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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Thursday May 2nd

Anthropic's ChatGPT rival Claude is now available on iOS

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Anthropic's ChatGPT rival Claude is now available on iOS - Claude Sonnet which is included in the free plan — and now available on iOS — surpassed GPT-3.5 on all benchmarks. Anthropic says the Claude app will allow it to bring new features to users, beyond simple ease of use. “For example, the Claude iOS app can, with a user’s consent, access the device’s camera and photo library.”

  • Ukraine Unveils AI-generated Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman - Ukraine introduced Victoria, an AI-generated spokeswoman for its foreign ministry and will read official statements. Named after "victory" and the Ukrainian term for artificial intelligence, "shtuchniy intelekt," Victoria's appearance and voice are based on Rosalie Nombre, a singer and former contestant on Ukraine's The Bachelor. Nombre participated free of charge. To ensure authenticity, her official statements—which are crafted by humans—will include a QR code linking to the ministry's website.

  • Nvidia’s AI chatbot now supports Google’s Gemma model, voice queries, and more - ChatRTX runs locally on a Windows PC and can already use Mistral or Llama 2 to query personal documents that you feed into it, but now the list of supported AI models is growing to include Google’s Gemma, ChatGLM3, and even OpenAI’s CLIP model to make it easier to search your photos.

  • Microsoft will invest $2.2 billion in cloud and AI services in Malaysia - Microsoft is investing $2.2 billion over the next four years in Malaysia’s new cloud and artificial intelligence infrastructure as well as partnering with the government to establish a national AI center.

  • Sigma Announces AI Toolkit for Business and Launches Sigma Actions to Support Custom Data Applications - Sigma, the only cloud analytics solution with a spreadsheet-like interface enabling anyone to explore data at cloud scale and speed, announced the first three features of its AI Toolkit for Business as well as expanded functionalities to build a data application without writing code. The first three features of the AI Toolkit are AI Functions, AI Forecasting, and the Sigma Copilot.

  • AI Cloud Infrastructure Startup CoreWeave Raises Huge New Round At Reported $19B Valuation - CoreWeave said that it has raised a whopping $1.1 billion in fresh funding in a round led by Coatue. The deal values the company at $19 billion represents an almost threefold increase from the company’s valuation just five months ago, when it was valued at $7 billion following a secondary sale, and a huge jump from its $2 billion valuation in a Series B extension last May.

  • AI model predicts drug effectiveness - Scientists have designed a new artificial intelligence model that emulates randomized clinical trials at determining the treatment options most effective at preventing stroke in people with heart disease. Researchers envision a day when clinicians can tap into algorithms loaded with huge datasets to access a patient’s “digital twin” and let the model function as a treatment guide.

  • Qualcomm jumps as AI sparks rebound in Chinese smartphone market - Qualcomm shares climbed about 10% to a more than two-year high on Thursday after the smartphone-focused chipmaker signaled an AI-fueled rebound in demand, especially in China, following a years-long slump.

  • Random robots are more reliable: New AI algorithm for robots consistently outperforms state-of-the-art systems - Northwestern University engineers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm designed specifically for smart robotics. By helping robots rapidly and reliably learn complex skills, the new method could significantly improve the practicality—and safety—of robots for a range of applications, including self-driving cars, delivery drones, household assistants and automation.

  • OpenAI Seeking To Mitigate Risks Of More Powerful AI Models - The next version of ChatGPT will be a “step change” in capabilities from previous models, and the company is actively seeking to mitigate any potential risks from more powerful artificial intelligence (AI), according to Mira Murati, chief technology officer at OpenAI.

  • NYC company executives go big on AI development - New York City is home to more Fortune 500 companies than anywhere else, making it a critical venue for AI adoption. Accenture modeled three different approaches to AI development: aggressive, cautious, and a middle labeled as "people-centric." The "people-centric" approach (defined as an innovation focused on "augmenting work" rather than "cost saving") was predicted to deliver the most economic value: a $320 billion increase in New York state annual GDP by 2038.

  • Magical mystery chatbot is likely from OpenAI - A number of signs suggest that this mystery bot is OpenAI's — but it's more likely to be an improvement on an existing model than a brand new one. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman fed the fire on Monday, posting on X: "i do have a soft spot for gpt2."

  • Dropbox, Figma CEOs back Lamini, a startup building a generative AI platform for enterprises - Many generative AI platforms are far too general-purpose, and don’t have solutions and infrastructure geared to meet the needs of corporations. In contrast, Lamini was built from the ground up with enterprises in mind, and is focused on delivering high generative AI accuracy and scalability.

  • Danti’s natural language search engine for Earth data soars with $5M in new funding - Danti, an artificial intelligence company building a superpower search engine for Earth data, has brought on prominent defensive tech investor Shield Capital as it looks to scale its technology for government customers. Danti has developed a natural language search engine for data that has historically been highly siloed, like satellite imagery, collating it with other commercial and government sources to report back across multiple sources and domains.

  • Airbnb releases group booking features as it taps into AI for customer service - “We are increasingly using AI to streamline our customer support to make sure that customers are routed to the right agents or to have tickets automatically resolved with AI-generated responses,” said Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. “We have a lot of reviews, and we sit on top of a lot of customer service data. So we are thinking about how we can use AI to succinctly give a better picture of a listing and its information.”

  • Lemonade Sees AI Drive Efficiency as Insurance Goes Digital-First - “LAE is an essential piece of the loss ratio and for large insurers who enjoy the benefits of scale, it tends to run around 10%,” he said. “I’m happy to report that after years of technology-driven improvements in our claims automation and operations, with nearly 50% improvement in the last two years alone, we ended Q1 at an impressive 7.6 percent LAE ratio.

  • Sam's Club is now using AI instead of humans to verify receipts in every fifth store - In locations with the technology in place, customers are leaving the store 23% faster, with all clubs should have the AI tech by year's end. Instead of having to wait in line for a human to verify that you paid for everything in your cart, you can now walk through a large archway of sorts that uses computer vision to take an image of your cart from all sides and compare it to your receipt.

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