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Top AI News Headlines for Wednesday April 10th

OpenAI and Meta are about to launch AI models capable of "reasoning"

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Today’s Headlines:

  • OpenAI and Meta are about to launch AI models capable of "reasoning” - OpenAI and Meta are about to launch new artificial intelligence models that they say will be capable of reasoning and planning, a critical step toward developing machines with cognitive abilities superior to humans. Joelle Pineau, Meta's vice president for AI research, told the newspaper that "we are working to make sure that these models don't just talk, but actually think and plan... That they have memory." OpenAI chief operating officer Brad Lightcap said the next generation of the GPT model will show significant advances in its ability to solve “complex problems” that require reasoning.

  • Meta confirms that its Llama 3 open source LLM is coming in the next month - Llama 3, which is bigger in scope than its predecessors, is expected to address this, with capabilities not just to answer questions more accurately but also to field a wider range of questions that might include more controversial topics. It hopes this will make the product catch on with users.

  • AI race heats up as OpenAI, Google and Mistral release new models - The models were launched within 12 hours of one another, and more activity expected in industry over summer. This reflects the ongoing evolution of AI technologies and their increasing integration into various digital and real-world applications.

  • Meta debuts new generation of AI chip - Meta unveiled its artificial intelligence accelerator chip to address the swelling amount of computing power necessary to run AI products in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The chip, referred to internally as "Artemis," will help Meta reduce its reliance on Nvida's AI chips and reduce its energy costs overall.

  • Gemini 1.5 Pro Now Available in 180+ Countries; With Native Audio Understanding, System Instructions, JSON Mode and More - Gemini 1.5 Pro comes with a first-ever native audio (speech) understanding capability and a new File API to make it easy to handle files. We’re also launching new features like system instructions and JSON mode to give developers more control over the model’s output. Lastly, we’re releasing our next generation text embedding model that outperforms comparable models.

  • Google unveils Arm-based data center processor, new AI chip - Google plans to offer the Arm-based central processing unit (CPU) called Axion via Google Cloud. The company said it has superior performance to x86 chips, and general-purpose Arm chips in the cloud. The Axion chip offers 30% better performance than "general-purpose Arm chips, and 50% better performance than current generation x86 chips produced by Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

  • Texas is replacing thousands of human exam graders with AI - They're using an “automated scoring engine” that utilizes natural language processing like ChatGPT. The agency is expecting the system to save $15–20 million per year by reducing the need for temporary human scorers, with plans to hire under 2,000 graders this year compared to the 6,000 required in 2023.

  • AI-operated fighter jet will fly Air Force secretary in a test of military's future drone warplanes - Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall that he will enter the cockpit of one of the F-16s that the service has converted for drone flight to see for himself how the AI-controlled plane performs in the air. The Air Force envisions a scenario in which one piloted jet will be able to quarterback multiple AI-driven, responsive drones, which the service calls "loyal wingmen."

  • A faster, better way to prevent an AI chatbot from giving toxic responses - Researchers from Improbable AI Lab at MIT and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab developed a technique to train a red-team large language model to automatically generate diverse prompts that trigger a wider range of undesirable responses from the chatbot being tested. They do this by teaching the red-team model to be curious when it writes prompts, and to focus on novel prompts that evoke toxic responses from the target model.

  • AI makes retinal imaging 100 times faster, compared to manual method - NIH scientists use artificial intelligence called ‘P-GAN’ to improve next-generation imaging of cells in the back of the eye. With AI, imaging is 100 times faster and improves image contrast 3.5-fold. The advance, they say, will provide researchers with a better tool to evaluate age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other retinal diseases.

  • Meta Introduces The Next Generation Infrastructure for AI - The next generation of Meta’s large-scale infrastructure is being built with AI in mind, including supporting new generative AI products, recommendation systems and advanced AI research. This latest version significantly improves performance compared to the last generation and helps power our ranking and recommendation ads models on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Google unveils new AI-powered tools at Las Vegas conference - Its new workplace AI features include translated captions during video calls, an AI security add-on to protect files and better organization features with its Docs and Sheets apps.

  • 3 Top AI Stocks Ready for a Bull Run - Investors looking to get exposure to the industry should consider the following three companies that are ready for a bull run.

  • Anthropic says its AI models are as persuasive as humans - The researchers found "each successive model generation is rated to be more persuasive than the previous," and that the most capable Anthropic model, Claude 3 Opus, "produces arguments that don't statistically differ" from arguments written by humans.

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