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Eva Angelina at Twistys

July 24, 2000 07:08am
Source: Penthouse
by: Company Press Release

Texas Prisons under George Bush are "Factories of Violence"
Where Female Guards Trade Sex for Protection from Inmate Gangs

Dershowitz Says Psychiatrists Invent "Hypersexuality" to Get New Patients

Oscar, You Sissy Bitch, are You Ready for Fernando Vargas?

Why Guys are Scared of Dildos

How Pro Wrestling got to be America's Newest Mainstream Entertainment

Texas Prisons under George Bush are "Factories of Violence"
Where Female Guards Trade Sex for Protection from Inmate Gangs

Texas Governor George W. Bush is presiding over a huge, out of control prison system that threatens to "reach the violent flash point that necessitates calling in the National Guard." In a major investigative report called "What Me Worry?" in the September Penthouse writer Dan Michalski says Bush talks tough about his justice policies, but in reality he has created a "factory of violence that is literally bursting at the seams" and is rapidly deteriorating. It is so out of control that some women corrections officers are taking prisoner "boyfriends" - exchanging sex for protection against the violence. Texas imprisons more of its citizens per capita than any other state. There are some 153, 000 inmates, roughly triple the number of a decade ago. Prisoners are younger and more violent, with an increasing number of inmate gangs who have run amok and are challenging "a thinning corps of underpaid, undertrained guards."

The female guard contingent - now 38 percent of the guard force - include a rogue element who "find their security by picking out a gang number "boyfriend" with whom they have sex." Some male guards "are simply paying cash for protection" against an increasing number of prisoners who serve their entire sentences "in this violent, degrading environment." Most prisoners finally released from Texas facilities without parole supervision or mandatory drug counseling. While in prison, an increasing number of convicts are subjected to administrative segregation or "hard bed" punishment - where they are kept in solitary confinement at least 23 hours a day and have been found "babbling and shrieking incessantly, smearing themselves with excrement, attempting suicide, and engaging in acts of self-mutilation-everything from slicing their writes to eating glass." [Pg. 40; interview available with Dan Michalski]

The Art of Sploshing - Beware of Flour in Your Pubes

Ever have the urge to get really down and dirty with your lover. Dirty as in making love in the mud or smearing one another's bodies with goo in what the British call "sploshing." If you do, you'll want to read Penthouse magazine "Unrepentant Voyeur", Ralph Gardner Jr.'s article, in the September issue. He says the Brits even have a magazine devoted to the subject, "Splosh," described as "the love child of Penthouse and Mad". Based on a highly informal poll Gardner conducted, chocolate syrup seems to be America's favorite topping during sex play. But he warns of some unforeseen consequences: (1) Sugar is bad for the vagina and (2) be careful of anything water-and-flour based because it "lodges in your pubes and hardens into a most painful depilatory." [Pg. 166; interview available with Ralph Gardner Jr.]

New Treatment Discovered for Vietnam Traumatic Stress Disorder

Few people know that beyond the 58,152 Americans who were killed in the Vietnam War, and the 200,000 who were wounded, post traumatic stress disorder has claimed 150,000 more lives through suicide. Writer Catherine Cash Spellman says in the September Penthouse that there finally is hope for stress disorder thanks to a new treatment called CranioSacral Therapy." Spellman says it is a "hands-on, body-centered technique that communicates with the innate intelligence of the physical body to heal trauma." It was developed by a Florida osteopathic physician named John Upledger, who says, "You can talk all you want, but you still won't get the memory out of the leg or wherever it may be lodged." The Veterans Administration is studying his work, and "it appears that for many still suffering from PTSD, the Upledger program may finally help heal war wounds of 30 years ago and more." [Pg. 109; interview available with Catherine Cash Spellman]

Pro Wrestling Is American's Newest Mainstream Entertainment - A Killer Combination of Sex, Violence, and Rock 'n' Roll

It seems as if America has gone over the ropes for pro wrestling. At least according to Penthouse magazine -- which is starting a monthly column for what was until recently derided as a fake sport on the lunatic fringe of athletics. Writer Brian Alvarez notes a few significant statistics: People today think nothing of forking over $400 for ringside seats at major wrestling events. Autobiographies by WWF superstars Mick Foley and Dwayne Johnson are on The New York Times best-seller list. A dozen or more magazines now address every possible fan fixation. Hollywood has produced a raft of films such as "Beyond the Mat" and "Ready to Rumble." And, of course, there's the 16 hours of wrestling programming on television now viewed by more than 20 million fans weekly. Alvarez says he's been a rabid fan since childhood. He's the editor of a weekly wrestling newsletter called "Figure Four" and he makes frequent appearances inside the ring. "I have the dubious distinction of being the only wrestling journalist in the world who regularly gets his ass kicked inside the ring," says Alvarez. [Pg. 110; interview available with Brian Alvarez]

Linderman Says Rams Are the Class of the NFL

Penthouse sports writer Larry Linderman makes his annual NFL predictions in the September issue. While he says the St. Louis Rams are the most likely Super Bowl champs, he says "keep an eye out for Tampa Bay in the National Football Conference, and for a handful of menacing American Football Conference contenders ready to dominate professional football." In the NFC, Linderman says the Washington Redskins will take the East, Tampa Bay will win the Central, and the Rams will take the West. The East division of the American Football Conference will go to the Indianapolis Colts, the Central to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the West to the Denver Broncos. He predicts last place finishes for venerable teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, and Miami Dolphins. [Pg. 35; interview available with Larry Linderman]

Dershowitz Says Psychiatrists Invent "Hypersexuality" to Get New Patients

Famed defense attorney Alan M. Dershowitz says the so-called "hypersexuality" disorder may be nothing more than an invention of psychiatrists trying to drum up business. Dershowitz writes in the September Penthouse that "hypersexuality" is supposedly a disorder characterized by a compulsive dependence on Internet sex. People with this condition would presumably be among the nearly nine percent of Internet users who spend more than 11 hours a week visiting sites that pique their sexual curiosity.

"Why," asks Dershowitz, "do they want to medicalize what sounds like a potentially healthy development. Why (make an) analogy to crack cocaine? I believe therapists are always looking for new patients, and declaring this growing group of Internet users to be in need of therapy certainly expands the profession's patient base." Contrary to the shrinks' analysis, Dershowitz believes "the sites are often visited by shy, inhibited women and men, or those who are afraid of sexually transmitted diseases or public exposure. They want to satisfy their cravings with anonymity, and to maintain control by being able to log on and off at will." [Pg. 20; interview available with Alan Dershowitz]

Oscar, You Sissy Bitch, Are You Ready for Fernando Vargas?

Fernando Vargas, the International Boxing Federation Junior Middleweight champ, pulls no punches when he talks about his hated rival, Oscar De La Hoya. In an interview in the September Penthouse Vargas was asked if he could say "one thing" to Oscar: "I think he's a bitch. He's sissy and prissy. The guy has no balls. His fight against ("Tito") Trinidad was more like a track meet, not a fight. I haven't seen any fight of De La Hoya's that has really impressed me." Vargas tells interviewers Jonathan Davis and Michael-Ann Rowe that as a youth he idolized De La Hoya, but that changed when he met him for the first time and "he treated me so poorly." He adds, "but here I am now and I'm his worst nightmare." [Pg. 22; interview available with Davis and Rowe]

Guys Are Scared of Dildos because They Make Them Feel inadequate

Penthouse writer Jennifer Matlack says men are often upset when their wives or girlfriends use dildos for sexual pleasure because the plastic devices makes them feel inadequate. Matlack says she has a dildo named Junior who supplies her with on-demand delight. Her boyfriend has asked her to keep it out of his sight. Says Matlack, "When I asked Tyler to explain, he spoke rather colorfully about the first time we went into an adult toy store as a couple. 'The things were giant, all jumbled together. I kept looking for my model and the sex shop salesman says 'and here is our baby-dick department." [Pg. 26; interview available with Jennifer Matlack]

Saturated Fats may not be Evil After all

The "evils" of saturated fats may have been severely exaggerated. Penthouse magazine Health and Fitness editor Ori Hofmekler says new evidence suggests that even if these fats are significantly reduced, the change in life expectancy would only be a few months. He cites a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine" as he concludes that people should "not fall for all the hype that fats are the evil enemy guaranteed to ruin your health. This is just not true." [Pg. 133; interview available with Ori Hofmekler]

Get Total Genital Pleasure from an Ankle Massage

Here's a new one for givers of pleasure. According to sex expert Dr. Judy Kuriansky, an ankle massage can provide "total genital pleasure." Dr. Judy writes in the September Penthouse about various ways to caress the foot and nearby body parts. She says she learned about the ankle from a New York City reflexologist, Laura Norman, who gives tips in weekend seminars on foot massage. "Every guy should give his woman these tips - if he dares grant her that power," says Kuriansky. [Pg. 88; interview available with Judy Kuriansky]

No Role Model Role for Jamie "Wanda" Foxx

Actor Jamie Foxx, the man who played the masseuse Wanda in the Fox series In Living Color, couldn't care less about being a role model for young blacks. He tells interviewer Chaunc Hayden in the September Penthouse, "We're not supposed to be looked at as role models. What we do is just entertainment. We are very conscious of who we are. But we don't let who we are get in the way of what we're trying to do." [Pg. 16; interview available with Chaunc Hayden]

Country Music's Girl Singers - Pierced Navels and Tight T-Shirts.

The current crop of country music "girl singers" is made of females "as sexy as their pop and rock counterparts, and they often sing music that's just as indistinguishable, not only in beat and tone, but in theme." Penthouse magazine profiles stars such as the Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain, Faith Hill and Terri Clark. Music writer Alana Nash says the "new Nashville women are going a long way toward changing the look and sound of country music, probably forever and they're doing it in tight T-shirts, sheer dresses, and bare midriffs that show off pierced navels." In a sidebar article accompanying the profiles, writer James L. Dickerson charts the stunning rise of the Dixie Chicks, revealing that the daughter of the late Texas Senator John Tower, Penny Cook, helped get them launched with a personal check for $10,000. [Pg. 80; interviews available with Alana Nash and James Dickerson]

Don't Mess with Leonor Varela

Leonor Varela, the half-Chilean, half-French star of "Texas Rangers" is so delicately built that males usually get very protective around herâ¦until she tells about the time a cobra dove between her breasts and she didn't flinch. Varela tells Penthouse magazine that while acting the suicide scene in last year's TV epic Cleopatra, her co-star was a real, live cobra. "I just looked it straight in the eye and said my line, 'Take me to Isis.' I leaned my neck back, and it flicked its tongue and, I swear to God, dove into my cleavage." Says Penthouse writer Stephan Talty: "The cobra didn't have a chance." Varela is the subject of a mini-profile in the September Penthouse. [Pg. 14; interview available with Stephan Talty]

Good for You Stress

Stress may actually be good for you, at least in the short term. Penthouse writer Jane Garrard writes in the September issue that "stress may help mobilize the immune system" and help it to fight off foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses or even chemicals. [Pg. 134: interview available with Jane Garrard]

A Note about the Cover of the September Penthouse

It's a toss-up what image on the alluring cover photo of the September Penthouse will most appeal to guys scanning the newsstands. Pet of the Month Aria Giovanni is certainly fetching enough in her leather bikini. But it is the gleaming silver motorcycle from Pure Steel (Phoenix, Arizona) that she is straddling that may catch the attention of many readers. After they turn to the pictorial inside featuring the University of California at San Diego junior, all thoughts of motorcycles are likely to evaporate. [Pictorial by Suze Randall begins on page 93]

[The September Penthouse goes on sale July 25]

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