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Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!

Eva Angelina at Twistys

August 09, 2013 04:18am
MWA: 08/09/2013
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Stormy Daniels, Jynx Maze, LATATA Porn Star Bowling, PSK

Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. This column will be about two beautiful women and a private adult entertainment industry bowling event, and yes, there were lots of beautiful women at that event. But before I go any further, I wish to remind everybody that the 2013 Exotic Dancer Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo will be taking place August 20 through 22 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Now let's move along to my current activities.

Stormy Daniels

Friday evening, July 26, I had decided to stay home. Then at the last minute, I changed my mind and raced over to Monarchs Gentlemen's Club, in City of Industry, and arrived in time to observe Stormy Daniels' last show of the evening and to chat with her for a few minutes. (It was a good thing I did change my mind and catch the one show. I later learned there was another feature dancer performing in the area that I had not known about earlier.)

Stormy began this show with her hair pulled back in a bun and with a black ribbon in her hair that was tied in a good-sized bow. She also wore a pair of eye-glasses that were a style that one would expect to see a teacher wear. Next she wore a red plaid, for lack of a better description, business suit-style outfit which consisted of a long-sleeved jacket and a knee-length skirt. With her jacket and skirt, Stormy had a long white scarf that she wore in such a way as to give the appearance of it being an ascot tie. Beneath her jacket, Stormy wore a black bra with red straps and a scattering of little silver sequins. Under her skirt, Stormy wore a red garter belt and absolutely no panties of any sort. On her legs, she wore a pair of black nylon hose with a wide lace band at the top of each. Her footwear was a pair of black high-heeled shoes that appeared to be trimmed with silver; although, the silver trim effect may simply have been the stage lights reflecting off of the shiny surface of the shoes. (I wish I could still have the eye-sight that I possessed in my teens!)

Stormy performed her show to, "Hot for Teacher," by Van Halen, "Brick House," by Rob Zombie, "Don't Stand So Close to Me," by the Police, and, "School's Out," by Alice Cooper.

Ms. Daniels interacted very well with randomly selected tip rail patrons during her show.

Coincidentally, Stormy was being assisted by none other than male talent Jack Vegas.

Stormy is a beautiful woman who performs very well on stage.

One of these days, I really must remember that I've never gotten around to asking Stormy about her physical statistics and do so. Until then, I will have to once again go with information gleaned from the Internet. The fact that Stormy has blonde hair and blue eyes is obvious. According to Internet information, Stormy is five feet seven inches tall, weighs one hundred thirty pounds, and according to her website her measurements are 36DD-27-36. Also according to her website, in answer to the question, "Are your boobs real?", Stormy answered, "Well, you're not imagining them. If you are asking if they are natural, then the answer is no."

It is also stated on Stormy's website that her favorite food is Crawfish Etouffee. (Coincidentally, that is also one of my top favorite foods.)

In addition to being a beautiful and very sexy woman, Stormy is highly intelligent. She is very well spoken, quite witty, very friendly, and she truly enjoys meeting and chatting with her fans.

Stormy is one of the most entertaining feature dancers in the business today. So, I do highly recommend that nobody should ever allow an opportunity to go to a nearby club to see her perform and to meet her in person slip past them. (Stormy was a touring showgirl before moving to Los Angeles and rapidly becoming a Wicked Pictures contract superstar, director, and screen writer. She has also appeared in some mainstream Hollywood movies including, "The 40 Year Old Virgin.")

Stormy can be visited at: StormyDaniels.com

Jynx Maze

Saturday night, July 27, I drove up to the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino to say hello to Jynx Maze and to observe both of her shows of the evening.

For her first show, Jynx came onto the stage with a sparkling silver football helmet with a wide, horizontal, sparkling maroon stripe across the lower portion of the back. (Don't ask me how to make a football helmet sparkle as if it is covered with silver sequins, because I don't have a clue!) Jynx wore a set of shoulder pads that were black and almost completely topped with pieces that were covered with silver sequins. The pads also had maroon patches of various shapes embedded among the silver portions. The maroon patches may have been some type of insignias but I really couldn't tell at a distance given the various colored stage lights. (The more advanced the technology of club lighting becomes, the harder it gets to accurately describe the feature dancers' more elaborate costumes.) Next Jynx wore a white top that was somewhat of a hybrid of a midriff top and a tank top. She also wore a rather small pair of black shorts that were decorated with a scattering of tiny silver sequins. On her legs, Jynx wore a pair of a little above knee-length black stocking with four approximately one inch wide horizontal white stripes around their tops. For footwear, Jynx wore a pair of white athletic shoes.

Jynx's music for this show was, "Comin' in Hot," by Hollywood Undead, "Burn it to the Ground," by Nickelback, and, "Out of Control," by Moonshine Bandits. (I'm having to take the DJ's word for the musical selections. However, I remember hearing one song I recognized during the first show. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of the title of the song nor could I think of the singer's name. I just know that the singer was female, and the song wasn't any of the ones the DJ wrote down for me.)

For her final show, Jynx wore a black fedora-style hat and a small sleeveless vest. Jynx also wore a black bra with some sort of a design made with silver sequins on the breast cups. Next she wore a pair of somewhat small black shorts with vertical white pin-stripes. (the stripes may have actually been lines of little silver sequins. Once again, I really couldn't tell under the colored stage lighting.) I don't know whether I should say that Jynx's footwear was a pair of high-topped shoes or a pair of low-topped boots. I just know that her footwear had stiletto heels, platform soles, and they were either gold or silver in color and very sparkly. (Damn that stage lighting! Ha-ha!)

Jynx performed this show to, "Let it Rock," by Kevin Rudolf, "Sweet Talk," by Kito featuring Reija Lee, and, "Porn Star Dancing," by My Darkest Days. (Once again, I must take the DJ's word for the music with the exception of, "Porn Star Dancing." I know for a fact that was Jynx's last song, because I recognized it myself.)

Jynx performs very well on stage, and her interaction with the residents of the tip rail is generally very good.

A beautiful young woman, Jynx has long dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is an even five feet tall, weighs one hundred eighteen pounds, and she measures a lovely 34C-26-37.

I have spent time around Jynx several times now, and I know her to be intelligent, well spoken, and in possession of a good sense of humor. It can also be safely said that Jynx very much enjoys meeting and chatting with her fans.

I do recommend that nobody should ever allow an opportunity to go out to a nearby club to see Jynx Maze perform and to meet her in person slip past them. I seriously doubt that they would be disappointed by the experience.

While Jynx still doesn't seem to have an official website, she can be found on lots of sites including club-jynxmaze.com. Club-JynxMaze has a good number of photos of Jynx many of them hardcore XXX-rated photos.

Also, Jynx has said in the past that she would love to have all of her fans follow her on Twitter.com. Jynx is @JynxMazeCutie on Twitter.

LATATA Porn Star Bowling

Sunday evening, July 28, I drove out to the Corbin Bowling Center, in Tarzana, to attend the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association's Porn Star Bowling event. I even had a spot on a bowling team thanks to my Editor-in-Chief Steve Nelson. (The event was being held to raise money to help fight the ridiculous, oppressive, and unconstitutional Los Angeles County Condom Law. [I'm certain that many of the readers will remember that the uninformed voters passed a poorly written ballot initiative last year, because they had been duped into thinking that the law would work miracles in stopping the spread of AIDS.])

Some of the people there that I know or have at least met before, other than Steve Nelson and I, were: industry photographers Dominic, Rick Garcia, Gordon Mui, and R. J. Reynolds. (Speaking of photographers, that same arrogant, rude, jerk that I wanted to destroy during the AVN Red Carpet last year showed up for a while, and yes, he got in my way again. When I was trying to get set up to bowl, the fool stood in front of me to take a couple of photos and in so doing successfully blocked my access to my gear.)

Other people I knew or had met before who were in attendance were: James Bartholet, Barrett Blade, and Meredith Bryan who does marketing work in the industry. (Meredith told me that she may also be possibly a future adult film actress. She said that she is seriously thinking about elevating her career in the industry by stepping in front of the camera.) Also in attendance were Alex Chance, Teal Conrad, Kiki D'aire, Dana DeArmond, Leya Falcon, Tara Lynn Foxx, Presley Hart, CEO of LA Direct Models Derek Hay, Allie Haze, Lily LaBeau, Tory Lane, Shy Love, Julie Meadows, Allison Moore, Jessa Rhodes, Brian Sebastian, Syren Spell, John Stagliano, Lucky Starr, Lexington Steele, Christie Stevens, Evan Stone, Misty Stone, and Alexis Texas.

People in attendance whom I had not met before, a few whom I was at least familiar with, were: Tristan Berrimore, Holly Brooks, Kimber Day, Allie James, Jon Jon, Edwin Lee, Ryan McLane, Porno Dan, Laela Pryce, and Claire Robbins.

Late in the evening, I was told that Julia Ann had been there for a while. Unfortunately, I never saw her, and that was my loss! I've known Julia Ann for a long time, and I think the world of her.

The team I was on consisted of myself, of course, Chris Cane from Foxxx Modeling, my Editor-in-Chief Steve Nelson, and newcomer adult film starlets Dianna Dee and Karina Lynne.

Shortly before the evening ended, I met Cheryl and Dickey, a lovely mainstream couple from Texas. They were out here for a little vacation and fun time.

Cheryl and Dickey told this writer about how impressed they were with how wonderfully nice the people in the adult entertainment industry tend to be. (I couldn't agree more of course.)


Tuesday evening, July 30, I went to Sardo's Grill & Lounge, in Burbank, to spend some time taking in Pornstar Karaoke Club and seeing whomever might be attending that night.

My dear friend, the always beautiful and sexy, Nicki Hunter was back hosting the event, and it was great to see her and to speak with her!

The people in attendance whom I knew were: Eden Alexander, Kiki D'aire, the original Tommy Gunn, Allison Moore, Tee Reel, Siri, Trinity St. Clair (I had a couple of questions I wanted to ask Trinity, but she left before I got a chance to speak with her), Spearmint Rhino DJ Tony, and Kasey Storm.

Before the evening was over, I met Jovan Jordan for the first time.

I'm certain there were other industry people there during the evening, but I didn't know them. There may even have been a few people there that I should have recognized but failed to do so.

Shortly after I had arrived at Sardo's, a couple who were seating in the VIP booth, courtesy of the legendary Ginger Lynn, managed to draw my attention. Much to my surprise, and a pleasant surprise it was, the couple was none other than Cheryl and Dickey, the vacationing Texas couple I had met at the bowling event Sunday evening.

What a memorable time Cheryl and Dickey have had during their stay in the Los Angeles area. That I know of, they were able to attend at least two adult entertainment industry events and meet and speak with lots of industry talent. They were even able to be on some industry Internet radio shows. (As I told them, I am a small part of the industry, and I have never yet appeared on a radio show of any type period!)

Since we were leaving Sardo's at about the same time, and because of some confusion on their driver's part, Cheryl and Dickey found themselves more-or-less stranded. Because of their situation, they were forced to ask if I might be able to drive them to their hotel. I had no problem with doing so, and off we went.

Once we had arrived at the hotel, they offered to give me a twenty dollar bill for my time, trouble, and gasoline. (So far as I was concerned, it was no trouble at all.) I politely turned them down, but they insisted on giving me the twenty. So I jokingly told them that I was too cheap to turn down twenty dollars twice in the same night. (Come to think of it, I am cheap; however, I prefer to refer to myself as thrifty.)

Getting back to Sardo's and Cheryl and Dickey's presence there, they each got up and sang a song two different times. They were both a welcome relief from the norm in that they were both much better singers than much of what a person normally hears at any karaoke event I've ever been exposed to anywhere in the country. (Cheryl really rocked it to Gretchen Wilson's, "All Jacked Up.")

If I had my way, Cheryl and Dickey would work up a few duet renditions of some good country numbers and have them ready to sing the next time they are in town.

It was a pleasure to meet and get acquainted with Cheryl and Dickey, and I look forward to seeing them again any time they might be in town!

And that will be a wrap good people. We should all meet back here the next time to discuss whatever I may have found to do next that will prove to be interesting. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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