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Club Jessica Jaymes - Official Website

July 04, 2000 12:02am
AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Keisha
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

I must have arrived a bit early to Keisha's house for the interview because she hadn't eaten yet. I wouldn't advise this as a standard method to get Porn Legends to fix you dinner, but that's just what happened.

Keisha asked me if I'd like to have a bite to eat with her and a few minutes later I found myself talking to her over a home cooked meal. She's down to earth, real people, VERY sexy, and yes, she can cook too - in the kitchen AND on the set.

AINews: You are under contract with who?

Keisha: Nobody.

AINews: Nobody!? I thought you were under contract with Elegant Angel!

Keisha: You know, I'm not under contract with them, but I love them. I wouldn't mind being under contract with them but we haven't talked about it.

AINews: How did you come to be working with them?

"So then I hooked up with Patrick [Collins], and they said, Oh, we've got to put you in our line, "Come Back Pussy". I said 'OK'."

Keisha: A friend of mine that I know, who is an attorney is friends with Patrick. So, when I came back to the business and I went to the CES show in January of 99. I ran into my friend Ted and he says, "I've got to introduce you to Patrick". And I ran into Ted at the Adult Video News Awards but Patrick wasn't actually at the awards. I sat at the Elegant Angel table and he said "I have to introduce you to Patrick, he'll love you, he'll love you". So then I went and met with them. I guess it was after my Chemistry class. After I did the CES show, in January 99, I took my chemistry class. I didn't pursue any work at that time because it was a really hard class. A lot of homework. So then I hooked up with Patrick, and they said, Oh, we've got to put you in our line, "Come Back Pussy". I said "OK". But even before that , they hired me for an orgy, "Sodomania Orgies, Sex After School". That was like the first Sodomania Orgy. In this movie, I did my first on screen D.P. (double penetration)

AINews: Wow, the first?

Keisha: Yeah!

AINews: That was just a little while ago.

"I said, 'Put another finger in, put another finger in.' Next thing I know she has got her whole fist in me."

Keisha: Yeah, we shot it July 99 and it came out a couple of months later. So that was pretty cool.(Laughs!) It was funny because these two French girls, it was so cute. She comes over to me in her French accent. You like women? I said "Yeah, come on over". So she was fingering me and I said "put another finger in, put another finger in". Next thing I know she has got her whole fist in me. She was fisting me and they were shooting it and I couldn't help wondering if they were going to leave it in the movie. As you know the distributors don't like to carry movies with fisting in them because they are afraid that they are going to get targeted by the government for prosecution for obsenity. So then the blond French girl had a girlfriend, who was this adorable little French/Vietnamese girl and she had the tiniest hands. The blonde says to me "my friend want to try". So her friend starts fisting me and somebody says "hey, her hands are small, she should use two of them". So the next thing I know, this little girl has her two little hands fisting me. It was so cool, it was so, so, funny. It was great. I was so elated after I did that orgy. I was said to myself, "Yes, I'm so happy I'm back. This is why I came back." This was so fun. I was really excited. And that was my first movie back.

AINews: So the name of that was what?

Keisha: Sodomania Orgies, Sex After School.

AINews: Sex after school, now that's literal isn't it?

Keisha: You know that's funny, I never thought of that. But it was. So, yeah, that was my first movie back. Elegant Angel fell in love with me and I fell in love with them. I have worked for them a lot.

AINews: So if somebody wanted to book you, you're not under contract exclusively, how would they get a hold of you to book you? Through Elegant Angel?

Keisha: They could get me through Jim South or call me directly. I accept work from who ever calls me. Sometimes I get some stuff through Jim South, sometimes I get stuff on my own. I usually end up just calling the companies and saying, Hey, I'm available for work or sometimes word of mouth. They'll say, hey saw you in this and would like to use you.

AINews: What's this contest I've been hearing about?

"The boob to butt massage gets them every time."

Keisha: The Elegant Angel Contest. Elegant Angel is promoting their website. They have got it to the point where they are really proud of it and they want to draw a lot of attention to it. So they said, "Hey, you want to do a little contest thing? Yeah, lets do a Win a Date with Keisha Contest." And I said "Ok". So we had a meeting and we were trying to figure out what we could do for the contest? You know, be in a scene or just be in a movie and not have sex with you? So, I came up with a great idea. I used to do private shows once in a while and what I would do is a full nude body massage. My little specialty, the thing that the guys I did private shows for really loved, was I would I would massage their ass with my boobs.(laughs) The boob to butt massage gets them every time. I thought that would be great because, they weren't sure if they should have the contest be a Make a Movie with Keisha, because they wanted to film it. What happens if the guy is too nervous to perform? So we figured that we'd take the pressure off of the performance. It will be a nude body massage and if anything else happens (laughs) and it's spontaneous, we'll just go with it. We don't want the guy to be under any performance pressure. So we agreed that this would be a great idea.

And also, not only do they get a massage from me, but they get to have dinner with me, because over, and over and over, I hear this all the time, people say, "I just wasn't to sit and talk with her she seems like such a nice lady, she seems like such a down to earth girl". Which I am and I am proud of it. People just want to sit and talk with me. So I thought, well it would be great to have a nice dinner, where we could sit and talk and relax. And then do the massage, not just jump into a sexual situation where they would be all nervous, you know. So, we decided that's what we'd do. We'll do the dinner and a full body massage. This way whoever wins will get a chance to sit and talk with me and get to know me and ask me questions. And just see me, the real me. Not just the sex goddess, but the real me behind the persona. And let's see. We've had several entries so far, and at the end of June I picked four finalist and at the end of July I picked four finalists. It was really hard to narrow down the the semi-finalists because I had so many wonderful entries. In fact, I was only supposed to pick four semi-finalists at the end of June and July, but end up having to pick four at then end of each month, because I couldn't narrow it down to just two. Then during the month of August the audience got to vote who would win the date. It looks like this couple who entered the contest, are going to be the winners.

AINews: How did they enter?

Keisha: They sent in a letter or email and picture to Elegant Angel. And say why they deserve to win a date with Keisha. And the entries are great. These guys are so cool. They are wonderful. I've got the greatest fans. I really have the greatest fans and what's really neat is that I have been in the business for a long time. I started in 1986. There are people who grew up on me. Some of the entries are like, there was this one guy who said that his father had left a tape in the VCR for him. You know, he was uncomfortable explaining the birds and the bees and that it was me and Boom-Boom Valdez. So he learned about sex from me. I just thought that was so cool. This guy didn't even have a picture and I wanted to choose his entry even with out a picture because that really touched me, but the entries aren't valid without a photo. And there was a couple other guys. This one guy wrote a poem, pause the tape and I'll get the entry…

So this guy wrote a great poem. The last paragraph is " So you ask why I'd like to meet Keisha. You Wonder what's in it for me. Ask the deaf man what he would like to hear or the blind man what he wants to see.

AINews: That's good.

Keisha: I was very impressed. That's very cool. Another guy who is married, and has never been with another woman except for his wife. And has watched me for a long time.

AINews: What does his wife say? Is she in on it?

Keisha: You know I don't know, but I don't think he would do it if she didn't approve. Maybe she would want to watch.

AINews: Maybe, and maybe she would be sitting on the couch and just get so hot and bothered she would jump in.

Keisha: Yeah, who knows. I thought about that. You know if he had won and he wanted to invite her as well, I would be up for that. The entrants have been great. I really have a lot of very loyal fans, who really appreciate my work. I have been around a long time and I have always just enjoyed my work. I just show up and have my sex and enjoy it, and people really appreciate that I just enjoy it. So, it's great that I have a lot of people who have a lot of very deep affection and appreciation for me and I really like that.

AINews: Lets see, so you've done those films recently, have you done any magazine shoots lately?

Keisha: Lets see, I did a, God, what did I do? I haven't done much. I did an interview with Hustler Erotic Video. I did an interview that came out in April. I think that's pretty much it. I haven't done much magazine work, not that I haven't wanted to, I just, Oh, J.R. shot me for Onstage at Déjà vu for OUI magazine. That was like the last magazine thing that I did.

AINews: How long ago was that?

Keisha: I think that was March/April issue 2000 or May?

AINews: Ok, that was pretty recent, so you are still dancing at Déjà vu.

Keisha: No, I haven't for a few months. Just because I am focusing on producing my website.

AINews: Tell me about your website.

Keisha: Well, One of these days I'll get it going. Since I am trying to do it myself and not going to through a big company to put it together for me. It's a huge learning process for me. But, I want to put together a website that I can really be proud of that the fans just really love. And I am producing all my own content. I hire my own photographer, and we do shoots. We've done about six shoots. I've done some pretty wild stuff. Yeah, the best scene was with Nacho. Well, Nacho and another best scene was with Lexington and another best scene, actually they were all best scenes. I pick people who I want to work with, and who I can really connect with. You've never seen anything like this in movies produced by other people. Eventually I'll put the footage I've shot, the scenes I've shot, I'll put it on video and sell it as a movie. But first I'll run all the pictures and clips on the website, before I make it available to the public.

"I saw this close-up shot of Nacho's cock in my ass and I said WOW!"

The scene with Nacho was pretty impressive. I'd never met Nacho. I'd only seen him in a movie. He was in another scene of a movie I was in and I really wanted to find out who he was. And I asked my photographer, and he knows all the guys, because he shoots the gangbang line for Elegant Angel. And he tells me "Oh, Nacho is amazing". And I agree Nacho is really amazing. And he has got the fattest cock in the business. It's great, it's really great. He plays my masseuse, he comes over to give me a massage and of course goes much further that that. We start out you know he gives me head and then I get on top of him. We go to anal and that is a big cock to get in my ass. (Laughs!) I mean, I'm even impressed by the photos of his cock in my ass. A lot of times, when I am looking at the pictures that I've shot, I say to myself, "this is nice, this is nice, this is nice, but when I saw this close up shot of Nacho's cock in my ass and I said "WOW".

AINews: That's incredible.

Keisha: Yeah and if I can get that kind of response from myself, of my own picture, I know the fans are really going to like it. And then we did a double vaginal, with a dildo and him. Did the double penetration, with a dildo and him. And then we did a double penetration, him fisting me and a his cock in my ass at the same time. I'm shooting some really hot stuff. Also, I did a great scene with Nacho in a movie from Metro called "Head Trips"

AINews: That is great. I gotta see that.

Keisha: It's amazing. It's really amazing stuff.

AINews: Do you like to watch your own videos?

Keisha: You know, I've had a hard time with it. But, I'm making it a point to do it more often. I used to just do movies. I never collected them or looked at them. It was hard for me to really understand my fans response to me. When I watch my movies, my response is, "Yeah, ok, I was there, it doesn't excite me to watch my own movies". But I have a very good friend of mine, who was a big fan of my movies before I ever met him, and we'll watch my movies together and watching his response helps me to understand how my other fans are responding to my movies.

AINews: And you see which part he means what angle.

Keisha: It just helps me get in touch with what I am giving to the people who watch. I've always been really out of touch with that. I've always, I've not really been in touch with what it is how I am making people feel. I have this vague idea that people watch my movies but up until recently, it hasn't really connected to what I am really giving them. Now I am trying to focus on that, because I want to give them more of that and it is helping me to be in touch with how what I do makes them feel. If I do a shoot and I show it to my friend and he just goes crazy over it, then it makes me feel really good and say, "Oh, good everybody is going to like this and they are going to get a lot of pleasure from this and a lot of enjoyment and a lot of stimulation, and masturbate and have fun and I'll make them feel good." It's helping me to be more involved and more committed to my work than I have ever been. I am making a conscious effort to get a lot more involved with my work. People use to say "you should produce your own stuff". I always said " No, I don't want to". I never wanted to be that involved.

I had my life outside the business and I'd go and make a couple of movies and go back home and live my life and go on the road dancing and come back home and live my life and I didn't want to have to think about the business when I wasn't actually on the set, or on the road. So, but, in order to be a producer, you really have to be very involved and committed. I never wanted to do that up until now. Now I am realty excited about it. So my new web site, which should be launched by the end of the year, is a gift to my fans and a gift to myself. Because I know that I really have something special to offer my fans and I know that I have a lot of loyal fans and I want to give them maximum pleasure. I know that I can produce some really, really great stuff. The scene that I did with Nacho was rockin', on fire. I also shot a scene with Lexington Steel, he is so passionate for me. You've never seen anything like this on in the movies before, because it wasn't just two people getting together and fucking.

It was even a much more passionate scene than the Sodomania Orgies where I did a D.P. and Cum Back Pussy 25, where I did a threesome with Lexington and Mark Anthony. We did D.P. and double vaginal. It was a really wild scene. Cum Back Pussy was one of the best scenes I ever did,. But, the scene that I shot with Lexington, was a lot more personal. It looked like the viewer is watching me in my private life. It doesn't look like a performance. This is Keisha and Lexington getting together and doing it. It is really, I mean he is so animalistic. Roarrrrrrr just like growling and so intense. The chemistry between us is so amazing and that scene is just amazing. he's great. When I launch my new web site, my vans are going to be really happy.

AINews: Any idea, any time frame?

Keisha: I'm pretty sure I'll have it up by the end of the year. I don't have an exact launch date, but when I do, I'll let you know.

AINews: Do you have your domain name yet?

Keisha: Oh yeah, see I already have a site that is up and running. It is not a membership site. It is XXXKeisha.com. This site is done by a very good friend of mine that started out as a fan. I met him at Déjà vu when I was dancing there. I was really busy in college and people kept asking me, "Do you have a web site?" I was so busy with college that the last thing on my mind was a website. This guy, his name is Ron, he said, Do you have a Website? At that time I felt that if one more person asks me that I am going to shoot them. "No I don't, and I don't have time to do one." He says I want to learn how to do web sites, I would like to do one for you. So I said, "Go for it honey." He put together this very cool website.

It is just a free website. I gave him a bunch of information. I gave him an old newsletter from my fan club and it's a question and answer and it tells a lot about me. Which is great reading for the fans. And Ron has been great because he knows when my movies come out before I do. I am so not up on myself. I'll shoot a movie and I forget about it and I forget when its coming out and I don't keep up to date. Ron seems to know when my movies are released it the second they come out and he'll post it on the web site and I'll look on my website and say "Oh, that movie is out. I didn't know!" And he's already got it posted on my website. He really is wonderful and I am really grateful to him because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have anything on the web yet. My new membership web site is going to have the same domain name. And like I said, it will be up by the end of the year. I really want to do something very, very special for my fans.

I've gotten so much feed feedback from my fans and so many of them say that they love my body but they also see more that. They like the person, they like the personality, that's inside the body. So many of my fans have said "I just want to talk with her I just want to get to know her." My web site will be a place where they can get to know me. And be highly stimulated by really wild pictures. I'll do the fun kinky stuff, the peeing, the dominatrix, and the bondage, I just want to do all kinds of variety. It will be definitely, Keisha does Everything. Keisha does all kinds of fun things. All the different fetishes and everything from nice light soft romantic to crazy hardcore, all done in good fun.

AINews: I guess you pick who you work with then.

Keisha: I do. I do.

AINews: Is there anyone out there who you know of that you would like to work with that you haven't worked with yet?

Keisha: Yes. Brandon Iron. He has a huge cock. I want to try it.

AINews: I have to let him know!

Keisha: In fact I think, I am going to shoot another scene soon for my website, I am just compiling all my content and he is the next one I am going to try and get. Either him, see I've worked with Dylan Day, if I don't get Brandon for this next shoot, I'll ask Dylan Day. I really want to work with Brandon. He is so cute. You know I was looking through Jim South's book, just to see who the guys are. And so many of the guys have pictures of them with a softie and Brandon Irons has got this nice big color slick with a huge hard on. I said to myself, "who is that? I want that." I'm a size queen. I like the big guys. You know, Lexington, Nacho, I'm looking forward to Brandon.

AINews: Have you heard of Jack Napier? He was in Sabrina Johnson's Gang Bang 2000, he is like a black John Holmes.

Keisha: You know, up untill recently, I had never seen a John Holmes Movie. Can you believe that. I had never watched porn before I got in it.

AINews: How did you get in?

Keisha: After high school I worked as a legal secretary. And I wanted to make some extra money so I started to do phone sex. The owner of the fantasy phone call compay I worked for took a bunch of us girls to the XRCO awards on Febuary 14, 1986. I got lots of offers to get into the business and I followed up on them. And started in the movies. (Laughs!)

AINews: What was the first movie that you did?

Keisha: Well, ok this is kind of tricky. The very first feature that I was in was called, "Reckless Passion". But, now when I was working for the phone sex company, I had done some soft core, custom videos. So that kind of got me warmed up for making movies. And I also did hardcore Polaroids for the phone sex company. So I had a nice easy introduction to the sex industry, through the phone sex company. We did girl/girl and boy/girl, threesome Polaroids. They sold to the customers and I remember this one girl had this really cute husband, and so we did these hardcore threesome Polaroid's. Just really fun and they said, "Hey we like to do this in our private life, you want to have a threesome with us?" I said, "OK." So I did.

"So my very first movie scene for the real adult industry it was like, 'Hey, I've done this before', a piece of cake."

Then I picked up on these two guys at a dance club - they were room mates. I went back to their apartment with them. I was making out with one and the other one was in the bedroom. Then they kept switching back and forth. They kept saying "It's so hot here in the living room, I'm gonna go in the bedroom", and the other one would come out and make out with me. They go and switch and I couldn't figure out what they were doing because it wasn't hot in the living room. So then finally they said "It's so hot in here why don't we go in the bedroom." I said "ok." I didn't know what they were talking about it wasn't hot. So little did I know, that they had set up a camera on a tripod. They were video taping us, we were having a threesome, having sex. Then they kept giggling, and I asked, "Why are you guys laughing?" And then finally they said after like we were taking a break, "Have you ever been in an x-rated movie?" I was a little suspicious and I didn't want to come off nieve, and I just said "Yeah." I lied. And they said "Really" and I said, "Yeah." They said "Oh. Well we just did one." And I said "Really? Cool!" I said "Get it off the tripod and lets do close ups." So then we watched it and then we filmed some more. So when I did my very first movie scene for the real adult industry it was like, "Hey, I've done this before", a piece of cake.

AINews: Wow, that would be worth a lot of money. Where are those guys?

Keisha: I have no idea.

AINews: Maybe they will read this and get in contact with you.

Keisha: You never know. I think one of them name was Leo, I cant remember the other one. They were really nice guys really cute. Really sweet and had a good time. I remember they were saying don't cum inside of her, don't cum inside of her. The other one didn't want to fuck me with the other one's cum inside. So funny! (Laughs!) It cracks me up what guys are squeamish about another guys cum.

AINews: I don't know why, but that's true for me too.

Keisha: Yeah.

AINews: My own, I don't care. But another guy's? Yikes! And I just don't know why. Is that a double standard?

Keisha: I think it is kind of normal. But, I think it is really a big turn on if a guy ate my pussy after another guy came in it. (Laughs!) I'm so naughty.

AINews: Wow, let's see if you get any offers.

Keisha: I don't know that just turns me on. You know I did this orgy recently. I think it's either going to be Sodomania Orgies 3 or their gonna put it in one of their other lines. Joel Lawrence, he's very cool. He's somebody who is not squeamish about his own cum, he came on this girls tits, and we both licked it off. Kissed each other and shared it. It was so cool. He knows that turns me on and he did that and I said, "Oh, Joel I love that." In fact in that orgy, they shoot one cum shot at a time or one or two cum shots at a time. So I was going around licking up everybody's cum after the guys came. (Laughs!) I'm like Clean-up girl (Slurp!).

AINews: That is so hot.

Keisha: Yeah, that was a fun one. That was a fun orgy.

AINews. I gotta see that.

Keisha: Oh yeah, I gotta find out what it's called, I'm pretty sure it will be Sodomania Orgies 3. Joel was there , Lexington was there. Of course, Lexington and I hooked up right away. I saw Lexington and I said, "Ooh, I'm getting YOU right away." We like each other. I like Lexington. Joel is very cool too. I like Joel a lot.

AINews: I just covered a Bukkake that he did with Nichole Sheridan and Tyce Bune. Tyce came four times he came five. In a matter of hours. I couldn't believe it.

Keisha: Oh my god, wow! Yeah, Joel is quite virile. Tyce is very nice too. Tyce was also in that orgy and we had some good fun. Tyce is a nice guy. I like all these new guys. I'm so happy.

AINews: Well, what about the veterans, the older guys.

Keisha: Well, a lot of the regulars that used to be in the business are now producing. Peter North, Randy West, Tom Byron, but you know who's back who is really cool? It's Hershel Savage, he is a doll. You know I missed him on the last orgy. He was there but, there were so many people in the orgy, I don't always get to all of them. I got him on Sodomania Orgies Sex After School. I had a good time with him. We had some good memories, so we shot this movie on a house boat. What was the name of that movie? It was something Taboo, it could have been "Innocent Taboo". We shot it on these house boats on the Sacramento Delta. Him and I snuck into his bunk and we had some off screen sex. It was really cool. I like him, he's a good guy.

AINews: Have there been many changes in the business, that you have noticed?

Keisha: Tons. Tons. They used to shoot just features. I mean most of the movies that I shot when I was younger were features. They had a script and everything. And now there are features and gonzo and the wall to wall, and there is just a lot more variety. I actually like it all. Like Elegant Angel, they shoot the Wall to Wall and the Gonzo,

I love Elegant Angel, because here is Patrick Collins philosophy: He says, "You do what you want to do and I'll shoot it." I love that!

For instance with Comeback Pussy 25, they let me come up with the scenario. Well actually, I'm not a good fantasizer so I have to ask my guy friends, "Hey what kind of scenario would you like to see?" So my best friend came up with a scenario and coincidentally it's also a fantasy of my husband's. They wanted to see me fuck a black guy.

"Then I come back and then I give him a blowjob."

Mike Horner plays my husband. It's our anniversary and I say, I have a surprise for you, honey. So I sit him down in a chair. I tie him to the chair. And I say remember how you always wanted to watch me fuck a black guy? I pull off the sheets and there is Lexington Steel and Mark Anthony and I say I have two of them. And then I have sex with the two of them while he is tied to the chair and then, I come over after I'm done and I pretend like I'm gonna give him a blowjob. Then I say , Well, I'm going to go out with my friends for a while and I leave him there. Then I come back and then I give him a blowjob.

"Like the camera is overhead, looking down on the girl and the girl is looking up at the camera and the cum shot going straight into the mouth."

I like to ask my friends and also my fans, what scenarios would they like to see me do. Because, I'm not really good at coming up with scenarios. I'm just good at doing them. So, This is also a request to my fans: If there is a scenario you would like to see me do. Email me at keisha@xxxkeisha.com I got one e-mail from this guy who said that he would really like to see the cum shot where the camera is behind the guy and overhead, looking down on the girl and the girl is looking up at the camera and the cum shot going straight into the mouth. So I did that for my next five movies. I really appreciated the suggestion. I want to do what the guys want to see me do. I love their input and suggestions on scenarios - I love that.

AINews: When I think of Keisha, now I'm going to think of a healing Goddess. Could you comment on that please.

Keisha: Absolutely. I feel like my purpose here on earth is to get in touch with myself fully, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and help others do the same. And I do that now at this time through my work, my x-rated work. I did it unintentionally when I was younger, I was just showing up doing my work. Just through the process of me enjoying my work, there were people out there that got a lot of enjoyment and entertainment They got something to help them get in touch with their sexuality and the enjoyment of it and I have come to more of a consciousness of that. That's a purpose of mine. To help people get in touch with their sexuality and to enjoy it. So that is why I feel like I'm a healer. A healing Goddess as you put it. I feel like I have a lot of power in that area. I have a lot of power to enjoy sexuality, and when people watch me enjoy sexuality on the screen it helps them to enjoy it. When people watch me be uninhibited on the screen it helps them be more uninhibited. And if they are not more uninhibited at least, they enjoy watching me be uninhibited.

I like healing attitudes towards sexuality.

I love the fact that I affect the attitudes in regards to sex of young men. I have a lot of fans who say I've been watching you since I was 13, 14, 15, so I've effected the sex lives of a lot of young men. And now I'm starting on a new generation. Now I'm consciously aware of what I'm doing and I take the responsibility very seriously. So when I make a movie, my message is "I love sex, it's a lot of fun. I'm glad to be here. I'm enjoying what I'm doing and want you to enjoy this too. And sex is great. Sex is wonderful. Sex is healing. Sex is a wonderful way to enjoy being a human being."

This one guy was so sweet. He was about 20 years old at the time. This was a few years ago. He came up to me and I could tell he was really trying to express himself and trying to find the words to what he wanted to say. He said, "You know, when you do it it's different. When you do it it's not dirty." I loved that. I know that if one person felt that way, then there are more people who felt that way. Because, I really would like to eradicate the idea that sex is dirty. Because it's NOT! It's a great clean healthy fun thing to do. I like effecting the attitudes of people in the world about sexuality. I think people get that message when they see me.

I am a very strong, confidant, together, in touch with myself, healthy, emotionally healthy woman. I do what I am doing with a purpose and I am not some girl fucked up on drugs trying to get money for her next fix. I have very stable home life. I have been married over 8 years and with my husband for over 10 years. This is my job, this is my career, this is my calling. I am here to help people enjoy sex. When I transition out of this business, I will go into psychology. Which is what I started school for. I will probably combine sexual healing and psychology. Not necessarily being a sex surrogate or a sex therapist, but being a therapist who helps people get in touch with their sexuality. Not just sexuality but all the other factors too. Like their emotional self their spiritual self. As well as their sexual self.

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