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Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!

Kayden Kross at Twistys

April 15, 2000 12:30am
AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Brooke Hunter
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

Brooke Hunter was featuring at Bob's Classy Lady [now "Rouge"] in Van Nuys, California. Brooke and her husband Ron Miller (who manages Brooke and put on Erotica L.A. back then) and I met in the dressing room to talk.

AINews: I'm here with Brooke Hunter. I'm glad as hell that you had time to give this interview to Adult Industry News.

Brooke: Well, thanks for coming back and talking to us.

Ron: Our pleasure.

AINews: [To Brooke] You have a lot going on, don't you?

Brooke: We both have a lot going on right now. This is going to be the kick-ass year for my career, and Ron's show Erotica L.A. is in its fifth year now and taking off. We both have a lot of really good things going on.

AINews: First tell me a few of the things that are just about to happen for you.

"I signed a contract. I am now a contract girl with Wildlife Productions."

Brooke: Well, some of the things that are happening right now, as we speak, effective January, I signed a contract. I am now a contract girl with Wildlife Productions.

AINews: Wildlife?

Brooke: Wildlife Productions. A fantastic company, which is allowing me to shoot my own series. It's a collaboration of a lot of my own ideas and Ron's ideas and hard work have been put into this. The two of us have been collaborating on ideas and scenes, and we've been able to see them through to fruition. We will have our own series out there, which is Brooke Hunter's Sexual Antics. The first volume was shot here at Bob's Classy Lady.

AINews: Really! That's great! Right here?

Brooke: Yes, it was shot here at Bob's Classy Lady. A great girl/girl scene with Shay Sights. Everything about it came out pretty good. We had some tough times in the beginning, but it's working out. It's real interesting for me as a performer, now to step behind and see how everything works. So, that's been launched. I'm hosting a series for Wildlife Productions, all of this is going to cable. The series is Dirty Newcomers.

AINews: Dirty Newcomers.

Brooke: Yes, where everybody gets to vote for their favorite dirty newcomer. I host the series. They get shots of me and I'm playing and I'm talking to the girls and introducing them to the male talent. The girls are having one of their first times on film and we have contestant number one, two and three. And at the end of the video, you get to vote for your favorite girl. So, that has been a lot of fun.

AINews: How do you vote for the girls? The guys at home who have the video vote?

Brooke: The guys at home who have the video get to vote either by e-mail or through [mailing their vote to] a P.O. box. Prizes for each piece of the series is different. For volume two they are going to win the entire series put out by Wildlife Productions, which is the "Screw My Wife Please" Series, which has been a huge success for them, in the Cable market and in video sales. It's fun!

AINews: Who is producing "Screw My Wife Please"?

Brooke: That is Bobby Rinaldi and Ray Anderson at Wildlife Productions.

AINews: Wildlife? Oh, didn't they used to be Tight Ends Productions?

Ron: Bobby and Ray used to be with Tight Ends. Wildlife is an entirely new company. They are in their second or just starting their third year. They have been, knock-on-wood, immensely successful. Brooke and I like them because they have put out a real high end product on a very tight budget. They are out there almost reinventing the wheel, in my opinion, because they are demonstrating that you can put out a very good product that is appealing to couples, that is not at all degrading to anyone.

Brooke: It's cute, it's fun, and everyone is having a good time with it. The response to it has been really, really good.

Ron: Actually, phenomenal. They use beautiful locations. They use top name talent and God bless Bobby and Ray, the two of them. I've never seen two people work harder.

Brooke: A really good team. A nice family to belong to for me. I'm real thrilled about this.

Ron: It is kind of like a home away from home. When we go over to the office we feel right at home. And that is not to say, and it's no secret, that I am a huge Wicked fan. I love Wicked's product and everybody at the company. I have the utmost respect for, and I sincerely like everyone there. It's a great organization. Of course they are putting out a very high end product. I don't think there is a better product out there. I feel the same way about VCA, and I feel pretty much, the same way about Vivid. I like the companies that are putting out high end product. From my point of view, I see the industry almost splintering into the real outrageous stuff, being separated from things that are truly erotic.

Brooke: I totally agree with you. Just to comment on that. I was reading an article in AVN. It was the fan's response. Actual fans writing in and they were saying, keep in mind Quality versus Quantity. Everyone seems to be getting of on this wild double, triple penetration, guys remember there is a market out there for the high quality, high end video and people do want to see that. So that was really nice to see. The end-consumer out there is saying, "I want to see the high quality, really pretty girls, really well put together movies."

AINews: Quality porno.

Brooke: There is something for everybody out there. There are tons of videos made a year, but it was nice to see that they are saying we want to see what you're shooting and what we are shooting fits into that category. Wildlife in their short existence has just skyrocketed and gone nowhere but up! Hopefully we are going to go up with them.

Ron: I hope so. I think it is going to be a mutually beneficial relationship, and it's going to be, knock-on-wood again, an extremely long-lived.

"I really don't like the term porn, or porno, where it is connected to adult films…but the image I get of porn goes to graphic violence."

Now, I do have to comment on the term "porno". It's funny, in my pushing six years in the business, and having experienced lots of different things in this business. I really don't like the term porn, or porno, where it is connected to adult films. I think some adult video and some adult magazines and so on you could classify as porn. But the image I get of porn goes to graphic violence. I think that something like, Natural Born Killers. I find that to be pornography. I find Pulp Fiction, to me that is pornography. It is violence for no particular reason. It is gratuitous violence. Anything that is just gratuitously violent [I would call porn].

Brooke: Sex is a great thing.

AINews: What about gratuitous sex? What would you call that, for example?

Brooke: A whole lot-o-fun! I think you are talking about anything that is extremely degrading to women or to men.

"I mean you can't say, 'Now, the last time you took an axe to somebody what did you feel?' But, you CAN say, 'The last time that you caressed a woman, or you caressed a man, how did you feel?'"

Ron: Let me see if I can answer your question directly. I'll say the same thing I did in response to Mayor Riordon's comments regarding the Adult Industry. Everybody, virtually everybody, has sex. The vast majority of our society has sexual relations with other people. Whether it's in a traditional heterosexual relationship, a homosexual relationship, even masturbation. Virtually everybody has sexual experiences. Virtually nobody, commits murder... And that's how I separate the two! (Laughs!) I mean you can't say, "Now, the last time you took an axe to somebody what did you feel?" But, you CAN say, "The last time that you caressed a woman, or you caressed a man, how did you feel?" People will be able to respond to the latter, most people, and most people wouldn't be able to respond to the former.

Brooke: Thank God!

Ron: Again, superstitious me, knock on wood. We don't want killers and we don't want violence! The law tells us that we can't shoot any form of restraint and sexual penetration. Why? You can't have sex and violence. But you can have all the violence you want. And you can have all the sex you want as long as you put it behind a black curtain in the video rental store. Don't get me on a soapbox! (Laughs!) That's my politics. The lawyer in me comes out every once in a while.

Brooke: You want me to get a soapbox? I'll get all soapy!

AINews: Well, that would be a different set of circumstances.

Brooke: That would definitely be. No, I agree with everything he said.

Ron: First of all, that was the basis of Erotica L.A. It's, "Hey, look folks, this is the L.A. Convention Center, the floor isn't sticky, it's not in a seamy neighborhood. You don't have to worry about who sees you going in and out of here. This is bringing the Adult Industry to mainstream America.

"Everybody out there who enjoys sex, who enjoys movies, who enjoys adult toys, who enjoys experiencing their sexuality, can come out and look at the girls in the videos."

Brooke: It's so simple. Everybody out there who enjoys sex, who enjoys movies, who enjoys adult toys, who enjoys experiencing their sexuality, can come out and look at the girls in the videos. They can come and see and meet the people that work at the companies who bring you all of this adult content. They can find sexy lingerie, and sex toys, and virtually anything that has to do with sex, you are going to find it here.

But it is not behind a curtain, put in a corner, and waiting for a little peep show a guy to go whack off in a corner. This is not what sex is about anymore. It is out there and this is something that everybody can do and have fun doing it. That is my big thing. Sex is fun and that's what I want to portray in the videos that I do. So I'm picking and choosing what I do because I don't want to go out there and do a 300 guy gang-bang, triple anal, with half gainer, or what ever. I want it to be fun. That is pretty much what we're shooting through the series that I'm doing and that you are directing, Mr. Hollywood... Mr. Ron Hollywood.

Ron: Thank you very much!

Brooke: It gives us an opportunity to work together. I help Ron with some of the things for Erotica L.A., but this is his baby, this is his thing. And he is more than instrumental in my career. It has been a good team. We work pretty well together when we are not trying to kill each other.

Ron: You know what, we have a great time and I think, yeah, we have our share of serious knock down drag outs, just like everybody else does in a relationship. Pretty much, it is things like I leave the toilet seat up and...

Brooke: ...I leave it down.

Ron: You leave it down.

Brooke: We do work well together, the hard thing is we see so many relationships go awry in this industry, because we work in the sex industry. And that's a real delicate issue when you talk about your sexuality, being in the Adult Industry and then having a relationship. We are able to do everything together. I think it's even a stronger bond than if you were trying to incorporate Mainstream and Adult together...

Ron: I think it's an interesting thing. I think that people can hide a lot of their other emotions behind sexual intimacy. When your sexual intimacies are shared with other people through your work like ours are, obviously, then we have to get more down to the heart of who we are and share that in a relationship. People say how can you have a relationship, when...

Brooke: ...Bye dear, going out to have sex today. See ya later.

Ron: She's going off have sex or I'm going off to have sex in the occasional scene that I do here and there...

Brooke: ...Or when I go to work and he's directing me and telling me who to do, what to do, and how to do it...

Ron: ...I think both of us would freely admit that there have been times when we have looked and gone well wait a minute, What is she doing with that guy, and why is she doing it? And I think the same has come back the other way with you.

Brooke: Absolutely it has. Like you said, you learn to explore each other as people more, and discover each other at a more intimate level personally. We share so many other things. We share that sexual part of ourselves with each other, but work is work. Work and sex is not that emotional and intimate. I tell you how I am feeling and everything. I go to work and I'm not going to be telling a co-worker the extremely intimate things in my life. That's saved for home.

AINews: This sounds like allot of the things I hear swingers talk about. The difference between sex and love. Work and play.

Brooke: Absolutely, I'm not going home with them at the end of the day.

AINews: "How was work today, who did you fuck, honey." Those things aren't normally discussed at Middle America's dinner table. In the Adult Industry or an alternative lifestyle, it is.

Brooke: Right.

"…We're seeking to help build the strength of family values."

Ron: As long as people put a strong emphasis on anything in my opinion and in my experience, then they tend to develop a mystique about it and it tends to become something that people will hide and that people will seek out. It's a very interesting thing. There's always this discussion going on about guns, and handguns, and yet I've heard stories, like in Japan, where handguns are illegal. Period. People do not have the second amendment rights, the right to bear arms. So consequently, a gun that you could by in the United States for $500 will sell for $5000 to $10,000 in Japan because it becomes a black market. Whatever in our society gets pushed under wraps all of a sudden becomes more [desirable]. Look at prohibition. More people were probably drinking per capita then, than now. Why? Because you were getting away with something. There is no such thing as a victimless crime or a victimless act, there are victims to everything, there are victims to alcohol, and to drugs, there are victims to sex, extramarital relations, you name it. I believe that what both Brooke and I do - what I do with Erotica LA and what I do in the Adult Film Industry and what Brooke does in the Adult Film Industry. What she does as either a Feature performer, Internet work and so on - we're seeking to help build the strength of family values.

I was interviewed by the LA Times and they had me on the front page of the Metro section two years ago with Erotica L.A., with a big headline that says PRAY meets PREY. The Catholic Education Council was moving out of the Convention Center and I was moving in. They thought this was really a story to be had. They ended up printing a very fair and very straightforward positive story. I said the same thing to them. If you go upstairs and you ask the representatives of the Catholic Education Council, the priests, the nuns, and the hierarchy of the church, what their goals are and why they are here. I am sure they are willing to put family at the top of the list. So do we. Brooke is not going to have sex with a band. She is not going to take one of these guys out here on stage. But this guy out here by the stage is going to go home to his significant other and he is going hopefully go home stimulated. If people become a little more open in their communications, whether we start seeing more couples coming out...

Brooke: That is the greatest kick in the world! We're starting to see a lot more couples coming out, and that's wonderful!

Ron: And we have seen them at Erotica L.A., and in Brooke's series we are striving for the same thing, something that is going to appeal to everyone, including couples. It always reminds me of one of my favorite Rodney Dangerfield lines. I'm crediting him with the line, I'm not plagiarizing him. Rodney Dangerfield said, "The other night the wife and I are laying in bed. We are trying to get something going. After about an hour I roll over and say, what's the matter, you can't think of anyone either?" That scene where somebody can see Brooke with somebody or Brooke and I together, maybe that will just trigger them off so that their own fantasies will start working, and hopefully they'll start talking about their own fantasies. They'll come to Erotica L.A. They'll see that they can go to Jamaica and take a vacation at a clothing optional resort. And yeah, there are swingers there, but if you don't want to be involved with the lifestyle you can keep your relationship anonymous, great.

Brooke: If you want to run around naked, have at it!

Ron: If you just want to watch the other people run around naked and then run back to your room and fuck your brains out, it's all part of good healthy sex.

Brooke: And that makes it fun! People are having fun! They are in a good mood! They are communicating!

Ron: When we came up with the idea for Brooke's series, I think we are hitting it. We are very, very pleased with the first one. I have great expectations for the one we are shooting March 29th. What we are doing is taking everyday events in the adult world and expanding that, so that we are putting a fantasy into the film. For instance in "Brooke Hunter's Sexual Antics Vol. 1" we shot it here at Bob's Classy Lady. We think the scenes depict what Brooke and I collaborated and said, we think this is the natural fantasy. The first scene was a bachelor, here at his bachelor party, Brooke was the feature dancer, and she pulled the bachelor up on stage. And what happens? The bride to be comes walking in. And she is just madder than a wet hen. She bitches out Brooke and Brooke turns to her and says," If you knew how to treat your man right, he wouldn't have to come looking here." They end up in a girl/girl scene. At the end of the scene she goes over and grabs the groom to be by the hair and says next time you want some strange pussy, better send me to get it.

AINews: Excellent!

Brooke: Yeah! That was funny!

Ron: One of the other scenes, we had the pleasure of having Maya Divine dancing on one of the stages here. With a group of guys watching her. And unbeknownst to the guys, behind the two of them was Brandon Iron and Justine, who start making out and ending up with a wild, hot boy/girl scene right on one of the horseshoes. When Maya stopped dancing and people started to notice, "Hey, what's goin' on behind me?" they turn around and look. The one we're shooting now is going to be Brooke's Birthday party. It's going to be the sexual antics that transpire at a four-star Birthday Party. We're not going to tell you any more about it, go grab it and see it. I'm hoping that people, and Brooke agrees I'm sure, will say, "I've always wanted to see that happen. I've always wanted to see a dancer in a strip club give a bachelor a blow job." Every bachelor that sees it will probably go, "Yeah! I wanted one but I didn't get it!"


AINews: Now every bachelor that sees that first and comes into a place like Bob's is going to get pulled up on stage for a few lap dances like they do here, and go home thinking about that scene and say, "Damn! That's part of my fantasy!"

Brooke: Exactly!

Ron: I don't know where his dick is going to have sex the night that he goes home from his bachelor party, but I pretty well bet where his brain is going to be having sex, or who his brain is going to be having sex with. And it's a good thing, girls come in, it's the same thing. We can only use our imaginations and our fantasies to project what other people's fantasies might be. That and of course we talk to a lot of people and meet a lot of people by virtue of being in the business and that's what we hope to continue to incorporate into Brooke's Series.

AINews: What is there new in Erotica L.A. this year?

Ron: Goalie has drastically expanded their gate by about one third. That is of course the Le Sex Shoppe Chain. Several other adult video chains from across the country.

Brooke: Cameras are back this year.

Ron: Fans can bring their cameras back this year. I fought it out with the City of Los Angeles and the fans are bringing their cameras back. So that's a biggie. That's probably the biggest thing. As far as what's new this year? Goalie is bigger, they're bringing more video companies. We've got more video companies, more diversity of video companies. For the first time we have Extreme Associates this year. So we do have representatives now from the outer fringes. We have expanded drastically art wise. We have 600 sq. feet of the Robert May collection, which is Olivia and Soriyama. And they're bringing ORIGONAL art. So it's going to be an art SHOW along with a sale of erotic art. We've got at least one additional adult oriented resort along with Hedonism II and III. We're negotiating right now with the Edgewater West in Oakland, which is a close trip for an adult weekend.

Brooke: Which we're going to be doing.

Ron: Carlos Cartejania. FABULOUS artist. He's going to be there this year. So we're expanding the variety. Of course, all of our favorite video companies, knock-on-wood, are back and all of our favorite stars.

Brooke: One of my friends and one of my photographers, Lori Mann Photography, who does a lot of erotic art will be there as well. She's shot a lot of me and has done some beautiful compilation pieces. She will be there once again. She's been there every year. A lot of good stuff is going on. The bungee sexperience, I get to get into the bungee getup again! And toys and shoes and clothes, it's incredible, and all the stars...

Ron: It's incredible to me year after year to watch these companies grow right along with me. These companies have grown right along with Erotica L.A. It is thanks in no small part to the wonderful good heartedness of people like Steve Orenstein at Wicked and the whole Wicked organization. They supported Erotica L.A. since day one. They've been one of our flagship companies along with Goalie, they have supported us since year one, they took a gamble on us. Goalie Entertainment owns all those LeSex Shoppes. They are back again this year and again bigger than ever. LFP has taken about three times the space they had last year with the Hustler Hollywood Store, Hustler, Hustler Merchandise, and Hustler Video. Of Course Wildlife will be there, Metro Video Team, Vivid, they will all be represented in the Goalie Booth. New Sensations is back, Sacred Pool is back, the list just keeps growing. Adam and Eve all the way from North Carolina. One of the trailblazers as far as cable is concerned. As far as real High end video. They are there this year. We just continue to grow.

Along with us growing the companies that are with us grow. People like Lori Mann was just starting to dabble in going from mainstream photography doing weddings and bar mitzvahs and you name it. She loved doing Boudoir type photography and her business skyrocketed. She just recently signed with a gallery and she has her photographs in this gallery in San Gabriel.

Lori has a piece hanging in this Gallery that is for sale. It is a large photograph, it happens to be a photograph of Brooke from a series that Lori shot and it's priced at $1000. So there's somebody who came to Erotica L.A. hoping to start up their business. We have another gentleman who has a business called Fingertip Dimensions. He came for the first time last year and he does body castings. First just female body casting, now porn stars. He just did Rayne recently. He just did Brooke.

Brooke: I did several pieces with him. Several different very large pieces, and there are some small castings. When he comes back we are going to do some more. Those will all be displayed at Erotica L.A. as well.

Ron: People will be able to purchase Brooke's vagina, made into a business card holder. (Laughs!)

AINews: WOW! (Laughs!)

Ron: Erotica L.A. has got to a point where I hope it never stops. I love seeing the new companies come along. I love talking to the people about their ideas and seeing them take off, and their companies grow. And of course I love to see the expressions on people's faces when you see a gal smiling because she is holding that leopard skin thong and top. Being interviewed on one of the major network news stations. The guy [with her] is grinning from ear to ear, you can see he can't wait to get her home and see her put on this outfit that he just bought for her. They may never have gone to this exploration if it had not been for either Erotica L.A. or something like Erotica L.A. You can't just buy this on the Internet. We do have some great Internet companies [represented] as well at Erotica L.A. But it gives people, I believe, an opportunity to see what is new out there, and what is different.

Brooke: When you come down and walk through it and you see it, you'll feel the energy in the air is all charged up. It is all sexual and it's just a fun place to be.

Ron: You can see it. You can touch it. You can talk to the people. It is also very gratifying to me that all the talent seems to enjoy themselves. More so than the industry only shows. They love to meet their fans. And they love posing for photographs with their fans. It is a good time had by all. I'm thrilled that Bill Margold has linked the FOXE [Fans Of X-rated Entertainment] Awards to Erotica L.A. That will be held Sunday night, the fourth of June, at the Century Club following the end of Erotica L.A.'s run for the year 2000. That is a nice finale.

AINews: It's all a fan based two or three days there.

Ron: That's it. It's about what it's supposed to be about. It's about the fans.

AINews: What time does Erotica L.A. open in the morning and close?

Ron: On Friday the second, the doors open to the public at 5:00 p.m. and will go 'til 11:00pm. On Saturday it runs 11:00 a.m. 'til 11:00 p.m., and on Sunday from 11:00 a.m. 'til 5:00 p.m.

AINews: Brooke, are you signed exclusively now?

Brooke: No, my contract is not an exclusive contract. What we're doing with my contract is I have my series with Wildlife, I'm hosting one of their series, but they're still allowing me to work with the big companies, Vivid, Wicked, VCA, so I'm shooting nothing but the top of the line. They loan me out to the companies, so that's worked out to be a pretty good deal.

AINews: They all have your contact information, I presume?

Brooke: Absolutely.

Ron: Now she also, as part of Brooke's contract with Wildlife, is doing four major features for them that she'll be starring in. Of course they will be her box covers, as well. Of course the fans keep screaming and hollering that they want to see Brooke in sex scenes with the new comers, so we hope they keep screaming and hollering because Brooke has the hots for the new comers.

(All Laughing!)

AINews: Anyone in particular that you would like to work with, Brooke?

Brook: When I shot my series, I did a scene with Shay Sights. I would love to work with her again, she was phenomenal. We shot the greatest girl/girl scene. I've always had the people that I've wanted to meet in the industry talk with me, and even the newer people that I've worked with, has been a different experience each time and I've had nothing but fun. I really haven't run into any bad situations or yucky people. I just keep collecting my list of people [I want to work with]. I put a lot of energy into what I'm doing for the series. I'm also putting a lot of work right now into putting my website up.

AINews: What's your URL?

Brooke: It's BrookeHunter.com, which will be launched any day, we hope!

AINews: Probably by the time the interview is online your site will be up.

Ron: We want to get it done. Her site is going to be very, very fast.

Brooke: We are all ready to go, she is just looking for the right place to put it. It's going to be great. I like doing the Internet. I started in the industry doing live Internet sex. That was really my first taste of the industry. I want to continue doing that. I'm fairly computer literate, so is Ron. We have everything, it's all right there. It's just a matter of getting it out there. We've been meeting with lot of different web people and it will be launched hopefully in the next week or so.

AINews: Cool, it will probably take me that long to type this with two fingers.

Ron: (Laughs!) Especially with somebody as verbose as me. You didn't ask me who I want to work with!

AINews: Who do you want to work with?

Brooke: ME!

AINews: That's a given!

Ron: Besides Brooke, I love working with Brooke. Brooke will tell you, hands down, who's my first choice?

Brooke: Christi Lake?

Ron: Christi Lake. Christi is my favorite.

AINews: I have my application in for her "Fan Fuxxx" series! (Laughs!)

Ron: Christi won't do the Fan Fuxxx with me because I've done scenes.

AINews: I haven't... and I have my test right here in my wallet!

Brooke: You got it!


AINews: She knows.

Ron: Amongst female performers Christi is right up there, and the minute Shay Sights decides that she wants to do guys, along with scenes of doing her husband, who is just a great guy...

Brooke: They're SO nice!

Ron: They're a great couple, on the same wavelength as Brooke and I are. They love the fans and they're self promoting. They really believe in what they're doing. They have a good time with it and they're great people. Shay would be right up there on the list. I think that Brooke and I and Shay and her husband ought to get together and do a little orgy scene, a foursome together.

AINews: That sounds like a good plan.

Ron: See my mind never stops. I really do this because I have fun doing it!


AINews: That's fantastic! This is good stuff! This is fucking great stuff!

Ron: This is just us, you know. This is the kind of conversation we have in the car when we're driving along. Another great thing about being in this industry....

Brooke: The cars next to us will get the megaphone out the window...

Ron: The truckers love it!

AINews: You have used a megaphone out the window?

"People out there really ought to try it. Drive down the road and talk about who you'd like to have sex with."

Ron: NO, no, but Brooke loves to flash truckers. We recently had to drive to Barstow and back on a Sunday. Had a lot of fun. We try to make everything fun! It is a real kick. People out there really ought to try it. Drive down the road and talk about who you'd like to have sex with.

Brooke: OH! I know who I want to have sex with!

Ron: Who?

Brooke: (Laughs!) The new contract guy for Adam and Eve, Dale DaBone.

Ron: (Laughs!) She wants to do Dale DaBone! Dale if you read this give us a call.

Brooke: I met him the same night I met you, on the set of....

AINews: Wasn't it White Lightning?

Brooke: Yeah, White Lightning. He was there. He was the new talent, first week in town. Oh man! He's a babe!

Ron: Yeah, if Veronica Hart makes a comeback she goes right to the top of my list.

Brooke: Yeah! There ya go!

AINews: I've thought about that too.

Ron: Who hasn't! Total class act and absolutely, drop dead gorgeous.

Brooke: And then there's Jeannine, Jenna....

Ron: I have no interest for Jeanine or Jenna, well you know you get laid a lot more than I do. Or you get laid by a lot more people than I do. Let's stop thinking about...

Brooke: I only enjoy it when you are there...

AINews: Maybe I should clear out. It is almost 11:00.

Ron: She's got to get dressed to get undressed.

Brooke: Yeah, it's time to get ready for my next show here. Almost 11:00.

AINews: God, I appreciate the hell out of this!

Brooke: Is there anything else?

AINews: It was great! I hardly had to ask any questions! It just flowed! Thanks!

Brooke: You get two people together who like to talk a lot and, well, it's never quiet at our house!

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MWA: 06/20/19

Seth Gamble at Industry Discussion

MWA: 06/13/19

MWA: 05/24/19

MWA: 05/21/19

Sofie Marie on Swinging

MWA: 05/08/19

2019 Club EXPO Breaks Record

Emori Pleezer: BDSM Princess

Expo 2019: A Star is Born

AEE 2019: Is Camming the New Porn?

2019 XRCO Awards Nominations Announced

MWA: 04/20/19

MWA: 04/12/19

AEE 2019: Ela Darling

AEE 2019: Sofie Marie

AEE 2019: Cindy Starfall on Swinging and Camming

MWA: 04/10/19

Stunning Summer Now Loves Models Talent Agent

AEE 2019: Christiana Cinn on Porn and Camming

AEE 2019: Bree Mills, Part Two

AEE 2019: Bree Mills, Part One

Alexis Fawx: A Lesson in Self-Awareness

MWA: 04/01/19

AEE 2019: Sofia Rose, BBW Sweetheart

AEE 2019: Taylor Stevens on Camming

AEE 2019: Kelley Cabbana and Camming

MWA: 03/29/19

AEE 2019: Cory Chase

MWA: 03/27/19

MWA: 03/25/19

AEE 2019: Ember Snow Talks Cam Girls

MWA: 03/16/19

MWA: 03/08/19

MWA: 03/01/19

Charlie Biggs RIP

AEE 2019: Vanna Bardot Update

Discloses Searches for Prostitutes

Elements ~ Reviewer Rated

Industry Veteran D. Wise Passes

Decline of Big Girl Market

AEE 2019: The Code and August Ames

AEE 2019: Nina at Thirty-five

Angel Marie at Lust

Sexual Harassment ~ Reviewer Rated

MWA 12/19/18

MWA: 12/12/18

Sarah Vandella: Pushing my Boundaries

MWA: 12/10/18

MWA: 12/08/18

Reagan Foxx: A Ton of Fun

MWA: 11/28/18

MWA: 11/18/18

Depression in the Industry

Vanna Bardot: The Girl with the Braces

Scarlett Mae: Making Sex Feel Natural

MWA: 11/08/18

HardArt's Sexual Harassment Trailer

MWA: 11/07/18

HardArt Announces Sexual Harassment

Love in the Digital Age ~ Reviewer Rated

Being a Pornstar

Sexual Harassment Trailer

HardArt Lauches Website

OneStone Hub

E11EVEN, Nova Win at ED Expo

HardArt Rejects Director Sally Forth

MWA: 08/19/18

Stokely Cherry OTM

August Taylor MILF PoY Nom

Phoenix Divina Hooking

ED Expo Opening Party

Vickie Jay on VNALive

HardArt 3 Pic Deal

Iron Girls 6

Carmen Valentina NightMoves Nom

Dillion Harper at Expose

Texas, Monroe, Valentien to SEXPO

The Puppeteer

Urban X Voting Open

Brooklyn Chase in Madison

HardArt's Hypersexuals a Success!

TES Affiliate Conference

Jessica Johnson Hooking

MWA: 07/27/18

Vote Olive Glass, NightMoves

Attn: Club Owners, Managers, Staff, Entertainers

2018 Inked Awards

Hard Art's Hypersexual

MWA: 07/25/18

Johnson Hosts Urban X

Dee Wallace at Horrorfest

MWA: 07/19/18 - XRCO

AirBnB Discriminates Against Sara Jay

Hard Art Shoots First

MWA: 07/21/18

Holly Hendrix at Exxxotica

Karen Fisher at Exxxotica

Carmen Valentina at Exxxotica

DomCon Registration Opens

Luna Star at Exxxotica

Elvira Receives Price Award

BSF Media Welcomes Sabrina Deep

MWA: 07/18/18

Jenevieve Hexxx Site Launch

Sex Expo NY 2018

MWA: 07/16/18

MWA: 07/15/18

Bush 7

Hard Art Signs Director

Pulse Inks Hard Art

MWA: 06/28/18

New Studio: Hard Art

XRCO Changes Venue

The Roast of April O'Neil

McCullough, Rai on Inside

Morgan, Foxxx CoHo XRCO

Big Ass Rubdown ~ Reviewer Rated

MWA: 05/03/18

MWA: 04/29/18

MWA: 04/28/18

Natasha Nice Free Agent

Holly Hendrix Self Booking

CDC: Undetectable HIV

2018 XRCO Nominees


Natasha Nice Gangbang

Amateur Introductions 26

Sex Expo NY 2018

2018 XRCO Awards Announced

Anal Violation of Bonnie Grey ~ Reviewer Rated

Eros, a Short Film

Lee Signs Victoria June

Maxine X Voted #1

Czernich Releases Heavy Rubber 37

Legal Panel: Weinstein, #MeToo

Consent Checklist

Nice Girls Swallow 10

Paradise Wins Best Condom

Paradise, Astroglide StorErotica Nom

Paradise Marketing New Website

Dennis Paradise Inducted

Stories From


Sofie Marie on Swinging

Emori Pleezer: BDSM Princess

AEE 2019: Ela Darling

AEE 2019: Sofie Marie

AEE 2019: Cindy Starfall on Swinging and Camming

AEE 2019: Christiana Cinn on Porn and Camming

AEE 2019: Bree Mills, Part Two

AEE 2019: Bree Mills, Part One

Alexis Fawx: A Lesson in Self-Awareness

AEE 2019: Sofia Rose, BBW Sweetheart

AEE 2019: Cory Chase

AEE 2019: Taylor Stevens on Camming

AEE 2019: Kelley Cabbana and Camming

AEE 2019: Ember Snow Talks Cam Girls

AEE 2019: Vanna Bardot Update

AEE 2019: Nina at Thirty-five

Sarah Vandella: Pushing my Boundaries

Reagan Foxx: A Ton of Fun

Vanna Bardot: The Girl with the Braces

Scarlett Mae: Making Sex Feel Natural


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Julia Parton, Full of Life

Zarah Lee's American Bukkake

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Teri Weigel

An Interview with Bubbles

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Ariana

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