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September 04, 2000 12:17am
AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Lovette
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

When First meeting Lovette for this interview she answered the door while talking on the phone with someone who seemed to be giving her a hard time about some business arrangements in the next week. When she got off the phone the first thing she said to me was, "Hug me" and gave me a nice long hug.

We went to a coffee shop nearby and sat outside in the cool night and began to talk about the Adult Entertainment Industry. We began to get strange looks from some of the other people within earshot, which lead me to my first question...


AINews: Do you care what other people think?

Lovette: Do I care what other people think? The answer equals NO! Gets boobs the size of your head? Do you really think she cares what other people think? The answer equals no. Next question.

AINews: Well, that covers tits bigger than my head. You're spending a week out here [in the San Fernando Valley to work], that's kind of cool.

Lovette: I know, and only working two days of that. AINews: Well, tell me about what you're doing this week. What movies are you making?

Lovette: I did, in one day, my first day back, for Metro Video, I did four scenes in one day. I don't know the names of them as of yet.

["Stop My Ass is On Fire", "Backseat Driver", "Hand Job Hunnies" and "More Than a Handful #9"]

My first scene was a D.P. with Marc Davis and Brian Surewood. And then my next scene was for a movie called, Stop, My Ass is on Fire. This is a scene with Marc Davis, and the reason I remember the name is because I did like 20 minutes of hardcore anal footage and normally we only do about five minutes. And we went to the point where I had to say, "STOP, my ass is on fire! (Laughs) So that is why I remember the name of that one and that was with Marc Davis too. He's a nice guy.

And then I did some hand job thing with Brian Surewood and then who was the other guy I worked with in the feature? Has a little heartbreak tattoo right here. Tyce Buné. It was a scene for a feature that Ron Jeremy was doing dialogue that day and It was pretty cool I got to see Ron again. I did four movies in one day and that was a regular boy-girl sex scene. And it was very, very nice. It was very nice to go back and do movies because when you work on the road, and you are dancing and you work all the time, you never, ever, ever, have sex. All you ever do is talk about sex and be teased by sex, but you never get any. (Laughs) It's like being in Hell!

AINews: I remember you applauding at that shoot when you finished your scene saying, "I came, I came seven times."

Lovette: I did! Man, it was cool! Everybody else was just like sitting there. I was like… I thought they would be happy!

AINews: There was a round of applause when you said that.

Lovette: I had to force it out of you guys! You guys are so critical. I was having a blast man! I was having sex! I was doing my favorite thing! I was having sex with two guys at once - and in FRONT of people! You know, big wieners and stuff, man, I was having a blast! And I haven't had sex in a month or more. I came a lot 'cause usually we are told to fake it. So it was like I came for real. I just wanted everybody to know. Nobody cared.

AINews: It added something to the scene though, to see the cameras stop rolling and you say stuff like that.

Lovette: It was fun. Tomorrow is my Bukkake. I'm looking forward to it. I believe there is going to be some of my fans in the Bukkake. I met one of the fluffers. I'll tell you tomorrow. She was at Gentleman's Club Expo. A really nice girl from Texas, really sweet. [Juliet Sheridon] I sat at her table and hung out for a little while. Tomorrow is going to be cool. I don't have to do anything. Just lay there. (Hee hee hee!) I just lay there and they make a mess of my face.

AINews: That's kind of nice.

Lovette: Yeah, tell me about it. I'm up all late, partying on Starbuck's Coffee tonight with you. I'm going to get up all early, I'm not going to have much sleep. I think I'm going to sleep through the Bukkake. My eyes should definitely be closed. I'm just like going to sleep. Meanwhile, while I'm sleeping, well I won't be able to talk because I'll drown on semen or something. MMMMM. (Laughs) I just want to know what happens if I have to go pee during the Bukkake… Or like half way through. Obviously for - what do you call it when you can't change things for the shooting? - You can't fix your makeup.

AINews: Continuity.

Lovette: Continuity, thank you, gosh, I haven't been in movies so long I forgot those big words. But for continuity, I won't be able to get up and wipe the cum away and go pee or what ever. You just lay there. Oh maybe I'll sneak a pampers on under my skirt or something. Guys will never know. Just hear tinkle, tinkle, tinkle. Big smile on my face. Mmmmm. It would be funny if I was doing it and you guys didn't know.

AINews: Yeah, the joke would be on us.

Lovette: The 'joke' is going to be on me. (Laughs)

AINews: Yeah, actually, there will be a lot of little jokes on you.

Lovette: (Laughs!) I just hope every body has been eating healthy for this thing. And drinking plenty of water.

AINews: Now, I remember you had a comic. In fact, I have it, and I hear you have plans for another one.

Lovette: I have had plans for another one. The only thing is, the guy I was supposed to do one with, there again. We talked about one thing on the phone. We had it set up. It wasn't going to cost him a penny. I wanted to have him as the artist of the comic. I think his name is Kirk Lindow. We had it setup so I was able to write my own story. And him acting as the artist and do a lot of things. I just don't want to past and glue my name and image on something. I want to be an integral part of that product. And make it mine, like my first comic was. I slaved for seven months on that. Seven months. I went through a lot of different artists to draw exactly what I wanted. Two different versions of the cover. It was just, I took a lot of time to put that together and make it something close to my heart.

That is what I wanted with this one. It all turns around that this guy has got this package deal that he is doing with magazine models. And so time passed on. I let him know my schedule, because he wanted to get some promotional shots. Cause it is a Vampire Erotic thing and I have been reading up on vampires, buying tons of wardrobe. Reading all my Anne Rice books over and over again, to get ideas. He gets flaky on me. He sends me out this letter. Hello, I'm so and so I do this and that for feature entertainers. No wait a minute. I work all the time.

If I take the time and actually call you, and we discuss something. Hello, I called you personally. My agent didn't do it. I don't have that kind of fucking time. Maybe you do. I don't. We had an agreement here. A verbal agreement. We discussed numbers and everything. And prices and how things were going to be released to detail. So I thought we had a verbal contract. And then this guy sends me out this form letter so like he is getting flaky on me. I sent him an email and I haven't heard back from him and that was like, well no, that's not what we discussed. And this is what I want to do. So, I hope I got my email. Now I have kind of lost interest. I don't know that I really want to give him my time.

AINews: For now, the second comic book isn't going to come out in the foreseeable future.

Lovette: No, and that's sad, because, we're talking about a lot of money. I travel a lot. I'm in a different city every week. Sometimes, I'm in a different city everyday. Like recently, when I was working in England. That's what I'm saying, when I actually call you, like sitting down with you today, how difficult it was to get together today. It's just me doing it. Because other people drop the ball and they can't carry on their responsibilities and keep up with everything. So, I don't know that I necessarily want to give my name and image to this guy to work with. Because, I don't feel that he is responsible. He is a little bit too relaxed for me. When I want to work with somebody, I really want to work with them. Because I sit here and I actually got in my filing cabinet at home, rough drafts of things that I have been working on and I even researched his comic book series.


AINews: Tell me a little bit about your website.

Lovette: It sucks.

AINews: It does?

Lovette: It's free. It sucks.

AINews: That can't be. I was there a while back.

Lovette: A while back?! I told you it sucks. The answer is my friend does it for me. He doesn't get paid. I've offered my friend money to do my site before. To make changes, I'm like please, I really need this changed. I need this, this, and this done. And he's like ok, sure. You know, he never returns my email or anything. So I start calling him on his home phone and I finally reach him. And I'm like, will you please, please, I really need this change on my site. Oh, I'll tell you what, you don't have to pay me. I'll get to it after this weekend. I've got to do this or that. I'm like I would rather pay you and would you please just do a nice job on my site. But that is why it is free because well, I've heard girls having a lot of trouble and getting screwed over by people doing their websites for them in the business.

It just happened to a good friend of mine, Cannibal. I also run my own fan club. When I first came into the business I was going through a service. Because I didn't know any better - this was in 1995 - called Alley Cats, and I never saw one piece of fan mail or anything. So I got screwed on that. So now I do everything myself. The site, my friend does it for me. A friend of mine who was a friend before I ever came into the business. And if people don't like it don't fucking GO to it! It's FREE! You know, Hello!

AINews: What is its web address?

Lovette: LovetteXXX.com but there's a chat room on there now. We're doing, it's all free. Live Internet chats that I broadcast. I let my fans know when I am going to be on there. And if you are not a fan club member, as long as you are not a jerk-off I will let you know when it is, if I get email. And we will let you participate. But if I don't like you, that's too bad. You don't get to play.

AINews: Where are you dancing?

Lovette: It's on my website.

AINews: Oh, your whole tour schedule is on your website.

Lovette: It's on my website as it is confirmed. As it is confirmed, meaning with a signed contract in hand.

AINews: If somebody wants to book you what agency do they call? Do you have their phone number?

Lovette: 727-796-9600 is the talent agency.

AINews: Thanks for having coffee with me and filling me in on the news.

Lovette: Your welcome.

HardArt Films

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