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December 04, 1999 12:00pm
Porn scam at the Sally Jesse Raphael show. Filming doesn't stop in the studio.
Source: AINews
by: Steve Nelson

Margaret Dupre, a.k.a. Mistress B. B., was flown to New York and allegedly held hostage under the guise of appearing on the Sally Jesse Raphael show according to Ms. Dupre. She explains that she was flown to New York to do dominatrix scene, but the script changed once she got to the hotel.

The Story
Filming started in the studio, then left for scenes to be shot on location, all the while the "actors" seemed to have a different idea of what was going to take place. The scenario was supposed to, according to Ms. Dupre, be that a man who wanted to cheat on his wife would be taken to a local dungeon in New York and be given a surprise session with her as the dominatrix.

Instead they were taken to her hotel room by the producer and film crew with all their camera equipment and asked to strip naked and film porn scenes. The scenario that evolved ended when Ms. Dupre refused to be filmed having sex and demanded the film crew leave her hotel room.

Ms. Dupre then says she was billed for the hotel room and feared she would not get back to Los Angeles because she did not cooperate. "Any other girl alone in New York would have probably done it, but I wouldn't have sex with the bloke", she said, "When thery're holding a ticket over your head it tends to intimidate you."

There has been no comment from the producers of the Sally Jesse Raphael show.

The Interview
I met Mistress BB, a blonde Dominatrix with a rich Australian accent, at her boat in the Marina, and this is what she had to say:

AINews: I'm with Mistress BB and we're ging to talk about her experience on the Sally Jesse Raphael show.

Mistress BB: First of all they have a topic of conversation on the TV when they have the show. They say if anyone has something to do with this topic call on the show and we'll fly you to New York and put you on the show. Sounds pretty good right?

So I rung them up a few times when they've had things on there about B&D and other things as well, like the sex industry and all that stuff and they've always told me send pictures and all that stuff. They said that we've got enough people but will let you know if something comes up about B&D. So when she called me last week she spoke to me on the phone to ask me about everything in my life.

AINews: So you spoke to Sally Jesse Raphael?

BB: No, I spoke to Denise who works for her show. She's the producer, right? And she was laughing and talking and telling me she's been to The Vault which is one of my favorite clubs in New York.

AINews: Where he is The Vault?

BB: It's in New York. I met the owner on the beach in Wikiki. He's got me on his WebSite, so it sounded all genuine, you know? She said she really liked it and she was going to take me the and we are going to put it in the show with this bloke being dominated. So she said could you come tomorrow. It's like one days notice then. I said yeah, I'll come. So Gill [my husband] was really pissed off because he wasn't allowed to come with me.

AINews: So, they only wanted you.

BB: They only wanted me. They didn't want him and he was very upset because he sent his picture and we did Jerry Springer together. We both enjoy going together. He was really upset that he could go, right? So anyway she told me to bring everything. All my bondage stuff which is really heavy. I don't have any normal clothes. I'm not normal, I don't wear a suit and all that shit. I'm not a little secretary, I'm not an idiot.

AINews:: I love it, that's great!

BB: And it's like a five hour flight. Right? I'm talking to people on the plane and they're all friendly a lot of people and they recognize me from other stuff I've done on TV and are talking about it. Nothing embarrasses me about sex or B&D, you know? It's not embarrassing to me, I don't care when anybody asks. I'll tell them. So when I get to New York it's like minus 5, right? Absolutely freezing! And I have to go around the airport and find the driver and wait for him to get the car around because I was bloody freezing. I get the car, it takes me to New York and I don't know where I am. I've never been to New York in my life. It's a huge place and I don't know where I am. It takes two hours to get to the hotel and when we get there it's like 7:00.

AINews: Do you recall the name of the hotel?

BB: Yeah, is called the Fulton Plaza. And I went up to the desk and there's letter at the front desk saying here's $20 for food.

AINews: Well, that was nice.

BB: (Laughs) Here's $20 for food and have a nice time and we'll call you later and tell you wear to go, ya know? So I got to the room, it's pitch black in New York, I'm not walking out in the street no way not for $20 or for $20,000, I'm not going on the bloody street. So I go to sleep, wake up at 6:30 in the morning and the car is there to pick me up.

Now this Denise, the girl who is the producer explained to me that she has a couple in the studio with Sally, and the woman is saying that she can't handle her husband. He wants sex six times at day and she can handle it right?

AINews: Yeah.

BB: And they're going to bring me on pretending I'm going to take him out on a date and go to bed with him, but it's not gonna be like that. I'm going to take him to The Vault and whip him and stuff right?

AINews: Okay, so it was a scenario that was set up without the other guy knowing, supposedly.

BB: Yes, he didn't know anything, and neither did the girl, his wife. It was a surprise. So they would like grill you up in this little room for about three hours telling me what to say and what to do, what to wear, changing your hair and your makeup like six times so you look normal right? Not like a dominatrix, covering everything up. All my bangals and stuff. And so I walked out on stage and as soon as I walked out everybody recognized me from Jerry Springer anyway! (Laughs) I was a Dominatrix. So the whole audience is laughing, Sally Jesse Raphael is like stupid and is sitting there and said to me, "So what do you do?" and I wasn't allowed to say I do B&D. So I said, "Well I'm an artist." Which I am.

AINews: Yeah, I like your work.

BB: And then she was like leading me in. "Well what else do you do?" I said "Well what do you mean? Like pleasuring myself?" I thought this is ridiculous if I can't say what else I do, what am I supposed to say here? So anyway, "You two go off for a date." Me and this ugly half Negro bloke (Laughs) Now I have a big thing about Negroes. I won't see them in the dungeon because they don't know what B&D is. They're very ignorant about B&D. They don't know what it is. And they think if they're paying you a lot of money they're going to have sex with you which is not true, right?

AINews: Go on...

BB: B&D is not sex.

AINews: That's right.

BB: So when I had my dungeon in Wikiki I'd only see specific people which are white middle-aged lawyers or intelligent people that are into B&D. They have to be into it before I will see them and I interview them really strictly on the phone so to like just do it for a joke is all right as a joke but not to take it any step further, you know, where someone who doesn't know what they're doing right? You don't go there right? You don't lead people on, right? Otherwise it's bad news.

AINews: In other words it's their freedom of choice too.

BB: You are in the room with that person and they pay. You have to make it very clear in the beginning what's going to happen in the room. There's not going to be any sex, is not to be any nudity, there's not going to be any touching or him touching you with his hands or anything else, it's really really strict. That's why it's legal in Hawaii and it's legal here because it's not sex right?

So anyway this jerk! (The only way I can describe him is jerk, right?) Him and I have to walk off the set like were going on a big hot date, right? And I don't know what he thought. If he thought that was true or not it certainly wasn't true as far as I was concerned. So they take us out of the studio. They're following us with the camera. One camera, two camera men, and the producer Joanne. They follow us out of the studio into the limo and then they all get in the limo and they're looking at me with the camera saying well start being nice to him.

And now he's putting his hand on my leg and I said, "Now wait a minute!" And I pulled his hand off my leg and I said, "This is not going to happen!" [They say] When are you going to be nice to this bloke?" So he starts saying, "What so good about you?" You know? Well, I don't do this. I don't go on dates with people. I don't date people I don't know. That's not what I do, right? I'm a Dominatrix. And he said, "I know that because I saw you on Jerry Springer. This GEEK who they were supposed to have set me up with, right? He says, "You think you're going to get me in the room and with a whip and all that? It's not to happen!" And I said, "Nothing else is going to happen either." So they're filming this with her crew then she [Joanne] starts calling up the producer saying she's not going to cooperate, about me, right?

AINews: So you're saying that it sounded like Denise told them that you were going to have sex with him.

BB: Yes, a different story from what she told me. So she calls a Denise and says she's not cooperating right? I didn't get to speak to anyone. So she starts talking to her and we were still in the car. Me and fucking Handy Andy with his hands going any everywhere you know? I'm saying get away! So the camera men didn't know was happening either so they stopped filming and she says, "Look were going to take you to the bar in New York and he's going to buy you some drinks and you're going to talk with him like flirt with him. So I said, "And then what's going to happen?" [Joanne said] "I'll tell you later what's going to happen." Right?

So we go to this Irish bar in New York. I don't know what it was called, but they were filming in the bar. The bar men, all the people in their me and him sitting at the bar and he's drinking whiskey or something and I don't drink. I drink tea which didn't look good on camera so they said well have something else, so I said all right I'll have wine and seven up, right? What they were trying to do is get me drunk. I didn't realize then. I was still stupid at this point. So we're sitting at the bar and I said well I think I want to talk to the producer because I don't think this is going to way it's supposed to go, so she said all right, she gives the the phone, puts it through to Denise in the studio and I said, "Denise what's happening here? Am I supposed to like turn into Wonder Woman and suddenly appear in my bondage gear and when is it going to happen? [Denise said] "We are just going to the bar scene and then were going to take you to dinner and we're doing The Vault scene. "Which all sounded okay because I thought I'd have all day to do all this stuff, right? So that like shut me up for a couple more hours, right?

AINews: Yeah?

BB: So I go back to the bar and I'm telling him a few juicy stories about me and how I was a mermaid for photographers in Australia and I put bread in my pussy the to make the fish come.

AINews: Really?

BB: Yeah! Which is pretty nice!

AINews: That's interesting...

BB: Then she says, "Now you can't say pussy on TV." Like boom! You know, big fucking word, you know? So I said, "All right, I put the bread inside me and the fish come and they follow me around and it's very nice, right?

AINews: That gives new meaning to 'yeast infection', doesn't it?

BB: (Laughs hysterically) I don't know, but the fish are fucking huge! (Laughs) The fish nibble on your pussy, it's fucking nice!

AINews: (Laughs)

BB: I love it! But there's big fish down there. There's big fucking fish what do they call it? Stingrays and shit. So, you just have a puff of oxygen and your weighted down on the bottom, right? It's pretty scary! That's what I did in Australia. Everybody knows me for being a mermaid, right? That was my job. Plus your topless. It's kind of risky, you know? The bloody shark could come along any minute and snap you up. It's a pretty dodgey job right? But it's pretty good money. One quick nip and your gone! (Laughs). And you can't get up to the surface because your weighted down it's a very dangerous job right? And I love doing it. I love being under the sea and being a mermaid.

So that's the only kind of stories I was telling this bloke. His wife was on the show and she had a baby and he wouldn't marry her and his name was J.C. which I worked out later was Jesus Christ - he thinks he's like a God - he wants six or seven wives and he wants all these women to be pregnant for him. He wants his own WebSite and all this shit. I just had it up to here listening to his crap about how he's ruling his wife, only gives her $20 because he couldn't trust her to go off with more money because she might never come back.

AINews: Well...

BB: So anyway he is an absolute creep, this bloke, right? No way he's ever going to get near me, right? Anyway, does I know he wouldn't know what B&D was! So anyway, I get through this fucking drink thing and then they film us walking to the restaurant which is around the corner. Madison Square Garden is opposite there. We go down into this restaurant and we have to still pretend we're on a lovely-dovey date.

I get prawns and he gets steak and he wants to feed each other. Meanwhile the producer and the camera men are sitting at their table having their dinner filming us... So [then] they film us driving back to my hotel. We're in the limo on our own by now. Me and him, and they're in another car and they said we had to wait outside the hotel until they arrived in a big white stretch limo and they were a half an hour to 3/4 of an hour, and I had about four drinks by then and I don't drink all and it doesn't make me horny, it makes me sleep, and I had to like fight off this idiot in the back of the limo for a half an hour or whenever because he obviously thought he was 'in there', you know?

AINews: Like he thought he was getting something?

BB: Yeah. He thought he was going to. Like he was pretty graphic in what he wanted right? His wife would not let him eat her pussy and all that shit. His wife was like Howard Stern's wife, likes sex in only one position. So he wanted like everything! A trip around the world is what we saying in Australia, right?

Anyway, so they turn up and they film us getting out of the limo and going into the hotel and then right behind them was this huge sky trolley full of equipment and was so big they had to put it in the service elevator to bring it up to the room. So we get in the room and I say, "What is all this equipment? What the hell is going on?" And she said, "Oh, you don't need to know, you just start getting your clothes off." And I said, "What?" That's really what she said to me. "Start getting your close off" then I said, "I don't think so." And she said, "Well we want to get you and him in the bath." Number one, that bath isn't big enough for two people and Number two if you want to do a hot tub scene let's go to the gym and do a hot tub scene. You don't do a sex scene in a tiny little hotel room with this idiot and me. I said, "I'm not doing this for free. This is turning into a porno movie, I can see.

All of a sudden your setting up lights and it's just not on. And she said, Well, you're an actress, you can do this." I said, "No, I'm not doing this." And she said, "Well why not?" [I said] "Because no one told me this is what it was going to be. I'm supposed to be like putting on my gear tonight and taking this bloke to a bondage club and tying him up which is what I do. I don't have sex with people. It's not my job. And I know your not going to show this on TV. And she said, "We cover-up the naughty bits with squares so no one can see them." I said, "Well you've got the wrong person go out in the road and get a prostitute because I'm not doing it." She really got mad then, and started screaming at me. She said, "I don't want to be here until 8:00 editing this tonight." And I just said, "Look, all of you get out of my room!" Right?

So then everybody in the room was telling me that bondage was out, something I never heard about, something happened at The Vault, she said to me, they closed The Vault down, it doesn't even exist anymore. Out of the blue right? That's what she said to me B&D is out. We want you to be in bed with this bloke, both of you on top of each other with no clothes on right? So he starts taking his shirt off and stands in front and she said, "Look just undo the buttons on his trousers." And I said, "No way it's not to happen." So he starts taking his bloody trousers off right in front of me and I said, "Look I'm ready to cry right now if you don't get out of my room I'm leaving the room and you can all stay here and get someone else because I'm not doing this!" Right? I was really upset! And she saying to me, "Well you haven't got a return ticket to L.A. right? If you don't start cooperating..."

They have all these things on their side. They've got the room, they paid for the room, they paid the air fare, if I didn't start doing what they wanted I would be like out in New York on my own which they knew would like really fucking terrify me. So I said, "Look this is not to happen!" All she kept saying is, "You're an actress you can do this and I'm saying, "No I'm not doing this so then she gets on the phone to Denise saying I'm not cooperating again and Denise gets on the phone to me and she says, "I told her you are the best guest we we were ever gonna have and all this was... I said, "Well what happened to the dungeon scene you know this is what I brought all my gear for you told me to bring everything with me right? What's going to happen to that?" She said, "Well that's a good idea for another show but not THIS show." (Laughs) I said, "Well why did you bring me here then? Why did you bring me? I'm not going to get into bed with this bloke, you know I have a boyfriend back home, you're not going to show this live on TV I know your not." You know? I have her reputation as a Dominatrix.

I'm not gonna jump in bed with a complete stranger. It doesn't work that way. And she said, "Well we have to do this because the scene tomorrow is you and him in the studio saying how he cheated on his wife." And I said, "Well get someone else. I'm not doing it. It's not me." So Joanna puts this contract in my face and I said, "I already signed one of these." And she said, "Well you have to sign another one saying that wouldn't talk room and I said, "Well if I sign I want you all to leave." Right? So I signed this piece of paper thinking that would get rid of them all, right?

AINews: Now what was that piece of paper?

BB: It's a contract. It's like a three page contract saying you will not except money from the Sally show, there would be no nudity, bad language, like all this, which wasn't true and your supposed get paid every time you signed this contract and they weren't giving me any money, right? So she comes back and I said, "Get this man out of my room, I can't handle him." Because he was getting really insulting he was saying to give her $200 and call the police and after we finish filming and have her arrested. And that wasn't going to happen either right? So I said, "Get him out of my room right now. I'm getting really fucking angry. I'm about to hit somebody!"

She said, "We want you to do another scene where you walk towards the room from the elevator and you smile at him and come in the room and put a do not disturb sign on the door and I said no. So then all of them would say oh you've gotta this you've gotta do this. I said, "Get out of the room get all these people out of the room." And she was pleading with me please do this. And they're all still in my room. So I walk to the door not smiling because I'm ready to cry. I'll walk from the elevator to the door I'll come out with a whip and the do not disturb sign and look like it's going to be a bondage session. "That's the only way it's going to work if you cut that bid out I'm going to do something about it. You can't make it look like he's coming into my room to have sex because everybody knows I don't do that." So she got this creep there to apologize for what he said about the police and all that stuff. He apologized to me, we went out and we had to go back in the lift, me and him in the lift right? And I said, "I'm not going to be in the room all alone with him when I come back." So she waited in the room.

We had to get in the lift, come back up, go to the door, and we did what I said about putting the sign out but I look really angry and pissed off. So then they left and all their gear with them. And I'm really upset and I called up everyone can I said, "Well, I'm here with no ticket now, I don't know what they're going to do, I think they're to take the room and leave me out in the street." I think that's what they really wanted to do. So my friends are saying don't leave the room. They can't come and jerk me out of the room. So then I get a call from a guy named Eric saying I will be leaving tomorrow. There'll be a car downstairs tomorrow at 6:30 in the morning to take me to the airport and I said, "That's good I just want to get out of here." I didn't want to go back and do anymore this dodgey film crap. So he was laughing when he was talking on the phone and I could hear people laughing in the background so I didn't know if that was true or not.

Anyway I got down at 6:30 in the morning in the car sitting outside. And the bloke said, "Well are you paying cash?" And I said, "I don't have any cash, what for?" "To take you to the airport." And I said, "No shit!" I hauled my gear out of the car and get back in the lobby, right? And I'm sitting there and I start calling everyone. Denise, Eric, all the people at the studio, no one called back. The manager [of the hotel] is coming up to me with a bill for the hotel and I said, "I'm not paying that! It's their responsibility! They brought me out here, I'm not paying it!" So I went up in the breakfast room which is the only food they had. Like restaurants and tea and stuff, and I'm having a cup of tea. I don't care. And Denise calls me back and she said, "Your [flight is] booked at 10:30."

I still didn't believe them so I rang United Airlines and they told me I'm not booked `till 6:55 tonight! If I try to change the seat there is a charge of $25, so that I called everyone back and no one would talk to the anymore so this driver comes up and gets me, they're trying to put his bill in my face for the hotel, I said, No fucking way!" And I still got the key in my pocket. As I thought if they dump me at the airport I'm coming back to their room and I'm staying there until I sort this out. So I'm crying in the taxi and the driver is saying to me that there's nothing he could do, he couldn't call the studio he couldn't contact anyone for me, his job was just to drive me to the airport and leave me there. So I get to the airport and the woman sees what a state I'm in and I'm saying, "Look they told me I'm not gonna have my ticket, now I find out I'm booked at 6:55 and she said, "Look there's a plane leaving right now, I'm putting you on." Because Gilbert had already called them from here and told her what happened and she was really nice.

AINews: Who is that 'someone' at the airport?

BB: United Airlines behind the desk. All I had was my ID and I showed her and I said I'm not being stuck in New York no way and she said there's a plane leaving now you're on it. She was really nice and she told Gil she couldn't tell him what plane I was on just to be at the airport at 12:45 this time here so he was there. The whole thing was a real fucking nightmare, then I realized that this is what they do. They tell people to go there for the show and I'm not sure if Sally known as this or not, right? But what I think is that these producers aren't being paid much money by the Sally show and are doing these pornos on the side with all the equipment. It's the only logical reason I can come up with because they're not going to show that on TV. I've watched the Sally show, I've watched the Jerry show, they don't show people in their rooms having sex.

AINews: Not on TV.

BB: No not TV, you know? So what is all that filming for, you know? I mean they may show us in the restaurant. Not show is in the bath, they wouldn't show us in bed together it's just not on is it? I watch all those shows. They don't show people in bed having sex. They go on the show and they say he was in my room last night or she was with me last night but they don't actually show them in the room right? And her [Sally's] show is the most normal out of all of them.

AINews: The most conservative?

BB: Yes. Like I really thought she was intelligent, you know? I thought she wanted to like really talk to me. The whole thing was like a scam for these people to make money or I don't know. Either she knows about it or she doesn't know about it.

AINews: Have they contacted you sense then?

BB: No. Gill called them all day and they wouldn't callback. I talked to my brother and Hawaii he called them and he listened to her voice on there [answering machine] But I don't care if they sue me because I have nothing to lose. So it's the same sort of thing, they take the ticket and they take the hotel. Figure it out. Your in the street at anyone's mercy to get home on your own which is not on. You can't do that to people especially if you have a big show like that.

AINews: What you're describing isn't a professional situation.

BB: But I think, how many other people has this happened to? How the other girls will be taken on there with their scam if it is a scam. I don't know what's going on. I just know what they were asking me to do was just wrong.

AINews: Thank you for sharing that.

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Pushed Into the Corner

Bright Lights, Lonely Nights

Halloween Art Show

Sex Workshop Hustler San Diego

Fake Test Results

CET Free Panel Month

TTS Welcomes Bobi & Jen

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