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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Thursday April 25th

OpenAI and Moderna Partner Up

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Today’s Headlines:

  • OpenAI and Moderna Partner Up - Moderna and OpenAI partner to accelerate the development of life-saving treatments. One of the many solutions Moderna has built and is continuing to develop and validate with ChatGPT Enterprise is a GPT pilot called Dose ID. Dose ID has the potential to review and analyze clinical data and is able to integrate and visualize large datasets. Dose ID is intended for use as a data-analysis assistant to the clinical study team, helping to augment the team’s clinical judgment and decision-making.

  • Anthropic released new AI alignment research - The new research has developed a method to help detect when AI systems might act against instructions for improved safety measures. “Defection probes” are linear classifiers that use residual stream activations to predict when a sleeper agent trojan model will choose to “defect” and behave in accordance with a dangerous hidden goal.

  • Eric Schmidt-backed Augment, a GitHub Copilot rival, launches out of stealth with $252M - “Augment has both the best team and recipe for empowering programmers and their organizations to deliver high-quality software quicker.”

  • Watch it and weep (or smile): Synthesia’s AI video avatars now feature emotions - Synthesia's latest update features avatars — built based on actual humans captured in their studio — which provide more emotion, better lip tracking, and what it says are more expressive natural and human movements when they are fed text to generate videos.

  • Meta’s Zuckerberg can't calm Wall Street’s nerves on AI spending, stock falls 10% - “We've historically seen a lot of volatility in our stock during this phase of our product playbook, where we're investing in scaling a new product but aren't yet monetizing it. We saw this with Reels, Stories, as Newsfeed transitioned to mobile, and more,” Zuckerberg said. But he also admitted that it will likely take years before Meta turns a profit on its AI investments.

  • Rabbit R1 hands-on: early tests with the $199 AI gadget - After spending a few hours playing with the device, I have to say: it’s pretty nice. Not luxurious, or even particularly high-end, just silly and fun. Where Humane’s AI Pin feels like a carefully sculpted metal gem, the R1 feels like an old-school MP3 player crossed with a fidget spinner.

  • Microsoft's AI lead puts Amazon cloud dominance on watch - Upcoming quarterly reports from U.S. tech giants may show Microsoft is closing the gap on cloud-computing market leader Amazon as more businesses switch to its services, attracted by a clutch of generative AI features that are powered by OpenAI's technology.

  • Decentralized AI is key to more unbiased AI algorithms - “Decentralized AI attempts to address the existential flaws in AI, ensuring a more unbiased and safer AI.” The key benefits of blockchain-based decentralized AI include more transparent decision-making, enhanced data privacy, and user-owned models that enable people to contribute their data or computing resources in exchange for token incentives, explained the founder.

  • Anthropic's Claude 3 Opus has stunned AI researchers with its intellect and 'self-awareness' — does this mean it can think for itself? - Claude 3 Opus has beaten GPT-4 in key metrics and has a few surprises up its sleeve — including pontificating about its existence and realizing when it was being tested. "Opus not only found the needle, it recognized that the inserted needle was so out of place in the haystack that this had to be an artificial test constructed by us to test its attention abilities," Claude 3 also showed apparent self-awareness when prompted to "think or explore anything" it liked and draft its internal monologue. The result was a passage in which Claude said it was aware that it was an AI model and discussed what it means to be self-aware — as well as showing a grasp of emotions.

  • Oracle adds AI capabilities to its Fusion Cloud CX - The new capabilities, based on the company’s OCI Generative AI service, include generative AI-assisted answer generation, assisted scheduling for field service, opportunity quality scoring, and seller engagement recommendations.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robots Are a $38 Billion Market, According to Goldman Sachs - Here's how businesses are integrating robotics into their operations and assess which opportunities may be best for investors looking for some exposure to this area of the AI realm.

  • Worldcoin Explores Partnership With OpenAI Amid Regulatory Pressure - Eye-ball scanning digital ID startup Worldcoin is reportedly considering a partnership with tech company OpenAI. While biometrics technology offers “potential benefits such as enhanced security and streamlined processes, their implementation often comes with complexities and concerns, including privacy, data protection and implementation hurdles.”

  • Artificial Intelligence Based Credit Scoring: How AI Could Set Your Credit Score - AI-based credit scoring considers a “broader range of data sources” that depend on algorithms to analyze data and predict your future financial behavior. “This advanced form of credit scoring has the potential to provide more nuanced insights and help lenders make more informed decisions."

  • C3.ai Is Undervalued, but Will Face Profitability Pressures - C3.ai Inc. is operationally undervalued by the market, primarily because it has stronger competitors like Palantir Technologies Inc. I believe investors will have reasonable long-term returns if they invest in the stock now, but I do not expect these to be higher than Palantir's.

  • Los Angeles Metro installing AI-powered cameras on buses to issue tickets to illegally parked vehicles - Artificial intelligence-powered cameras are being installed on Metro buses to improve bus times, increase ridership and address mobility concerns. "Blocking bus stop zones can create accessibility issues for passengers with disabilities, who rely on level boarding between the bus stop curbside and boarding the bus."

  • Brand marketers grapple with AI's influence - If artificial intelligence-supported chatbots begin to dominate people's attention, communicators and marketers will seek to influence the chatbots' conversations. This could be the next mutation of search engine optimization (SEO). "[They] need to be able to define exactly the type of information that goes in, because if someone asks ChatGPT for a restaurant recommendation, for example, and [their]restaurant is withholding its information and data, then it's not going to recommend it."

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