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Eva Angelina at Twistys

March 21, 2003 02:12am
New Columnist Manny Forskinn
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Manny Forskinn

Manny is a free-lance writer who has a growing list of credits including Hustler magazine, Canada. He will be sending updates in to Adult Industry news from time to time telling us about the incredible girls he runs into. Write him by the link provided below. Here's one about a girl he calls "Loose Juice".

Loose Juice -

Juicy, real named Joni, gives fucks five stars from Mars. The only girl I knew who sucked my dick til I came, swallowed, didn't stop, went for another twenty minutes to smuggle another load, and my God it's true, went for the third, but it was me, who stopped her record attempt too tickly to handle it. Let's backtrack on a hot note. I went to visit Juicy in San Diego where she studied law. I love SoCal, surfed there many times before, and fucked all kinds over the past ten years.

In the ride from her place to the airport, I couldn't wait liftin' her skirt to see her freshly shaved pussy I stuck my face in while she shifted gears through afternoon traffic. She hadn't had Dr. Dirty Boy's lovin' mouth in months. Pulling me up by my ears, with my face soaked with sweet pussy she said, "You keep suckin' while I'm driving and I'm gonna kill both of us - or worse - I die and they gotta use the jaws of life, to pull ya outta my uterus!"

I had to hold off getting some in the elevator cuz of cameras. But soon as we got inside, I grabbed her tight and said, "remember all those phone calls, and e-mails of me tellin' you I'd kill this pussy?" She pushed me back to watch her undress. She liked slowly trimming down to show what I've been missin'. Little titties, plump ass, brown hair, 24, with a teenage voice, beautiful round face, and the sexiest shit stain birthmark on her upper lip. A future lawyer and a porn writer, ya, opposites attract when they both love fuckin' as much as we do.

She undid my belt and with the horniest eyes, said, "take yer pants off, I been dyin' to suck yer big tasty cock." Feeling useless and needing pussy I alley-ooped her ass upside down for a stand-up against the wall 69. Something new from the Jew, underneath my balls she licked out my asshole. It weakened my legs and I fell, piledriving her, but it's good she's got a hard head or I woulda broke her neck, and me, woulda still fucked her for my fix. But when the paramedics show up, how da ya explain a paralysed girl with cum runnin' outta every hole.

I spread Juicy's small lips. Her back arched it was good she took yoga. I could bend her anyway I wanted. I also like that she wasn't much of a talker, just a focused fucker and heavy breather. Sticking my cock in went incredibly easy for a girl who claimed to be dick free. She was wet as a pregnant bitch just pushin' out twins. Both of us, soaked in sweat from the summer heat. She grabbed my hips and pulled to bang. Juicy liked it fast. Most girls with big pussies do. But I loved her as much as a guy who knows monogamy is silly can. Picking her up we climbed on the oven for some stove top stuffin', ridin' me crazy, we kissed hard while I pulled the sides rocking it to give an extra slam for her, until, she accidentally turned on one of the burners and burnt my ass.

I fought through the pain, cuz my dick was still up - but the burning hurt and maybe that's why it took forever to cum. "Manny, yer killin' me, I've cum three times - get yours - let's take a break - or switch holes." Pullin' my cock outta her red swollen pussy I got it in her ass. At first it was tight, but once it got in there, WHAM, it busted open like a balloon.

And she liked her ass pounded too. But still, I couldn't cum. Luckily she knew how to get me, and like a true cock lover sucked my bum tastin' dick for a good ten minutes before I exploded a load so big I fuckin' shook ten pounds skinnier, seriously, and when I got off the bed to go do the wipe, sheets were stuck in my ass.

Coming back to see her on the bed naked and covered in sweat she was the vision of a girl beating the gang bang record. Dick still up, I tried to mount but it was ruined, couldn't even kiss it, and against my will, I was forced to cuddle.

When she woke up the next day her pussy was killing her. Not a good thing. So while I slept in she got it checked out. I knew what it was and felt bad. Anything she caught I figured was from me. The odds sway towards Sex-Journalist more than serious law student. She couldn't hold her tears coming in the condo. Going to the bathroom and collapsing to the sink I was super-understanding, I had to be, thought she was gonna kick the shit out of me.

"What is it?" She looked up and didn't say, crying more, I said, "Come on Juice, if it ain't AIDS, its okay, fixable, right?" I'm so insensitive, but really, I was tryin'.

"HERPES. MANNY. I've got fuckin' herpes. My sweet pussy's all messed up." She said the doctor explained nobody in the relationship is to blame bein' herpes is a sneaky disease and either of us could have had it for years. Sweet, I thought, clear on a technicality. "Baby, don't worry, I got no problem puttin' down some SARAN every time I lick yer pussy."

I could always make her laugh and five minutes later it was all good, getting a stand up blow job in the shower and my ass fingered with conditioner. Two minutes after that she's tellin' me I gotta remind her to go back tomorrow cuz they ran outta pills.

Bein' a guy, I start thinkin' dumb, like maybe I didn't give it to her. I knew before I got with Juicy she was promiscuous. She lays claim to fucking foreigners in countries I've never heard of. I don't wanna hear shit like that, cuz even if the girl's a slut I wanna think I'm the first. And when I did, fuck her ass for the first time, she had the nerve to insult me sayin', "well that's a new thing." Sad to think how many girls have lied to guys about that one over the years.

Next day at the STD clinic I waited outside cuz that place gave me the creeps. I couldn't stand the smell of dirty bags, rotten cunts, and the perfumes they tried to mask it with. I know, cuz I wear Polo, on purpose cuz it's so obnoxious. I look inside to see what's takin' so long and Juicy, along with some cutie behind the counter are pointin' at me. A couple minutes later Juicy came storming out, mad as all hell, actin' like a Sarge she ordered, "LET"S GO."

In the car we said nuthin' for ten minutes. She was really pissed. Finally, I gave in and said, "well, what the fuck?" Taking her hand off the wheel she smacked me in the head like she always did. "You know that girl called you Manny the frequent flyer."

"So?" I said, but I knew, busted.

"So that means you been there before. You never tell me nothing, you're a carrier - get out."

Slammin' on the breaks and almost killin' us I got out, in California rush hour traffic. Had to hitch a ride back in town with some Mexicans smokin' PCP. They gave me beer and I told 'em my story, and jokingly, Juan, laughed, "joo want us to pop a cap in that bitch's ass, s.a.?"

Nice guys for gangsters, the respect you get when you work in porn is sweet. They dropped me off right out front. And dripping wet with sweat I ran inside the STD clinic to give that rat hell but didn't when I saw how foxy she was. I mean smokin', and you know how hot chics get treated different never can picturin' 'em takin' shits or payin' for speedin' tickets either.

With a dry mouth and short on air I gasped, "that wasn't really nice, you know, I mean, we've never even met before." Bein' all sneaky lookin' over her shoulders she quietly said, "we can't talk about this here, I'll get in trouble."

She lead me into an examination room and whispered, "don't be mad, but I just had to, selfish reasons, you don't remember me do you? Derek Softy's half-sister, Wendy, remember how I chased you around in grade nine and you were graduating?'

"Shit, girl that was twelve years ago, in Detroit, fuckin' small world, things have changed since you were fourteen and havin' a tough time with puberty."

"I know, I've been married, now divorced, fuck, do you know how bad I've always wanted you?"

Man what a fuckin' day. Dumped, and now I'm kissing the girl who ratted me. It was desperately weird, a crush this long. She slid down, straight for it and never looked up, unzipping and taking me right there. Hiding her beautiful face with her long blonde hair. She more jacked me off then used the mouth but it was good, not great, but hell, any dick in a mouth is great just for effort.

I grabbed at her firm C-cup titties tryin' to take her clothes off but she wouldn't let me. Pulling up her white skirt, no panties, she fingered herself and man, overtop a bright golden bush she had some dangly big pussy lips. I was so fuckin' horny hearin' footsteps of doctors and nurses, shit, this dumb bitch risked her job for my greasy knob. And just as I heard an ambulance team run by the door screaming, "Move, we got a bleeder here!" I came, and gagging a mouthful of me she oh so cool stepped on the garbage can, opened the lid, and spit with arc of a pro shootin' free throws.

"I like my job, but I'm really an actress. But you knew that. Manny, don't you remember when I was Anne of Green Gables? So - is it true you've written films? My brother tells me yer a famous writer."

"Ya, a couple shitty ones, hate to let you eat and then watch me run, but I gotta go, here's my card, promise you'll call, I'm late for a meeting about another film, maybe I can get you a part as a hooker."

Her eyes lit huge for the card of a fake number I give to cocksuckers without direction. I left slightly disrupted getting star-sucked by a girl who gave head with no heart in it. I learned long ago fucking actresses is worse than fuckin' yer best friend's sisters or ex-wife. She wasn't like Juicy, who still won't talk to me, and haunts me as the sole vision of every time I self-induce a load. It's killing me. Losing the girl who sucked my dick like I was going to the electric chair. Juicy, if you're out there, please call. I love you. I swear. I've changed.

New York's VIP Elite Boutique Dating Service

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