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January 18, 2004 09:00am
Vivid's Devil in Miss Jones - First Man in Report
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Julian Patrick

Anytime there is a timeless movie, Hollywood does a remake to pay tribute to the original genius. Porn Valley is no different and Paul Thomas is up to the challenge. The All-star cast includes Jenna Jameson as the Devil and Miss Jones played by Vivid Girl Savanna Samson. As a bonus the original Miss Jones, Georgina Spelvin will have a cameo in the film.

After contacting Ellie Reeve and Jackie Markham at Vivid, PR, I was directed to a downtown LA warehouse. Once on site I was to meet with the Production Coordinator, Shailar.

2:14 PM: I arrive at the downtown LA warehouse and find my contact Shailar. He introduces me to Legend Paul Thomas. I grab a script and begin playing catch-up.

Apparently, this is day 5 of a 9 day shoot. On camera is Jason, one of the best, and he says that everything will be shot entirely on 16mm film. Jason loves to shoot film and jumped at the chance when PT (Thomas) asked him to work the camera. He mentioned that they did quite a few "Zoom in and Pan out shots" in the style of Stanley Kubrick.

The first scene stars Dick Smothers, Angelica Sin, and Roxanne Hall in a three-way bondage scenario while Savanna watches and masturbates. The scene is shot inside a shower room and there isn't much space for me to watch the action. I guess we will both have to buy the video.

5:00 PM: Jenna Jameson arrives and will be doing a G/G scene with Rachel Rotten. What makes this unique is that it's Rachel's first G/G and there is no better partner than Ms. Jameson to take your virginity. Unfortunately, Shailar calls for a closed set and I have to wait outside. I decide to go home and try back tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll have better luck viewing the sex scenes.

Next Day: Hills above Malibu

3:44 PM: After maneuvering a winding canyon road, I come upon the parking area. I make a phone call and the transport vehicle comes to take me further up the hill. The home is set on a private knoll overlooking a canyon. It's a modern home with plenty of glass and a stainless steel frame shaped like a half circle.

Looking around, I notice that they are shooting a scene in the backyard by the pool. I get in position just in time for the cum shot between Nick Manning and Samantha Samson. PT calls cut and Samantha decides to jump in the pool naked and cool off. I think that half the crew needs to do the same after that steamy scene.

4:00 PM: "It's lunch time, everyone eat", directs Paul Thomas. I grab a plate and fill it up with chicken, pasta and salad. While eating I spot Georgina Spelvin and introduce myself. She is happy to finally meet me and agrees to answer a few questions for our readers. "Georgina, how and why did you decide to take a role in this movie?" "Paul Thomas called me one night and made me an offer that I couldn't refuse," she replies. O.K. good answer. "When you first did the original movie did you ever think that it would be so popular?" "Didn't think anyone would see it," she answers. And now for the Pulitzer prize winning question. "When the movie became a huge hit what did you think about it?" "Well, what can I do about it," she replies. The attitude was much different toward doing adult films back in the 70's but Georgina endured and paved the way for many of today's stars. I let her enjoy her meal and I get ready for the next scene.

5:11 PM: Jenna Jameson arrives on location. It's a Savanna Samson movie, but Jenna and Savannah will both be on the box cover I'm told by Shailar. The crew is beginning to setup for the next scene with Georgina and Samantha in the master bathroom. It's just dialog but the room is tough to light due to the picture glass windows.

6:00 PM: The bathroom can't be lit properly so they decide to wait for the sun to go down and move everyone outside for the next scene. It's dialog between Jenna and Samantha by the pool. As Jenna comes out from make-up, Paul says, "All Rise," as to acknowledge Jenna as the Queen of porn.

7:16 PM: The dialog between Jenna (the Devil) and Samantha (Miss Jones) finishes ahead of schedule and I get a few minutes to talk to Jenna about the movie and her sex scene last night. I knew that the scene was very hot as they used 8 rolls of film instead of the usual 3. "Jenna, how did the sex scene go last night?" I inquire. "It was very Hot; Rachel is great to work with and a fast learner. In fact I am going to use her in my upcoming movie for Club Jenna." Jenna has 3 scenes in the movie, G/G with Rachel, G/G with Samantha, and a masturbation scene. The sun is starting to go down and with no sex scenes tonight I get a ride back to my car and head home.

This movie is a huge project for Vivid, Paul Thomas, and Samantha Samson. Shot entirely on 16mm film and over 9 days it looks like a hit based on what I have seen and heard. There are three scenes with Jenna Jameson and Samantha Samson is coming into her own everyday.

Pornography feminists unshackle their desires and celebrate their sexuality in the patriarchal world

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