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Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!

Eva Angelina at Twistys

June 14, 2000 09:45am
AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Venus De Light
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

I met Venus in a restaurant after she was done with a shoot for content for her website. There was an instant rapport with the conversation taking off in various directions like it does over dinner with old friends and exciting people.

By the time the tape recorder was out and turned on we had moved to the same side of the table with our back to the wall so we could see the rest of the restaurant and candidly look at some of the promo material Venus had with her. The evening was a flurry of good seafood, 8x10 glossys and a very memorable few hours spent with a truly great entertainer.

Venus: Do you have a list of questions? Or surprise, surprise, whatever comes up?

AINews: I figure I can roll with the punches. Impromptu.

Venus: If there is anything that I want to talk about is it ok if I just inject it?

AINews: Definitely.

Venus: You already heard my spiel about the psychology of the Adult Industry, but you didn't have your tape recorder on yet!

AINews: So what is this about men being able to show their breasts, but women can't?

Venus: That is really, a really good thing to bring up. In fact I was in New York City, when they passed a law allowing women to go topless in public. Because, women were getting arrested for breast feeding in public, at parks and they fought it. They had to go through several courts and they finally got it passed. Men have been allowed to go topless or what they like to say "top free" because they don't want to confuse it with the topless dance industry. So even within this fight it was still segregated like that, but still it is still good for everybody. I think it was 1892 or something that they passed a law that men could walk around without their shirts off in public, so it has been a long time coming that the same freedom is offered to women.

"We were all topless, driving right in front of Madison Square Garden, yelling, 'Censor this Tipper Gore!'"

Well, I took advantage of that fact and went around [topless] (it was during the Democratic National Convention, in New York City), when this law was passed. I was working at a club there. So, I got a truck and some of the hot looking girls from the club, and we got a bunch of T-shirts and free passes to the club, and put a big banner on the side of the truck. We were all topless, driving right in front of Madison Square Garden, yelling, "Censor this Tipper Gore!" Police officers were saluting us and we were passing out free passes and T-shirts. It was legal, it was ok.

AINews: That's great!

Venus: Only for about a day. They amended it to you can go topless in parks and beaches and places like that but not in Manhattan, which was where we were. But then of course, a couple years go by and now Gulianni is on a rampage to really change New York, and he comes in there and starts shutting down all the adult bookstores and adult nightclubs. They had a rule that you had to have 60/40. It had to be 60% general public viewing, 40% adult. What it did for the adult bookstores, was now all the other places that weren't adult, all of a sudden went, "Oh, great!, we can have 40% adult, in here. We'll make a fortune!" Just split up the pie so that all these people that have legitimate businesses there for fifty years are pretty much out of business. Now the places that pretty much have, you know, much broader general public viewing, now they're offering 40% adult. You can go anywhere now to get adult material. Which is good for everybody, but bad for the people that have been in the business for, you know, FOREVER. And that is their livelihood. They took away so many peoples livelihood. It's not even funny.

And I was working at another, different club there, during this period with the Gulianni thing going on. A club that had been there again, 50 years. Flash Dancers. It's just a topless club. It's very clean. I mean, physically it is dirty, but clean (Laughs) as far as entertainment goes. It was actually a really filthy club. Unsanitary, let's say. The new statutes have pretty much ruined their business completely. And they also had to be within 500 feet from a resident or a church or school . Well a lot of the residences are right above all the stores, and businesses in New York City. So that pretty much closed down a lot of people, right off the bat. They opened up a church/ learning annex, across the street, from Flash Dancers. It's not even a real church or a real school, it's just an annex thing. So then that qualified for being within 500 feet, even though the church/ learning annex opened up a couple of years ago. When Gulianni started doing all this and Flash Dancers has been there over fifty years.

AINews: Flash Dancers isn't there anymore?

Venus: No, it's there, they're fighting it. Every thing is still being fought.

AINews: OK good. So they were there first, so the church has to move.

Venus: I would think so, or put up with it. Or agree to it, I guess.

Why doesn't anyone ever take into consideration the fact that religion has killed and tortured more people than Hitler? This is supposed to be a good thing? I'll take porno over that anyday!

AINews: They knew Flash Dancers was there when they moved in.

Venus: Of course they knew! This is precisely why they did it! There is stuff like this going on all over the country. One of the reasons why I changed my focus to my websites and video work and modeling as opposed to touring.

AINews: Speaking of the Internet, what are your Internet sites? You have got a few of them, don't you?

Venus: Yes I do! I have www.venusdelight.com which is called Venus' Playhouse. It's my personal site, but it is also a full blown adult site. Its got hundreds top adult stars and models with several photo galleries, bios and live videos performances of each girl in my Models Pages. Then I have my Star Box Gallery, which features new centerfolds monthly Stars like Jenna Jameson, Playboy's Karin Taylor and International Playmate of the Year Chantale, Marilyn Star, Goldie Star and many more including some hot new up and comers too. A nice variety. In my Girlfriends' Gallery, I have sections like "Hot Asses", "Centerfolds", "Big Boobs", "Porn Stars", " Babydolls" "Black Babes", and all the different categories. And then I have my personal stuff, which is in My Photos. It has approx. 1100 exclusive photos in there, and my diary, and my magazine covers, layouts, videos, and biography, backstage photos, On the road photos, pics with celebrities etc..

And then I have my "Cat Fight Corner" a specialty section with photos from my catfight tapes and behind the scene shots. Catfight videos are something I have been doing for about ten years now. Cat Fighting, Wrestling, Boxing, Fist Fighting, and all that kind of stuff. A lot of people know me just from that, and I have people that know me as an exotic dancer, and then I have people that know me for my fetish work, and then I have people that know me from publishing. So I put together my site with all of them in mind. My site also has all the XXX videos, like 20,000 XXX videos, porn videos of all the top porn stars with new clips hourly, all that good stuff that you've got to have on there. One of my most popular features is my Venus Live section. I have my own live streaming camera from home where my members can schedule their own personalized shows or log in during one of my scheduled showtimes! I also have 14 live spy cams in my Venus' Playhouse where they can catch me or one of my guests in the shower, Jacuzzi, tanning bed, dressing area, or any one of my 14 spy cams! I also have an extensive shopping area that my visitors can purchase videos, autographed glossy photos, Polaroids, stockings, panties, bras, custom videos, trading cards, t-shirts, CD ROM's and more! So I have to say it's got everything, it's got something for everybody.

AINews: The other Web Sites?

Venus: Ok. My other adult site is an all live interactive site. http://www.Stripper2000.com . It's all live strippers, big name porn stars like Nina Hartley, Julia Parton, Becky Sunshine, Jacklyn Lick, Jasmine Raff, and me every month! two girl shows, centerfolds, solo girls, up close pussy cam, and then we have transsexuals, and we have a gay section Again it also offers a huge catalogue of 20,000 xxx videos. It offers 24/7 chat, Personals ads, Some xxx photo galleries, it is mainly concentrated on live streaming video and is more personal and interactive. My third site is a non-adult site. Its called http://www.abook.com , The place to get a book and a whole lot more! It's got about ten million products. You can get everything from a book to a Monet. I mean seriously! You can get computers, computer equipment, electronics, software, hardware, you can get camping gear, sporting goods, gifts, fan memorabilia, music, videos, games, artwork, toys everything! It also offers an auction site where you can post your items or find what you want at auction prices. I do all my shopping there! It's really easy. Great customer service, super fast delivery. I mean if it's in stock it's there right away. It's a really good site, if I do say so myself. It is. It's just that I don't have any marketing dollars so nobody knows about it. But it's got everything. Anything and everything you could possibly want and it is an easy to find format. I am really proud of that site. I also just created a new site at http://www.discountedtickets.com which is a travel site for booking discounted airfare, hotels, and car reservations. It's very easy to navigate and get low prices for your travel needs.

AINews: Do you have clothes?

Venus: Clothing, everything.

AINews: Costumes?

Venus: Not costumes per se, but because of the auction site you could probably find that too! If you don't find it with the regular retail stuff, click on auctions, its like Ebay. Go through and find all kinds of stuff.

AINews: And that's all of your sites?

Venus: Yes, Venus' Playhouse is at www.venusdelight.com , Stripper2000 is at www.stripper2000.com , and a Book.com is at www.abook.com. and Discounted Tickets is www.discountedtickets.com. Of course you can get to my Venus' Playhouse site by using www.thevenuscam.com or www.landovenus.com or www.myspycam.com and even www.honestbuys.com! But I REALLY want to include www.isex.cc, you have to see it!

AINews: Ok, cool.

Venus: You know what the people from the Midwest say, at least from my area. "Oh yeah" [with a definite Fargo like accent pronounced yaw] That's where I'm from. Minnesota.

AINews: Oh, you're from Minnesota? The land of a thousand lakes? Do you like to fish?

Venus: It's 10,000 lakes not a thousand. They counted them and it's really over 10,000 lakes! I haven't fished for years, but I used to. I liked it a lot. I even caught one once. It's not about catching fish for me, it's about going out on the boat with your fishing rod and just sitting there in the sun and kicking back. Communing with the dragon flies, all stoned out. That's to me what fishing is. (Laughs)

AINews: Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will sit in a boat all day and drink beer.

Venus: (Laughs) I've heard that before. That's a good one. It's true.

AINews: But with me, I'll take a bunch of fruit in my backpack and everything I need for a couple of days, and I'll live on fruit and fish.

Venus: That's awesome, that's the best, I love that. I love camping out, and hiking.

AINews: I'll go up to about 11,000, 12,000 feet up to Palisades glacier.

Venus: I just went up to the Sedonia this past Memorial Day weekend. Talk about healing. You don't even realize your soul is sick until you get away from the city and you are out in the mountains hiking around and jumping into streams. You feel this energy, it's like a salve for the soul. seeping in through you eyes, you can feel it. And then you get out in it, it's just like "WOW!" I slept like a baby, I've been sleeping like a baby for two weeks now. It's basically been since Memorial Day. It was great. I haven't had a vacation in two years. I didn't realize how much I desperately needed one.

AINews: I'm trying to organize a talent only trip, industry only trip, up to Palisades Glacier. Sometime in mid August. It's [the glacier] at 12,500 feet. And it's a hard climb, but it is SO beautiful up there!

Venus: When you say a hard climb are you talking about using rock climbing equipment and what not, to get there or just hiking?

AINews: Just rugged hiking. The last 500 feet is boulder hopping. You really should go with somebody. Last year I went with someone who pooped out after the first day and stayed at base camp. I went the rest of the way alone… Which isn't advisable.

Venus: No, that is probably somewhat dangerous.

AINews: Yes, it was, but I get off on dangerous things sometimes.

Venus: I usually go on roller coasters when I get in that mood. They have a new one at Cedar Point, Ohio. It's a brand new roller coaster, it's supposed to be the biggest, fastest, baddest roller coaster in the world, bar none. A friend of mine that I met on the Internet bought stock in this place and sent me all this information. He was there for the opening. It opened about a month ago, but they had to shut down. People were getting nose bleeds, throwing up and passing out. A lot of people. So that is probably a little, somewhat scary. (Laughs!)

AINews: I called up someone named Tricia Brown today. Evidently, you are a singer.

"But the guys would tolerate it, I mean, they would say oh, you're a good singer, but you could tell they really were like, 'Why is she singing? just take off your clothes!'"

Venus: Yes, I have sung professionally. In Playboy's Girls of Rock and Roll in Las Vegas at the Maxim. I sang in Minski's Burlesque at the Hacienda. I sang in Hot Lips, which is just exactly like the Crazy Girls Show, same producer, same everything, different name. At the old Paddle Wheel, which then became Debbie Reynolds' Casino. I don't know what it is now. And also at the Riviera Hotel & Casino a couple of times. I used to sing once in a while in my show on the road. Usually the only person that really wanted me to do it was the club owner. It was like, "Oh, I love the way you sing!" But the guys would tolerate it, I mean, they would say oh, you're a good singer, but you could tell they really were like, "Why is she singing? just take of your clothes!" (Laughs!) They weren't at a strip bar to hear a broad SING! (Laughs) But then you know, I would joke and say well, if you want me to take my clothes off… (Laughs!) But the sound systems were atrocious. So I only did it a few times.

One of the clubs it was really successful at was the Admiral Theatre in Chicago. Wonderful club. One of the best in the country, in my opinion. They put on a real show there. It is a real stage. It's got backdrops, props, and real dressing rooms. The girls, even house dancers, bring in choreographers and put on real shows. The girls there all say it's one of the only places in the adult business around like this. So, it's got like the cream of the crop girls there. They're talented, they're beautiful, and they are enjoying their job. Because they are being treated like real entertainers and not a piece of meat, or someone to pay the clubs. That's what dancers are considered now by club owners. They are almost considered like patrons, because the club owners are making more money off the dancers then they are off the customers. It is just terrible the way dancers are treated now, it makes me sick! It makes me sick that the business has changed into that! That the value of a woman's body has become so cheapened that for five bucks or something, they will come back and grind down in their lap. In Canada, nude for five bucks, Canadian. What's that about 3.50 US?

AINews: Nude? It's $20 bucks for a lap dance here and if they take off their top, I think it's thirty. It's usually for two songs.

Venus: But then the club gets half of that.

Anyway, it didn't used to be about sitting in a guys lap naked, it was about fantasy, it was about beauty, beyond respect, it was more like worship. If a woman did a show and took her clothes off, guys were sending flowers back to her dressing room. I remember, I came at the tail end of those days. Right when they were starting table dancing. When I heard that girls were paying to work at a club, I was shocked! I was like, "What?!" It didn't make any sense to me at all. How can they do that? How can they not realize the value of what they are offering. So the fantasy is gone and the reality is never as good as the fantasy. It is a good reality, but I think that what striptease is all about is fantasy. It's changed. However, thank God there are still the feature dancers in the business, and they are like the last of that burlesque talent. The only original American art form that we have. That's what is left of it, is the feature entertainer.

AINews: The last place I remember having burlesque is the Body Shoppe, down in Hollywood.

Venus: Are you kidding? That's where I started. It's still there?

AINews: I haven't been there since it went nude.

Venus: They went nude? Really?

AINews: Yes.

Venus: Well the guy that used to own it, Jamal, he was a real magic fan. He always wanted to be a magician, so he would bring in these magicians every week. It really gave it kind of a cabaret atmosphere. Lance Burton, who now has his own show room at the Monte Carlo, who got that 100 million dollar contract, Jamal hired him. Brought him out from Kentucky. We fell in love and had a hot and heavy romance on and off for about six years and then finally broke up. He married Melinda, the first lady of magic, on the rebound about three months after we split up. They were divorced within a year and right after they got divorced he got a hundred million dollar contract from Steve Wynn (laughs) so you know it's kind of funny. We're still friends and I'm just glad that he got the divorce first. Especially with a six month marriage, you realize you made a mistake.

Venus: I really ramble don't I?

AINews: It's perfect... And the crunching of the crab legs is good too. [We then had been served and were eating.]

Venus: So what else did Tricia say? That "I hear you sing" question turned into a long story.

AINews: I hear you are good at cat fights too.

Venus: Yes I am.

AINews: Particular knack for scrapping.

Venus: Yes, in fact, I am going to Portugal in September to wrestle. Yes wrestle and cat fight. I do all forms of wrestling, competitive, Pro-style, pro-am, and fantasy. I don't wrestle men, I just wrestle women. Boxing, Fist fighting. I also do spanking videos and fetish videos like tickling and bondage videos. I also do solo videos and dance videos. I do a lot of those.

AINews: I did a spanking video a while ago.

Venus: Did you? Was it fun for you? Were you the spanker or the spankee?

AINews: I was the spanker.

Venus: You were the spanker. Being the spankee is actually a little more fun.

AINews: Really?

Venus: I think so. Yeah, it's more acting, it's more fun, and I like both. The spanker is good too. I like both. I'm the same with the cat fighting and wrestling. I'm good at being either the dominant or the submissive. Either one is fine with me. In fact, I'm going to do another spanking one tomorrow. I did a bondage one yesterday, for Harmony. It's a great company. You should interview them. It's great.

AINews: Harmony?

Venus: They have been around for a long time. They are probably the leaders in that genre. And another fun person for you to get a hold of would be Chelsea Phiefer. From "Chelsea Phiefer Productions". She's the one that does the spanking videos. And I think, it's interesting, when there's a woman behind an adult video company.

AINews: Oh, what about this Penthouse Pet Review thing I hear about.

Venus: That was the first Las Vegas Review Show I ever did. That's what made me move out to Las Vegas. Where I stayed pretty much the whole time until now except for a couple of year period where I was living up in Canada. The Penthouse Pet Review, I did a fire act. That was my first Las Vegas revue show.

AINews: Tell me about the fire act.

"Apparently I do a lot of stuff with fire that most other exotic dancers are afraid to do."

Venus: The fire act is something I have become pretty well known for. Apparently I do a lot of stuff with fire that most other exotic dancers are afraid to do. A lot of exotic dancers, features I'm talking about, say "I do a fire show" and then you go to see their fire show and they have a bowl of fire. And that's it. They have a bowl of fire. They do a floor show around a bowl of fire and they call it a fire show. When I come out with my fire show, wielding snakes and spitting fire, playing a flaming drum solo on my body. Lighting torches off my tongue. spitting fire, swallowing fire, some really cool Carni geek show fire tricks. (laughs) They're like, "Oh, THAT'S a fire show! I thought I was doing a fire show!"

Gene Simmons actually recognized me from my fire show! Which, I thought was really cool. He was the inspiration for it. I was working up in Winnipeg on tour up there. His (Gene Simmons) pilot came in to see my show. So I gave him a poster, and said bring one back for Gene Simmons. I wasn't hitting on him or anything, I was just, you know, exchanging gifts. I figured I probably wouldn't run into anyone who would give him the poster, anytime soon, so I tried to take advantage of the opportunity. He started calling the hotel, and I thought the front desk people were joking. Up in Canada the Clubs are inside the Hotel that you are saying at. And you pretty much walk through the kitchen and up the stairs, past the front desk down the hallway to get to the club. I walk by the front desk everyday and they had a little coffee chop right next to the desk and he was like "Simmons called you again." Yeah, right, shut up. (Laughs) I'm sitting in the coffee shop with some of the other dancers and he goes "It's for you, it's Gene Simmons.' So I still thought someone is playing a joke on me. I get on the phone and he starts singing to me, he starts singing Venus, oh Venus, ( the old Bobby Darin song) and he is really great and he is really sweet. He is really like an old Jewish guy, kinda corny you know? Not like the giant he appears to be on stage. A medieval giant spitting fire and blood and stuff. He was like a Jewish uncle. (Laughs!) And it was really cool and he invited me to go to Seattle. They were going to Seattle and he wanted me to be a part of this photo shoot. But I'm sure he wanted something more than just a photo shoot and I'm married happily, and I had to tell him no, which really felt good, you know, I said no to Gene Simmons! (Laughs!)

I told him I was married and he goes, oh well, have you got anymore big busted blond friends? Yeah sure, I got all the girls over there going "Let me talk to him, let me talk to him." It was cool. The Undertaker ( the wrestler) also came to see me that week. Busy week. It was during that week, up in Winnipeg, which was this really surreal week; it was during the "The Flood of the Century." They showed freeways and towns that were completely covered up in water. You know the freeway signs are like ten feet up. Those were under water. I kept all the newspapers. So people were out there with sandbags. They were sandbagging in and around the hotel that we were at, you could see the water rising up. We were with in the City and they have this huge dam around the city. So we were somewhat safe, but they weren't really sure because it was rising and rising. It was really scary. There was a river. It is usually like a little brook, like a tiny little stream. It was a raging river. It was across the street. And sand bags everywhere. So it was really scary the whole week. You were on your toes because of all the evacuation information going 24/7 on every channel on TV telling you what to have ready to grab in case you had to evacuate. It was an interesting memorable week.

AINews: That's funny.

Venus: It was cool. The threat of death is always cool. (not the reality, just the threat of it. Especially when you are ok and you can laugh about it now, but to live through it and experience a brush with death but come out ok on the other side, that's the best. I think that's why I like roller coasters so much. Maybe that's why you like rock climbing. The rush, like the rush of defeating death for another day. It brings everything into perspective and really, really makes you completely in the now. Puts your head where you're ass is immediately. Instantly your senses come alive, you see better, you smell better, you hear everything. It's amazing.

AINews: It puts you in touch. It makes me want to go backpacking right now! You've never done porn before right?

Venus: Interesting segway, it depends on what you definition of porn is. It's a really broad term. According to the government, yes. Of course I have been in the porn industry for over twenty years. Really soft stuff compared to AVN standards. None the less it is still adult material and it is still considered porn. I think the only thing that isn't is just Playboy. That's where they drew the line, they said Penthouse is pornography, and Playboy wasn't. So Bob Guccione said, "My magazine is pornography? Wanna see pornography?" That's when he started the women peeing, the full on cum shots, and the sex. It's still shot beautifully, so he's like "OK, if this is porn, I'll give you real porn. I'm gonna give you porn. 'cause that's what I do anyway!" Sort of like when the wife is accusing the husband of cheating and give him hell and make him feel like crap and unloved and untrusted, well, shit you might as well go get laid then. What difference does it make? If your going to get hell for nothing, might as well go enjoy it, you know?

AINews: Yeah. Why give him hell.

Venus: I don't agree with that at all, if you're a man in that position or a woman in that position your going to go "Well screw it! I might as well do it. I might as well do what I am being accused of doing because I'm getting treated like crap anyway!"

AINews: What I meant by porn was, you've never done a boy-girl scene in front of the camera. Had sex on film.

Venus: I've done Playboy scenes, but never XXX never hardcore. We had our underwear on. It was a boy-girl scene in a film, but, that was the only scene I ever did with a guy.

And then I have done solo masterbations. Have you? [To someone a few tables away] That guy over there was looking at me. (Laughs!)

[We were perhaps getting a little loud in a busy restaurant.]

AINews: Aren't all masterbations solo?

Venus: That's a little redundant isn't it. Why do they call it "solo" masturbation?

AINews: Because you're alone in the scene? You could masturbate with someone with you.

Venus: I suppose, but it's still a little redundant. Masturbation, the word itself implies solo so even if someone is with you it is still solo.

AINews: Like a true fact.

Venus: Perfect. Funny. I was in a film that Brad Armstrong produced with Dyanna Lauren. This is the only reason I have ever been in a xxx feature film. It was because I called up my friend Dyanna, and I wanted her to be in my CD-ROM / video project called Venus Playhouse (which won an AMEE award) . I had twelve girls, it was a three day shoot. We had several cameras, both underwater and above ground Betacams shooting outdoors, shooting indoors. We had a tiger, great lights. It was awesome. Anyway, she agreed. She said she would do my project if I would do hers.

The name of her project was "Checkmate". Really cool movie. Unfortunately the editing left a lot to be desired. Brad and Dyanna were very unhappy with the editing. They had a great concept. They had this awesome dungeon scene. With this black and white tile laid out like a chess board. I was this magical High Priestess. I changed this town into a giant chess board. The chess pieces are people. As they are moving across the board, they would have sex in various and sundry fashion. It was cool. Kaitlyn Ashley and Anna Malle were in it as well. It was great. Really great sex scenes, great costumes, great lighting, beautiful people. But they didn't edit it right, so it's too choppy and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, not that it really matters I guess! (Laughs!) But it could have been so much better, because they put so much effort and work and time into it.

Brad Armstrong is really amazing. He does everything. He makes costumes sets, write scripts directs. Everything has got to be just right. You know, he is really into what he is doing. Jenna was supposed to be in that. They needed one more girl. I new Jenna back when she was a house dancer at the Palomino. In fact my dear friend Julia Parton, who lived three doors down from me, shot Jenna Jameson's very first layout. I remember little Jenna coming over. She was just a little, tiny little teenager. Tiny little thing, really cute, really sweet. And shy. She was shy and quiet and just sweet. Very nice, and she came over to my house and Julia and I would tell her tips on how to become a feature.

AINews: I'm interviewing Julia soon.

Venus: You are doing Julia? Oh good. You will love her. She is one of the sweetest women. She has been a good friend of mine for years and years, like 20 years. Oh, but we are not old enough to be friends that long! Oh, we became friends when we were five! (Laughs!) Where are we now?

AINews: They needed one more and it was Jenna.

Venus: So I called Jenna up and she was with this biker guy at the time. He didn't want her doing porno. She had maybe done one or two scenes. Nothing much at all. So she was kind of hesitant about it and I was like "Oh, it's gonna be really good." I was explaining it was a good budget, really good sets, good people. She was almost gonna do it. Luckily for me and my friendship with Dyanna Lauren, she DIDN'T do it. It was very shortly thereafter that Brad met Jenna and the two of them got together and Brad broke up with Dyanna and married Jenna. It wasn't because of me. But it almost was!

AINews: Now was that before, or after Jenna had her boobs done?

Venus: She got her boobs done about a year or so after. That was early Jenna.

AINews: I remember meeting Jenna when Celeste was dating Woody. It was at Bob's Classy Lady, that was before Jenna had her boobs.

Venus: She would have known Celeste, because we were in a video together. When I was published in Cheri magazine. We did Sex on the Strip. Celeste was in it with Serenity. We did a couple all lesbian lickfest type things.

Where was I? Oh, yeah!, so Jenna would be in a lot of those. Celeste too and Serenity, and Goldie Star, and a lot of the new girls, Nikki Tyler, (not Taylor) Tyler. I think Nikki Taylor was a big fashion model.

AINews: No wonder I haven't heard of her. All that matters to me are the girls in Porn.

Venus: I like that attitude. As long as you consider me one of those.

AINews: Well yeah, but soft porn.

Venus: But porn is porn. It's all a matter of degree. It's all adult entertainment. You know some people like this, some people like that. It's personal choice, but it's still porn. Or not porn depending on if you're in the government of something. It depends on what the connotation of pornography is. Like are we talking good connotation or bad connotation. Are we saying pornography like it's cool, or are we saying it like it's bad. It's the same word. But it all depends on who's saying it and how they are saying it.

AINews: It's like the word "slutty". I say "delightfully slutty" as a compliment.

Venus: Same thing. Robust. Bitchin', full of life. It's all how you say it.

AINews: I was just talking about that today. I asked this girl about her impression of the word slut. She looked at me like, "Huh?"

Venus: That's a good question.

AINews: The difference between, [contemptuously] "You slut!" and [with warmth] "Oh, you're so delightfully slutty!"

Venus: Perfect. That was great. You should be an actor. That kind of reminds me of Eddie Murphy's old routine in Raw. Where he's going, "do you want me to say "I want to make love to you. Or do you want me to say I want to fuck the shit of you and pull you're hair and fuck you and fuckin fuck ."

That's the thing when I'm talking about my shows, being artistic and stuff and even my productions are really kind of sexy erotic art, but, it's got to be hot or it ruins the whole thing. I think a lot of people try to be artistic and they loose the heat. And that's the bottom line. You can be artistic and it can be successful but only if it is truly HOT!

I know Brad Armstrong's films by reputation except for the one I was in. He has done some humongous huge productions and won all these awards. So I assume they were pretty good, but the one I really like is Andrew Blake. Andrew Blake's Productions I think proves that he is able to make it erotic art but still sex , still raw, still good, the heat is still there. It's hard to do. But that is the same thing when I relate to it, as a live performer I always wanted to entertain and not make it just raw sex or base animal sex. Elevate the human psyche somewhat visually. But with out forgetting the fact that I am a stripper. I'm a stripper and I work in a strip bar. You want them to get excited. That's the bottom line. It's a really tricky fine line to make it beautiful and stimulating at the same time. It's not an easy thing to do. That's what I always try to do. Except when I was working at Cheri, which of course, Cheri is Cheri.

AINews: That's different? In what way?

Venus: Cheri Magazine? It's very tongue in cheek, its not supposed to be beautiful and erotic art. It's more like teenage, high school, masturbation material. They kind of operate on that level.

AINews: My Ex-wife and I collected quite a few Cheri Magazines with you in them. Plus a lot of other ones. That was back in the early nineties.

Venus: Well, you have to admit our captions were always really in fun, and not a serious magazine by any means. Not Playboy at all. Or meant to be, we are not trying to sell cars and cigars. It's all about sex and humor

AINews: I have 8 or 10 boxes of old magazines under my stairwell. I am really tempted to go through them and find your pictorials.

Venus: I've got lots of new ones you don't need to go find my old ones! I've got a couple of copies of the older stuff too. By The way, I went to Glamourcon this year. I had a booth at the last Glamourcon in LA.

AINews: And I missed it.

Venus: Oh, I've got another one in October. They have them a lot. I was with Stacey Burke. Have you ever met her? Oh, my God. She is such a hoot. She is a fetish model, actress. She was just on E! channel. Over in Cannes they did this fire stuff. They set her on fire. Yeah, she's a hoot She's got her hair up in a little pony tail. Her hair is bright blond. These great big saucer eyes. Funny personality. Just really cute. We had a booth together. Across from us they had all these old collector magazines dating back to black and white. Really interesting, a lot of cool stuff there. Erotic artists. A lot of Playboy girls I met Debra Jo Fonderen…my favorite Playmate.

AINews: I only know a little bit about Playboy. It's not hardcore enough to me for me to be a real die-hard fan. I'm more familiar with the XXX stuff.

Venus: I'm not! (Laughs). The spectrum, you know. There is a lot in the adult industry.

AINews: I met the girl who formulated my idea of beauty at Glamourcon. Liv Lindland. Playmate 1971, Playmate of the year 1972.

Venus: Did you really? I met Carmen Berg.

AINews: Liv was the first Playboy centerfold that showed pubic hair. Just a little bit. I remember in January 1971.

Venus: Really? Oh, my God. How old is she?

AINews: She's in her fifties.

Venus: She might have been there. There were some old broads. I didn't know who they were. I don't go back that far so I didn't know. "Who's that old broad?" That will be me one day. (Laughs!)

AINews: Yeah, but those old girls can hold up a copy of Playboy and say I was in here. That's cool

Venus: I can too.

AINews: That's good stuff.

Venus: Yeah, it's good, to remember where you've been and help make your choices where you're going. That is pretty much about everything I wanted to do as far as the dancing goes. I started with the Internet when a company approached me. They were going to get a lot of the girls hook them up with computers to do love shows from home, build them homepages and the girls would get 50% and the company would do everything for you. Yeah. That happened to me. A company called Star Imaging. Only mine is not a sad story. It turned out pretty good.

They were going to do that. They were hooking me up with a live cam and they built the site for me, they gave me a computer. Everything I needed and all the software was loaded on there. A lot of good stuff on there. Adobe Photoshop which is a 900.00 program, live cam software etc. They were using this video software called VDO which didn't really work for their purpose because you had to get the customer through VDO and then reverse telemarket to get them to go to their site which was Flesh Grotto, and convince them to join Flesh Grotto and put money in the e-wallets and then come back to the VDO site, find you again and then they could see the show. Not practical at all!. What they wanted to do was get several adult stars and give them the computer and everything, so they could do their shows from home and then market it. You have to understand this was like in 1996, 97 so it was still a relatively fresh idea. Now it's like "Oh, how original." Anyway it was then.

The reverse telemarketing was not a good way to sell the live shows but fortunately I didn't have to go to them and say "This sucks" because their financial backer pulled out on them. I had taken Star Imaging, their officers and their company to the Exotic Dancer Expo. I had them ready to go. They signed Nina Hartley, they signed a girl named Sahara Sands, they signed Julia Parton, Lisa Lipps, and they had me. They had a nice start. Nice mix of XXX and exotic dancers and models, it was a good mix. But their financial backer, this guy that owns the PT Clubs, I guess he thought he was going to make a million dollars over night with this adult website. A lot of people think that, but they have no clue. They think "I'm gonna get this free adult website. I'm gonna make millions of dollars." Anyway, It's ok if you're the one giving them the free adult website because then you have all these people marketing your website and you give them a percentage. Good idea, yeah, you'll make a million. Where were we?

AINews: So they signed up…

Venus: Oh, yeah. They had all these great acts when the guy pulled out. Half the girls didn't have their computers yet. You know, and this VDO thing didn't work anyway. So the guy pulled out. They wanted me to pay $1500. for the computer after I had taken all there officers into the exotic dance show. It would have cost them about $300 apiece. I introduced them to all these club owners, dancers, all these girls signed up with them.. I'm like "OK, sure, what was that, 1500? Ok, how much do you want to pay me for all the work I did for you?" [They said] "Oh you're right, never mind." They were cool.. That guy's name was Mike Towns. Real sweet guy. I don't know what ever happened to him. I hope he is doing well, though. Good people, I don't know what happened. Lost their funding.

AINews: They might still be on the Internet somewhere.

Venus: I kept up with it for awhile, I would go check out Flesh Grotto to see how they were doing and stuff. Last time I checked it wasn't there anymore. It's tough. My Venus De Light site is doing incredible, Thanks to the Internet Gods. (Laughs!) I've been in the adult business a long time, and there are enough people that know me. Otherwise I would just say screw it. If you don't have marketing money or a team that constantly will be promoting you and marketing your site, doing link exchanges, etc, it's tough. Really tough. It's taken me three years of doing it by myself to get to where I am today with a huge successful websites. abook.com isn't there yet, that one is pretty new.

AINews: The stripper site is the one where you use live models?

Venus: Actually on both sites. On the venusdelight.com, I've got about a hundred models with live video and photo galleries and bios of each girl. And they are all top girls. Not amateurs. They are all like Danni Ashe, Julia Parton, Nina Hartley, Asia Carrera...

AINews: If a girl wants a page on that site how does she get a hold of you?

Venus: Email me at venus@venusdelight.com

AINews: You know something else I have to ask you. I have girls ask me this. They want to be a feature dancer but they don't want to do porn. They don't want to do XXX videos. I know it's possible, maybe it's a little harder.

Venus: It's not a little harder it's a lot harder but it can still be done. That's exactly what I did. It depends on the girl, obviously. You have got to have more than just a pretty face. You have got to have talent. And that is really the bottom line. Drive too. And have something to offer besides looking good, because when you're up on that stage it doesn't matter if you're a big name or a no name. What you're doing on stage is has got to captivate people and if you can do that, and I'm not talking about just prancing around and looking good, but I'm talking about make people cry. Make them feel something, make them laugh, make them horny, make them feel those emotions. You don't think you're gonna get booked? Lots of girls think "Oh I'll go buy a bathtub and then I'll be able to be a feature." But some of them suck! They might have a cool bathtub but they are boring they have got no personality. They suck! They might get by on hype for a little while, but pretty soon the word gets out that she's got this tub but she's boring. I'd rather see someone just prancing around having a good time than someone who thinks they have a show and doesn't.

AINews: Like a bowl of fire.

Venus: Not necessarily. I have seen girls do very erotic shows with just a bowl of fire, but don't call it a fire show!!! With the question about girls wanting to get into this, yeah, they can do it. There are plenty of other things they can do as long as they are not ashamed of their own bodies and are willing to express themselves in other types, like videos that aren't hardcore. You don't have to have that, there are lots of other venues in the adult industry. You don't have to do XXX to be adult. So if they are willing to get out and be seen. Do magazines, do the cable version videos, Marilyn Chambers Bedtime Stories, all that type of thing. Red Shoes Diaries, Private screenings that type of thing. B movies with love scenes. Modeling, lingerie, Budweiser, whatever. All that sexy stuff, there are a lot of venues, there are talk shows there are so many other venues beside XXX hardcore. You know I think the club owners kind of started that because it was their fantasy. You know, I think maybe I can get her. I'll pork her. I'll tip her an extra couple grand and I'm in, you know? That's what they think. Absolutely.

AINews: Every man has that fantasy but…

Venus: Not every man. Oh God no. I still think not every man fantasizes about being with a porn star because I've just met way to many guys that would watch one and put her down while she's doing it and think that it's beneath them. It's a sad fact but its true.

AINews: Why would they watch one? Just to criticize?.

Venus: Like at a stag party. Oh look at that whore or what ever. Double standards.

AINews: That's what they're saying but that's not what they're thinking.

Venus: Yeah, that's true. But I'm not even talking in that scenario, it's just one area where they might see a porn movie. Believe me I know there is a lot of people that are afraid for one thing. All the AIDS and stuff going on and we now have segregated films. The people with HIV are doing films now with other HIV positive actors and actresses. It's kind of scary, you know. I think guys probably fantasize more about making a porn movie, being in a porn movie, being the stud than actually going out with a porn star. I think the idea of being the porn star would be more exciting. I don't know!

AINews: A lot of people write and ask me how they can get into the business.

Venus: I get a lot of requests like that too. That's why I'm thinking that. I never hear "Can you introduce me to so and so." I've never had anyone go, "Can you fix me up with so and so?." It's always, How do I get to be a porn star? How do I get in the movies, you know.

Even that guy on Howard Stern the other day, that goofy guy. I don't know his name. Number 21. He was Dynamite's 21 - [twenty first man in the gangbang]

AINews: Oh yeah, High Pitch Eric. I was there.

Venus: Were you there? Or were you watching.

AINews: I was there, you didn't see me. I was out of view of the camera when they were filming for some of the time. Did you see Nina Whett? We were together that day.

Venus: No, I just saw Dynamite. I wasn't on very long. I was on for about 45 minutes, she took a break. I think she was on number 12 or something when I popped in. I watched the scene with the guy who came in her eye.

AINews: Oh, I missed it I wasn't there for that. What guy was that?

Venus: I don't know. They all look the same to me from my viewpoint, all I could see were their butts!.

AINews: All the men are just props.

Venus: I couldn't really see that much, you know. It was on the Internet.

AINews: Ok, was it like a 2x2 square?

Venus: Yes. Hard to see what was going on but I did see that.

AINews: Funny, that probably hurt too.

Venus: It does. They had a close up cam too. It was a hand held camera.

AINews: I was there covering the event. People like to read stories about gang-bangs.

[The waitress hears us talking about gangbangs]

AINews: Who was more embarrassed, us or the waitress?

Venus: Probably equally. Oh, that was classic. That was really funny. Especially the way you said it, "So many people like reading about gangbangs." Who wouldn't? The literary professor would want to read about gangbangs!

AINews: Stories like the Sabrina Johnson gangbang in December 1999 It's one of the top ten read stories on Adult Industry News.

Venus: Really? I saw her on Jerry Springer, we talking about her today but we didn't know her name. It's funny that you brought her up because we were talking about the Jerry Springer Show and how she obviously knew she was going to break up with her husband, or she wouldn't have gone on the show and told him I'm going to do this and you can be number 2000. Anyway, we couldn't remember her name and she was saying on Jerry Springer, I'm going to do this show announcing my gangbang and make me famous. Well, Dynamite is more famous than she is and she only had to do 21 guys. The only people I know that are famous from doing gang-bangs are Houston, and Jasmin St. Claire was the first one to do like 300.

AINews: What about Annabelle Chong?

Venus: She came after.

AINews: I thought she was first.

Venus: I think they have a dispute about that. I don't even want to comment. All I know is that Jasmine St. Claire is famous for it. What's the other one we just said?

AINews: Houston.

Venus: Houston, and now Dynamite because of Howard. And here this girl Sabrina, I didn't know anything about it. She did 2000 guys?

AINews: And her husband was there.

Venus: Are they still together?

AINews: They are still together.

Venus: That was all an act probably… I speculated.

AINews: Of course everybody speculates, he was her manager. He was there. He was taking care of her.

Venus: He probably likes that people speculate. That's the whole point. They did do it on Jerry Springer. If they want people to wonder and discuss it. It's too bad that they didn't say her name more often.

[We take a short break]

AINews: I did have to take the time to put my pen down and watch as you walked up, I have been looking you in the eye and not really admiring your body. Which by the way is excellent!

Venus: Thank you.

AINews: It makes me want to dig out all the Venus De Light things I have at home. I wanted to ask you, what are the trade shows that you are going to attend in the upcoming months and if somebody wants to find out your schedule if you go on tour would it be on your website?

Venus: I don't tour too much but yes I do have a tour schedule on my website.

I think I'm booked in July at a club in Arizona called The Sugar Shack, and I have got another one in September in North Carolina. They are old friends of mine They are the ones I worked for when I first started. I only go pretty much to the places that I know and love. And that I know I'm going to be treated with respect. Why take a chance. So many clubs suck now. They are not worth going to. They're just not. It's changed a lot. I like the Spearmint Rhino Clubs, they are beautiful clubs, and The Admiral Theater in Chicago, There are some good ones left but they are too few and far between all the rest.

AINews: Maybe they will come back.

Venus: I hope so. I really do. There is another really great club that I like to go to on the East Coast. In Salisbury, Massachusetts, Ten's Show Club. Talk about Ten's, forget about ten, they're 11's. The girls that work at this club are bar none, the most beautiful woman overall, as far as every girl is a knockout. Every girl. They are all centerfolds, they are all gorgeous. AND they serve alcohol.

AINews: Nude with alcohol. What's our problem [here in California].

Venus: Hell if I know. I don't understand. It's supposed to be a free country, I don't even want to get off on that subject, because I get really ranty. Dennis Miller move over. I get really ranty. (Laughs!)

AINews: You mean the land of the free is one of the more oppressed nations in the world because of our puritanical morals?

Venus: Yeah, in a word. The whole thing is screwed up. There are just too many things, since the LA riots we had last night over Celebrating the Lakers win. It's an odd way to show it and in their own neighborhoods. I don't get that. I don't get it. And then we pay for it. It's really…

AINews: The police chief said that for the proportionate number of people involved it really wasn't that bad it was only a couple cop cars or something.

Venus: It was two cop cars that they burned and turned over and blew up. It was a couple of people's personal vehicles, SUVs turned over and burned up. They broke into a Mercedes dealership and stole all the Mercedes emblems. They broke into a car lot, an enclosed car lot and burned up all those cars. They broke into shoe stores. They broke into several businesses. It's been covered up . The mayor said they did an excellent job. They only had 11 arrests. We are suppose to be proud of the fact that we said basically to the people that were looting and plundering, it's ok as long as we just push you back and contain you in this neighborhood here, is basically what happened last night. And then the mayor went on Congratulating everybody about what a fine job they did. I heard this guy on the radio today that said that he was at the game and couldn't get out because they had all these streets blocked off. They literally pushed them back into the neighborhood and let them destroy all they wanted to in that area. As long as you're doing it over there it's ok. That's what we said. That's what the mayor said. It was no big deal, destroy peoples property and it's fine. Just do it over there in this area. There ya go. Anyway, this guy said he couldn't get to his car because they had all these streets blocked and they were keeping people in the Staples Center Building. Finally, like at 1:00 am things were cleared up and him and his friend and this other couple were holding hands and were all walking out to their car there were only a couple cars left in the parking lot. Everything is done. The cops see them and start shooting those rubber pellets at them. Now they are going to step in and do something to innocent people. Just walking to the car. So they ran. The cops were shooting at them. Two people or four people three guys and a girl, sounded like they were of a Latin background and were picked on. If they were white people they probably wouldn't have been picked on. So that's when the cops did something. After everything was over they shot at unarmed pedestrians. Which is typical, that happens in Vegas all the time. I've had friends get robbed by the cops, raped by the cops. There are several incidences of cops shooting unarmed pedestrians, 14 times. This black mentally handicapped unarmed pedestrian, 14 times they shot him. Of course it went to internal affairs and they said they were acting in the line of duty. They can say whatever they want, because they have got nobody policing the police. They police themselves. Except for the politicians, great, they have a little authority over them but they all have each others hands in each others pockets. They are all scamming the taxpayers, having huge parties and perks, like you wouldn't believe. They send them on missions to fly to the East Coast to pick up live lobsters. It's all a bunch of bullshit. The porn thing I think is almost just a detractor to keep us unaware of what is really going on. Like them harassing the porn industry all the time...

AINews: So we are the center of attention, while they …

Venus: Right. They put the focus on us. The porn industry has helped advocates for everybody. Lets stop them so it looks like they are doing something good. Meanwhile they are just raping the public.

AINews: And enjoying our porn.

Venus: They're the biggest ones. The biggest customers.

AINews: Are you involved with the Free Speech coalition? Or any group like that?

Venus: I met Bill [Margold].

"Bill is like the grandfather of porn. If anybody can tell you what it's like and what to expect, it's Bill."

AINews: But you never have done any hardcore.

Venus: My husband and I did actually toy with the idea of making them together when we first got together. When we got a little more serious we decided to keep it private. We wanted to find out what Bill had to say. Bill is like the grandfather of porn. If anybody can tell you what it's like and what to expect, it's Bill. So Tricia [of California Wildcats] set up this appointment to meet Bill. We went to his place and I expected him to tell me about what kind of money was involved, who makes good films, and who to work with and you know useful information like that.

Instead, Bill sat me down and said the only people that should do porn should be people that are orphaned or sterile. He said it reduces your sex life to the equivalent of a handshake.

Then he asked me " Why do you want to do porn?" I said it would be fun, exciting, it would be good for my dancing career. It was mostly just for fun. He said "No that's not the right reason. No, no, you have to want to be famous so bad, that you are willing to do anything, even be remembered for being a porn star."

I was like "Well, now that you put it that way..... That isn't really my goal in life." We thought about it and decided we will just keep it to ourselves, but it's fun to think about. It's again, the fantasy is probably much better than the reality. Reality is just like any film making, you're working, you have to look good.

AINews: Certainly the vivid girls are thinking about what they look like while they're doing it.

Venus: (Laughs!) That's a good line. You can tell the difference. That's why I think amateur porn is so much more popular. They are just having fun. They are just into it and they aren't thinking about what they look like.

AINews: It comes across too. Still you can set up your camera in the bedroom and play the tape later. You can still enjoy it but you don't have to sell it. You don't have to put it out there where Grandpa can look at it by accident. Or your relatives, or your aunt Minnie who would get a heart attack.

Venus: That was what Bill meant. when he said you should be either sterile or an orphan. Because it's such a personal choice. And you impose that personal choice on your family or future family and it can come back and haunt you later. It could really hurt those that love you and destroy them. And you don't know for your future family. It ain't just about you. It's your family living with that forever. It's on film. Not just in your bedroom and that you can erase it. It's worldwide. That's why he said that.

At first I was taken aback by his comments. It sounded insulting, you know? Orphaned or sterile you shouldn't do porn. This is a guy that's made over a thousand films! What happened? But when he explained it, I was like "Wow!" So many people don't really think about all that. They are just thinking about their own personal choice. Years from now 20, 30, 40 years from now. Not at 18, young as they can get em. 18 years and 2 minutes. At that point it's just a fun thing. You want to try everything, you want to experience everything. And then there it is on film. At 38 a lawyer. Running for the PTA or something.

I read that Janine really wants to be school teacher. I read she retired, but then I saw an ad for a new release, I don't know if it was shot before she retired or if she made it after. But I read that she retired and that she really wanted to become a school teacher. I thought, you know, I bet she would be a marvelous school teacher. She is also very recognizable, I'm afraid she probably wouldn't get hired anywhere once they figure out who she is. It just isn't fair is it?

AINews: Sound advice! I think they're closing this place. You think we should leave?

Venus: Let's go outside.

AINews: I'd like to get a few pictures. Thank you for a great interview!

Venus: You're welcome! I had a great time chatting with you! I have no idea how this is going to turn out since I ramble on so much! ...

~ But it was fun!

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Anal Violation of Bonnie Grey ~ Reviewer Rated

Eros, a Short Film

Lee Signs Victoria June

Maxine X Voted #1

Czernich Releases Heavy Rubber 37

Legal Panel: Weinstein, #MeToo

Consent Checklist

Nice Girls Swallow 10

Paradise Wins Best Condom

Paradise, Astroglide StorErotica Nom

Paradise Marketing New Website

Dennis Paradise Inducted

Stories From


Sofie Marie on Swinging

Emori Pleezer: BDSM Princess

AEE 2019: Ela Darling

AEE 2019: Sofie Marie

AEE 2019: Cindy Starfall on Swinging and Camming

AEE 2019: Christiana Cinn on Porn and Camming

AEE 2019: Bree Mills, Part Two

AEE 2019: Bree Mills, Part One

Alexis Fawx: A Lesson in Self-Awareness

AEE 2019: Sofia Rose, BBW Sweetheart

AEE 2019: Cory Chase

AEE 2019: Taylor Stevens on Camming

AEE 2019: Kelley Cabbana and Camming

AEE 2019: Ember Snow Talks Cam Girls

AEE 2019: Vanna Bardot Update

AEE 2019: Nina at Thirty-five

Sarah Vandella: Pushing my Boundaries

Reagan Foxx: A Ton of Fun

Vanna Bardot: The Girl with the Braces

Scarlett Mae: Making Sex Feel Natural


Interviews Section Index

Interview with Ela Darling

Derrick Pierce Interview

Interview of Holly Heart

Canadian Foot Porn

Karlie Montana Interview

BBW Eliza Allure Interview

Chanel Preston Interview

Shelly The Burbank Bomber

BiBi Jones Interview

An InnerView of Katsuni

Freaky by the Bay: Heidi Hanson

An InnerView of Stormy Daniels

A MiniView of Monica Mayhem

Scott Janke & Jazella Moore: The Interview

A MiniView of Devon Michaels

A MiniView of Sunny Day

A MiniView of Rucca Page

A MiniView of Heather Barron

Freaky by the Bay: Jesse Jane

A MiniView of Anjelica Lauren

A MiniView of Nikki Jackson

A MiniView of Kitti Lynxxx

A Man of Many Talents - Jack Lawrence

Delotta Brown Again

A MiniView of Sara Jay

A MiniView of June Summers

A MiniView of Teri Weigel

A MiniView of Kendra Secrets

A MiniView of Sexy Vanessa

A MiniView of Sashabrabuster

A MiniView of Gina DePalma

A MiniView of Candy Manson

A MiniView of Kitty Langdon

A MiniView of Sinnamon Love

A MiniView of Kitty Lee

A MiniView of Victoria Valentino

A MiniView of Savannah Jane

Debi Does Las Vegas - A MiniView

A MiniView of Carly Parker

A MiniView of Alexis Silver

A MiniView of Donna Doll

A MiniView of Regan Anthony

A MiniView of Cinnabunz

A MiniView of Wanda Lust

A MiniView of Raven Black

A MiniView of Sheila Marie

A MiniView of Pamela Peaks

The View From the Top

A MiniView of DeLotta Brown

A MiniView of Daphne Rosen

A MiniView of Anita Cannibal

A MiniView of Cumisha Amado

A MiniView of Cara Lott

A MiniView of Cleopatra of the Nile

A MiniView of Moni Michaels

A MiniView of Golden

A MiniView of Ms Panther

A MiniView of Totally Tabitha

A MiniView of Kayla Paige

A MiniView of Bethany Sweet

A MiniView of LaRue McCay

A MiniView of Midori

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Lovette

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Keisha

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Venus De Light

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Bobby Hollander

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Brooke Hunter

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Juli Ashton

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Bridget "the Midget" Powerz

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Miss Sharon Mitchell

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Danni Ashe

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Sabrina Johnson

Julia Parton, Full of Life

Zarah Lee's American Bukkake

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Teri Weigel

An Interview with Bubbles

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Ariana

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