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Top AI News Headlines for Tuesday April 9th

Microchip giant TSMC strikes $11.6 billion deal with Biden to boost production in Arizona

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Today’s Headlines:

  • Microchip giant TSMC strikes $11.6 billion deal with Biden to boost production in Arizona - Taiwan Semiconductor is set to receive almost $12 billion in grants and loans from the US government. The microchip maker plans to build a third factory in Phoenix, Arizona this decade. The Biden administration is eager to onshore production and rely less on China as tensions mount.

  • OpenAI removes the message limit on ChatGPT's GPT-4, but somehow made it worse - Many admit that at first, they were glad to hear this change, but when they used and tested the limit, many were quite disappointed by their findings. While some say the change has increased usage allowances, user experiments have revealed stricter limitations than expected.

  • Intel unveils latest AI chip as Nvidia competition heats up - Intel unveiled its latest artificial intelligence chip, called Gaudi 3. The new Gaudi 3 chip is over twice as power-efficient as, and can run, AI models one-and-a-half times faster than Nvidia’s H100 GPU.

  • Google Introduces Enterprise-Focused AI Updates - The company said it calls the concept of grounding on search and enterprise data “Enterprise Truth,” and added that Google views it as a foundation for the next generation of AI agents — ones that go beyond chat to search for information and carry out tasks for the user.

  • A patchwork of state AI laws is creating 'a mess' for US businesses - The laws governing artificial intelligence are increasingly different depending on where you are in the US, a mounting source of confusion for businesses racing to capitalize on the rise of AI. The reason for the patchwork of laws is largely because not all US lawmakers agree new laws are needed to police AI.

  • OpenAI transcribed over a million hours of YouTube videos to train GPT-4 - OpenAI which, desperate for training data, reportedly developed its Whisper audio transcription model as a way to gather high-quality training data, transcribing over a million hours of YouTube videos to train GPT-4, believing it to be fair use. Google, OpenAI, and the broader AI training world are wrestling with quickly-evaporating training data for their models, which get better the more data they absorb; companies may outpace new content by 2028.

  • Microsoft to Invest $2.9 Billion for AI Projects in Japan - The investment will go toward expanding Microsoft’s cloud and AI infrastructure in the country, training 3 million people in AI and setting up a Microsoft Research Asia lab in Tokyo. In addition, Microsoft and the Japanese government will collaborate on strengthening cybersecurity resilience, the report said.

  • eBay adds an AI-powered 'shop the look' feature to its iOS app - "Shop the Look" will suggest a carousel of images and ideas, based on the customer's shopping history. The company says its recommendations will be personalized to the end user and will evolve as the customer shops more. The idea is to introduce how other fashion items may complement their current wardrobe.

  • Elon Musk predicts AI will be smarter than the smartest human next year - "If you define AGI (artificial general intelligence) as smarter than the smartest human, I think it's probably next year, within two years," Musk said when asked about the timeline for development of AGI. He also said a lack of advanced chips was hampering the training of Grok's version 2 model, but he expects it to be trained by May.

  • Google’s Gemini comes to databases - Google announced the public preview of Gemini in Databases, a collection of features underpinned by Gemini to “simplify all aspects of the database journey.” In less jargony language, Gemini in Databases is a bundle of AI-powered, developer-focused tools for Google Cloud customers who are creating, monitoring and migrating app databases.

  • LinkedIn starts verifying recruiters to stop scams - Generative AI tools have made it easier for scammers to reach out to unsuspecting users about fake job offers to collect sensitive financial information. Verified recruiters will soon receive a checkmark badge on their profiles that confirms they are who they say they are.

  • Google releases Imagen 2, a video clip generator - Imagen 2 — which is actually a family of models, can create and edit images given a text prompt, like OpenAI’s DALL-E and Midjourney. Of interest to corporate types, Imagen 2 can render text, emblems and logos in multiple languages, optionally overlaying those elements in existing images, for example, onto business cards, apparel and products.

  • Google injects generative AI into its cloud security tools - Google unveiled Gemini in Threat Intelligence, a new Gemini-powered component of the company’s Mandiant cybersecurity platform. It can analyze large portions of potentially malicious code and let users perform natural language searches for ongoing threats or indicators of compromise, as well as summarize open-source intelligence reports from around the web.

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