marriage’ With US - Omar Sultan Al Olama, the UAE’s AI minister, told the Financial Times (FT) in an interview published Tuesday (June 4) that a deal in which Microsoft purchased a $1.5 billion stake in Abu Dhabi-based AI firm G42 was the first of many such collaborations. “When you look at the frontier technology, at the most cutting edge, that needs to be in coordination with the U.S. players and there needs to be reassurances that are given to the U.S.”

  • Hitachi and Microsoft enter milestone agreement to accelerate business and social innovation with generative AI - Three-year, projected multibillion-dollar strategic partnership will focus on creating innovative industry solutions that deliver transformative outcomes for businesses and society. Hitachi Group will embed the Microsoft cloud, Azure Open AI Service, Dynamics 365, Copilot for Microsoft 365 and GitHub Copilot into its Lumada Solutions to accelerate growth of the Lumada business, and improve productivity for its 270,000 employees. As part of the partnership, Hitachi will incorporate training provided by Microsoft into Hitachi’s training.

  • Microsoft takes its AI push to customer service call centers - Microsoft plans to introduce new AI tools for customer service call centers, taking its Copilot technology into a field dominated by rivals like Salesforce and Zoom. The real benefit targets human customer service agents who often juggle multiple outdated applications while assisting customers. Microsoft's tools aim to consolidate information from various apps, allowing agents to navigate and find answers faster using natural language queries.

  • SAP’s Partnership with Mistral AI, One of the Leading LLM Makers - Mistral AI’s success in developing advanced LLMs is set to complement the SAP suite of AI-enabled solutions. The collaboration will enable direct accessibility to Mistral AI’s models through SAP or through SAP Business Technology Platform applications with generative AI capabilities. It will enable SAP customers to enhance productivity, streamline their operations, and accelerate their digital transformation journey.

  • Cisco launches $1 bln AI fund and makes first investments - Cisco is investing in Cohere, Mistral AI and Scale AI, among others, and has already committed nearly $200 million of the fund. Cisco has made over 20 AI-focused acquisitions and investments in the last several years, furthering generative AI and machine learning and integration of AI across its portfolio.

  • Raspberry Pi partners with Hailo for its AI extension kit - The latest Raspberry Pi 5 can now function as an AI computer with the $70 AI Kit extension, featuring a neural network inference accelerator for local AI inferencing. Raspberry Pi partnered with AI chip startup Hailo for the kit, designed to run AI workloads on edge devices like the Raspberry Pi, enabling use cases such as smart cameras, robotics, and AI-powered projects for tech enthusiasts and industrial companies.

  • GetWhy, a market research AI platform that extracts insights from video interviews, raises $34.5M - GetWhy’s platform lets customers explain what they want to do — for instance, to get an initial reaction to a new campaign concept — and the startup’s AI agent will compile a market study template based on the query. GetWhy provides a link the customer can share with their own customers or target audience, or it can do this on a managed basis. The startup says it can complete this work within 24 hours.

  • AI robot for kids - Moxie, designed for kids ages 5 to 10, offers a range of games and activities, plus open-ended conversations. It can tell jokes, serve up brain teasers, play games like Simon Says or "guess that animal," send kids on a scavenger hunt, pose for selfies or just talk with kids about their interests and emotions. A companion phone app shows parents how long their kids spent with Moxie each day and which activities they did — but not a transcript of what was said. Moxie's creators say video recording is used to recognize the user's face and detect emotion, but the raw videos never leave the device.

  • Where to watch Apple kick off WWDC 2024 - Apple will kick off its weeklong World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) event with the customary keynote at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT on June 10. You can watch the stream over on Apple’s events page. There’s a stream over on YouTube, as well, or here in Techcrunch.

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