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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Tuesday April 16th

Microsoft and G42 partner to accelerate AI innovation in UAE and beyond

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Microsoft and G42 partner to accelerate AI innovation in UAE and beyond - Microsoft announced a strategic investment in G42, a leading AI company in the UAE, to co-innovate and deliver advanced AI solutions with Microsoft Azure for various industries and markets across the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Microsoft will invest $1.5 billion in G42 for a minority stake in the company. This would apply world-class best practices to ensure the secure, trusted, and responsible development and deployment of AI.

  • Forget the Humane AI Pin — this new AI pendant from Limitless actually looks useful - The Limitless Pendant is an AI-powered wearable that's designed to make video calls and in-person meetings easier to remember. Once turned on, the Limitless Pendant records everything you hear and then uses AI to transcribe conversations so that you can remember them later. However, Limitless takes things a step further by suggesting action items for your to-do list based on what was discussed during a meeting.

  • You can now use Quora's Poe to chat with multiple LLMs at the same time - Poe users can now engage with multiple AI models within the same chat window. Poe users can access OpenAI's GPT-4 and DALL-E 3, Anthropic's Claude 2 and Claude 3, Stability AI's StableDiffusion XL, and Google's Gemini Pro, among several others, all within the platform. Poe also lets users create their own AI chatbots built atop those models.

  • How Meta wants to add its AI chatbot to your Instagram search bar - Adding an AI chatbot should give you more control when looking for accounts, Reels videos, audio clips, places, tags, and other content. It's now in test mode for some Instagram users. Additionally, Meta's AI-powered chatbot that can answer questions, write poetry and generate images with a simple text prompt in your DMs. Read more here.

  • OpenAI introduces Batch API with up to 50% discount for asynchronous tasks such as summarization, translation, and image classification - With the Batch API, you can get results for large numbers of API requests within 24 hours. The new batch API reduces costs and provides higher limits for asynchronous tasks. OpenAI expects this to enable more efficient use of its APIs for applications that require a large number of requests.

  • Tech exec predicts ‘AI girlfriends’ will create $1B business - It’s only a matter of time before someone builds the next billion-dollar dating app that will pair real-life users with artificial intelligence-created girlfriends, according to Greg Isenberg, CEO of Late Checkout. The market cap for Match Group is $9B. Someone will build the AI-version of Match Group and make $1B+. Isenberg met a man in Miami who admitted that he spends $10,000/month on "AI girlfriends".

  • Sunlight Solutions Announces the Launch of AI Assist - “We first implemented AI to assess (insurance) claims data for a MPL customer, analyzing case files that had hundreds of pages of related documentation. We quickly realized the internal benefit as well. We’re now using the same AI methods that are built into AI Assist for training Sunlight delivery teams and educating users.”

  • Baidu says AI chatbot 'Ernie Bot' has attracted 200 million users - The number of users has roughly doubled since the company's last update in December. The chatbot was released to the public eight months ago.

  • From hype to reality: The journey of responsible AI implementation - Too often companies blindly push “AI” without any thought to a larger business strategy. This approach could lead companies and consumers alike to see AI as just another fad. To achieve sustained adoption, businesses need to use a scalable, responsible framework to assess and deal with risks & identify opportunities to apply its values to the application of AI.

  • DeepMind Head: Google AI Spending Could Exceed $100 Billion - Hassabis did not offer further details on the potential AI investment, the report said. He also told the audience Google’s computer power surpasses that of competitors like Microsoft. “That’s one of the reasons we teamed up with Google back in 2014, is we knew that in order to get to AGI we would need a lot of compute,” he said.

  • Amazon Music launches Maestro, a new AI playlist generator—here’s your first look at the beta - Meet Maestro: An AI playlist generator that helps you create any playlist you can think of—plus all the ones you can’t. This feature is rolling out in beta to a small number of U.S. customers on iOS and Android on all tiers of Amazon Music.

  • 2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare Stocks to Buy and Hold for Great Long-Term Potential - The AI in healthcare market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 48% to reach $148 billion by 2029, according to Markets and Markets research. Here are 2 AI in healthcare stocks to buy and hold for their great long-term potential.

  • New guidelines reflect growing use of AI in health care research - TRIPOD+AI has been developed to provide a framework and set of reporting standards to boost reporting of studies developing and evaluating AI prediction models regardless of the modeling approach.

  • Bezos Earth Fund Announces $100 Million for AI Solutions to Tackle Climate Change and Nature Loss - The Bezos Earth Fund today unveiled an AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge – under which up to $100 million in grants will be awarded. Its goal is to see how modern AI might help address climate change and nature loss and inspire deeper collaboration between groups on the front line of environmental solutions and leading AI technology providers. Applications open in May 2024.

  • AMD Unveils New AI Chips For Business PCs - Commercial PCs equipped with the new Ryzen AI-enabled processors will offer next-generation performance for artificial intelligence-enabled content creation, collaboration, and data and analytics workloads.

  • Google Ads Introduces Generative AI Tools For Demand Gen Campaigns - Advertisers can provide text prompts to generate original, high-quality images tailored to their branding and marketing needs. All generated images will include identifiable markings, such as an open-standard markup and an invisible digital watermark resistant to manipulations. To ensure the content is unique, "Google AI will never create two identical images.”

  • Makers of leading AI models can't agree on "responsible" AI benchmarks - The most commonly used benchmark test for responsibility — TruthfulQA — is used by only three out of the five leading AI developers assessed by the Stanford team: OpenAI's GPT-4, Meta's Llama 2 and Anthropic's Claude 2 all use it, but not Google's Gemini or Mistral's 7B.

  • GovDash aims to help businesses use AI to land government contracts - “It’s hard for these companies to compete against giants like Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman. It’s also expensive for them to bid on contracts — if they don’t win, they may run out of cash.” GovDash is essentially a contract proposal generator. The platform automatically finds contracts possibly relevant to a business, reads through the requests for proposals and — leveraging generative AI — writes proposals.

  • Meta’s Oversight Board probes explicit AI-generated images posted on Instagram and Facebook - The Oversight Board, Meta’s semi-independent policy council, announced investigations into two separate cases over how Instagram in India and Facebook in the U.S. handled AI-generated images of public figures after Meta’s systems fell short on detecting and responding to the explicit content.

  • Ray Kurzweil & Geoff Hinton Debate the Future of AI - Kurzweil, known for his optimistic outlook on extending human life through technology, contrasts with Hinton’s stance on the naturalness of mortality. Furthermore, they delve into the concept of consciousness, with Hinton questioning its scientific validity, yet not its existence, echoing Marvin Minsky’s skepticism towards consciousness as a scientific entity.

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