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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Monday April 22nd

Apple acquires French startup behind AI and computer vision technology

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Apple acquires French startup behind AI and computer vision technology - Datakalab described itself as “experts in low power, runtime efficient, and deep learning algorithms” that work on device. Datakalab highlights “industry leading compression and adaptation to deploy embedded computer vision that is fast, cost-effective and precise.” The acquisition comes as Apple is expected to bring a suite of AI features to iOS 18 later this year. Datakalab also developed advanced vision-based technology, which could play a role in Apple’s Vision Pro ambitions into the future. The company’s advanced facial recognition technology could also contribute to things like Photos and Face ID.

  • An Apple insider just revealed how iOS 18’s AI features will work - “Apple has been developing a large language model — the algorithm that underpins generative AI features — and all indications suggest that it will be entirely on-device. That means the technology is powered by the processor inside the iPhone, rather than in the cloud.” Apple will offer a glimpse of its AI approach at WWDC 2024, which kicks off in June.

  • Cognizant and Microsoft announce global partnership to expand adoption of generative AI in the enterprise, and drive industry transformation - The partnership will leverage Microsoft Copilot and Cognizant’s advisory and digital transformation services to help employees and enterprise customers operationalize generative AI and realize strategic business transformation.

  • Google builds an AI model that can predict future weather catastrophes - The "Scalable Ensemble Envelope Diffusion Sampler" (SEEDS) model generates multiple weather scenarios using generative AI — much quicker and cheaper than traditional predicting models can, while also detecting difficult-to-spot extreme weather events — beating the world's major weather agencies.

  • Ottawa puts up $50M in federal budget to hedge against job-stealing AI - Workers in "potentially disrupted sectors and communities" will receive new skills training through the Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program. But given the scope of the change the AI technology is set to trigger, critics say a lot more than $50 million will be necessary.

  • TikTok could soon leverage AI to clone your voice - Users can create an AI version of their voice in just 10 seconds. You'll be able to use it with text-to-speech in TikTok videos. Additional details on privacy and safety concerns are awaited, but people will have the choice to remove their recorded voices from the TikTok Voice Library for others to use.

  • AI Saves the Planet this Earth Day - While there is much work to be done in terms of shifting toward renewable sources of energy and more sustainable lifestyles, certain organizations are using modern AI tools to take small steps toward building a better world. To reward this noble work, and to provide hope for a better tomorrow, here are some of the more interesting stories concerning how AI is being used to save the planet.

  • Intel Announces Hala Point – World’s Largest Neuromorphic System for Sustainable AI - Intel has announced the creation of Hala Point, a brain-inspired neuromorphic system for sustainable and efficient AI. With its 1152 Loihi 2 processors, Hala Point can support up to 20 quadrillion operations per second, allowing it to handle real-time AI applications and complex computational tasks. The key characteristic of Hala Point is its ability to use neuromorphic computing to reduce energy compensation for computational needs.

  • How AI and innovative technology are helping countries to protect ocean life - More than 100 nations have agreed to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. One way of doing this is to create what are known as Marine Protected Areas, where human activity is restricted or banned. Ben Tracy reports on how a mix of AI and satellite vessel tracking data can help.

  • Salesforce has launched sustainable AI guidelines - In a proactive move towards a future where technology aligns with sustainability and equity, Salesforce has introduced a series of innovative initiatives to foster a more sustainable and equitable future using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Sustainable AI Policy Principles is a set of guidelines meticulously crafted to steer AI regulation towards minimizing environmental impact and stimulating climate innovation. Salesforce Accelerator – AI for Impact is a program empowering purpose-driven organizations to harness AI solutions in tackling the urgent challenges of climate change.

  • A coffee roastery in Finland has launched an AI-generated blend. The results were surprising - The “AI-conic” blend is an AI-picked mixture with four types of beans dominated by Brazil’s velvety Fazenda Pinhal. “Leveraging models akin to ChatGPT and Copilot, the AI was tasked with crafting a blend that would ideally suit coffee enthusiasts’ tastes, pushing the boundaries of conventional flavor combinations."

  • US Looks to Forge AI Partnerships With UAE - “The UAE views data as the new oil,” the source said. “It realized that it had to find a new way to exist between the U.S. and China because of U.S. concerns about Chinese tech. They’ve since been having very productive conversations, with Raimondo (U.S. Commerce Secretary) in particular.”

  • Newsrooms Are Already Using AI, But Ethical Considerations Are Uneven - 70% of the respondents said they use AI to produce content. The next most popular uses were information gathering, multimedia content production and business tasks. “Every single newsroom needs to adopt an ethics policy to guide the use of generative artificial intelligence, because the only way to create ethical standards in an unlicensed profession is to do it shop by shop.”

  • Florida Lawyers On AI - Insights From 2024 Florida Bar Membership Opinion Survey - A full 80% of those surveyed say they do not use generative AI in their legal practices, signaling a significant gap between recognition and implementation in this technologically evolving field. Only 11% of respondents said they frequently or occasionally use ChatGPT.

  • How is AI Revolutionizing Physical Therapy? - Let’s say a patient moves an arm up and down as part of an exercise plan prescribed by a therapist. With the use of a VR headset or a robotic therapeutic device, the patient can be given direct feedback on the action without the need for a person on hand. While completing those tasks, the patient can be outfitted with sensors that allow the clinicians to detect how muscles are reacting to the movement, as well as the activity going on in the brain. “With this sensing technology, we can get the information that the therapist doesn’t have with their eyes and their hands,” he says.

  • Purposely.ai Creative Test Delivers 162% Performance Increase for Facebook Ads - Purposely.ai digests historical creative performance and generates specific recommendations for improved creative effectiveness. Purposely.ai isolates words, phrases, and visual components linked to the highest conversion rates and return on ad spend (ROAS). Notably, ads informed by Purposely.ai insights converted more than twice as often as the control group.

  • Can AI predict heart attacks? - Dr. Hsiao’s team at UC San Diego School of Medicine has created an AI algorithm that measures heart function and detects heart disease earlier than ever before. “There are algorithms that we’ve developed for enhancing the image quality, giving you image details that you couldn’t get before,” added Dr. Hsiao.

  • Equifax Says 85% of Its New Models Built With AI - “There’s a lot of data science magic that goes behind the simple act of giving credit to our customers in our markets,” Uphoff said. “By coupling new and novel data sources with machine learning and AI, we provide the ability to detect creditworthiness where others can’t.”

  • Colorado lawmakers target AI, social media and online data - It would require public disclosure of AI-generated content and mandate new oversight rules for certain "high-risk" AI systems, like those used by law enforcement and schools, to prevent algorithmic discrimination. The attorney general would get enforcement authority. If approved, the legislation would make Colorado a national leader on the issue, advocates say, and it's part of a multistate effort to develop uniform rules on AI in the absence of action at the federal level.

  • Gina Raimondo: China microchip threat a national security issue - "If you think about national security today in 2024, it's not just tanks and missiles; it's technology. It's semiconductors. It's AI. It's drones," she told CBS' "60 Minutes." "And the Commerce Department is at the red-hot center of technology."

  • Women in AI: Anna Korhonen studies the intersection between linguistics and AI - Anna Korhonen is a professor of natural language processing (NLP) at the University of Cambridge. She’s also a senior research fellow at Churchill College, a fellow at the Association for Computational Linguistics, and a fellow at the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems. She has a PhD in computer science and master’s degrees in both computer science and linguistics. She researches NLP and how to develop, adapt and apply computational techniques to meet the needs of AI. She has a particular interest in responsible and “human-centric” NLP that — in her own words — “draws on the understanding of human cognitive, social and creative intelligence.”

  • How United Airlines uses AI to make flying the friendly skies a bit easier - From chatbots to pilot announcements, AI is starting to gain traction. The one thing the company is not trying to build, though, is some kind of overarching United Platform that will run all of its systems. But there’s too much complexity in the day-to-day airline operations to do that.

  • Why vector databases are having a moment as the AI hype cycle peaks - Vector databases store and process data in the form of vector embeddings, which convert text, documents, images, and other data into numerical representations that capture the meaning and relationships between the different data points. This is perfect for machine learning, as the database stores data spatially by how relevant each item is to the other, making it easier to retrieve semantically similar data. Vector search is also useful for all manner of real-time applications, such as content recommendations in social networks or e-commerce apps, as it can look at what a user has searched for and retrieve similar items in a heartbeat.

  • Google releases two new free resources to help you optimize your AI prompts - There are four main areas users should take into consideration when writing a prompt, according to the blog post: the persona, which refers to who is asking for the information; the task, which is what you want the chatbot to do; the context, meaning any additional information the AI chatbot could use to carry out the task; and the format, or how you want the output to be structured.

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