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Top AiNews.com Headlines for Friday May 31st

ElevenLab's AI sound effect generator has finally launched. Listen for yourself

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Friday Fun Day Puzzle: AI Word Scramble

Unleash your inner puzzle solver with our AI-themed word scramble! Unscramble the letters to find the correct AI-related terms.








  1. The ability of a machine to mimic intelligent human behavior.

  2. A programmable machine capable of performing tasks.

  3. Collections of related information used in AI training.

  4. A type of AI that involves algorithms learning from data.

  5. A model inspired by the human brain's structure.

  6. The process of ensuring AI behaves within human ethical standards.



  2. ROBOT





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Today’s Headlines:

  • ElevenLab's AI sound effect generator has finally launched. Listen for yourself - AI Sound Effects tool lets you generate sound effects, unique character voices, and music snippets from text prompts. ElevenLab added sound effects to Sora's video announcement - you can listen to the video in the article.

  • OpenAI has stopped five attempts to misuse its AI for 'deceptive activity' - The company said the threat actors used its AI models to generate short comments, longer articles in a range of languages, made up names and bios for social media accounts over the last three months. These campaigns, which included threat actors from Russia, China, Iran and Israel, also focused on issues including Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the conflict in Gaza, the Indian elections, politics in Europe and the United States, among others.

  • Introducing OpenAI for Nonprofits - Non-profits will get ChatGPT Team and Enterprise subscriptions for a discounted rate (which starts at $20p/m) to help with funding, staffing shortages, and operational difficulties. Universities will get ChatGPT Edu to help with tutoring and grant applications. OpenAI is launching these initiatives to make its technology more accessible to those working to better humanity and create positive social change.

  • Apple to dramatically overhaul Siri virtual assistant with AI, allowing voice control of individual app functions - Apple is planning to dramatically overhaul its Siri virtual assistant with more advanced AI, a move that will let users control individual app functions with their voice. The new system will allow Siri to take command of all the features within apps for the first time.

  • Introducing Maven AGI: Solving enterprise customer support with our AI agents - We’re reimagining customer service from the ground up, delivering personalized user experiences with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Using our native Gen AI platform, AI Agents, in-house technology, and industry-leading accuracy, Maven AGI autonomously resolves over 93% of customer inquiries, cutting support costs by 81% while enhancing the overall customer experience.

  • Google, augmented reality startup Magic Leap strike partnership deal - The announcement adds to signals that Google may be plotting a return to the market for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies that it so far has largely yielded to rivals Meta and Apple. The partnership would combine Florida-based Magic Leap's expertise in optics and device manufacturing with Google's technology platforms.

  • OpenAI is restarting its robotics research group - Co-founder Wojciech Zaremba said: “I actually believe quite strongly in the approach that the robotics [team] took in that direction, but from the perspective of AGI [artificial general intelligence], I think that there was actually some components missing. So when we created the robotics [team], we thought that we could go very far with self-generated data and reinforcement learning.”

  • Women in AI: Sarah Myers West says we should ask, ‘Why build AI at all?’ - Sarah Myers West is managing director at the AI Now Institute, an American research institute studying the social implications of AI and policy research that addresses the concentration of power in the tech industry. She previously served as senior adviser on AI at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and is a visiting research scientist at Northeastern University, as well as a research contributor at Cornell’s Citizens and Technology Lab.

  • US Justice Department Intensifies Scrutiny of AI Content Deals - Entering into deals where one party exercises monopsony power may not be acceptable under the law. While some media outlets have chosen to sign content deals with AI firms, these legal battles and agreements have brought the issue of fair compensation to the forefront. Assistant Attorney General Kanter stressed that monopolizing upstream markets or creative works is a form of monopolization, regardless of whether a large language model is involved.

  • Tribeca to Screen AI-Generated Short Films Created by OpenAI’s Sora - The 2024 Tribeca Festival announced Friday it will host Sora Shorts, a new program featuring five original short films all made using OpenAI’s text-to-video AI model Sora. Sora still hasn’t been released to the public, but OpenAI gave the cohort of five directors early access to the program — so long as they each agreed to the filmmaking terms surrounding AI as negotiated last year with the DGA, WGA, and SAG-AFTRA guilds.

  • Google makes fixes to AI-generated search summaries after outlandish answers went viral - Google said Friday it has made “more than a dozen technical improvements” to its artificial intelligence systems after its retooled search engine was found spitting out erroneous information. Liz Reid, the head of Google's search business, it has sought to make broader improvements such as “detection mechanisms for nonsensical queries” — such as “How many rocks should I eat?” — that shouldn’t be answered with an AI summary. Read Liz's blog post.

  • Texas Utility Stock Powers Past Nvidia in 300% AI-Fueled Rally - The demand to feed the engines of artificial intelligence has helped vault shares of one of the largest US power producers, Vistra Corp., higher even than Nvidia Corp. Investors have been snapping up Vistra stock in a bet that the massive boom in demand — partly fueled by power-sucking AI data centers — will only grow.

  • Hollywood Nightmare? New Streaming Service Lets Viewers Create Their Own Shows Using AI - Fable, the studio behind the viral AI-generated 'South Park' clips, has announced a streaming platform that allows users to create their own content. Showrunner, a platform the company says can write, voice and animate episodes of shows it carries. Under the initial release, users will be able to watch AI-generated series and create their own content — complete with the ability to control dialogue, characters and shot types, among other controls.

  • UCSF to build new continuous AI monitoring platform - UCSF Health and the university's clinical informatics division plan to develop a real-time and automated artificial intelligence monitoring platform for clinical care. It aims to ensure the efficacy and safety of artificial intelligence used in clinical care by building a platform that continuously reports on whether a tool is achieving its intended results, or if it needs improvements. It will flag if a tool is potentially dangerous or risks worsening health disparities, prompting immediate action when necessary.

  • Claude can now use tools - Tool use, which enables Claude to interact with external tools and APIs, is now generally available across the entire Claude 3 model family on the Anthropic Messages API, Amazon Bedrock, and Google Cloud's Vertex AI. With tool use, Claude can perform tasks, manipulate data, and provide more dynamic—and accurate—responses.

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